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Updated 10/23/2021

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Yeast Infection Advisor Home

Learn the Basics

Infectious Yeast Species

Common Yeast Species That Can Infect the Human Body

Candida albicans - What is It? How Do You Get It? How to Treat It
Candida glabrata - What You Need to Know
Candida parapsilosis - An Emerging Human Pathogen
Candida tropicalis - Second Only to Candida albicans
Candida krusei - A Dreadful Fungal Yeast Pathogen
Candida guilliermondii - A Rare Opportunistic Fungal Pathogen
Candida rugosa - Not Just a Cattle-Infecting Yeast
Candida lusitaniae - An Emerging Nosocomial Infection
Candida auris - An Emerging Fungal Pathogen

Other Fungal Pathogens

Aspergillus fumigatus - an Ubiquitous Environmental Fungus
Cryptococcus neoformans -The Environmental Budding Yeast
Geotrichum - Everything You Need to Know
Malassezia - A Skin Fungus You Cannot Overlook
Rhodotorula mucilaginosa - The Fungal Opportunist
Saccharomyces cerevisiae - not Just Baker’s and Brewer’s Yeast
Tinea fungi - The Cause of Most Fungal Skin Infections
Trichosporon - Infections, Diagnosis & Treatment

What You Need to Know About the Yeast Cell and its Biofilm Structure

Common Yeast Infection Symptoms

All About the Many Causes of Yeast Infections

Can Antibiotics Cause Yeast Infections?
Can Roundup Containing Foods Cause Yeast Infections?
Mercury Poisoning, Candida Yeast, Or Both?
Estrogen Dominance & Recurring Yeast Infections
Some Foods Cause Yeast Infections
Sugar and It's Destructive Effects on Your Health
Effects of Stress on Your Body

Yeast Infection Pictures

Systemic Yeast Infection Pictures
Skin Yeast Infection Pictures
Oral Yeast Infection Pictures

Yeast Infection Tests You Can Do at Home

Immune System Building

The Eight Essential Glyconutrient Saccharides and What They Do
How Do Monosaccharides Work In The Human Body?
Becoming Your Own Stem Cell Producing Machine
Glyconutrients: The Scientific Proof of These Sugars That Heal
Lactoferrin for Your Immune System: Does it Work?
Ascorbates, or Vitamin C, is Essential for Good Health
Does Colostrum Boost The Immune System and Kill Yeast?
Beta Glucans Review: Benefits, Side Effects, & Supplements
Thymic Protein A and Immune System Function
Marine Phytoplankton, The Gift of Life to Planet Earth

Types of Yeast Infections

Women's Yeast Infections Index

All About Vaginal Yeast Infection
Constant Yeast Infections, Why Has My Infection Become Chronic?
Best Vaginal Yeast Infection Remedies
Recurring Yeast Infection and How to Get Rid of It For Good
Vaginal Yeast Infection Treatment for Infections That Just Won't Go Away!
Pregnancy Yeast Infections and How To Treat Them Safely
Breast Yeast Infection and How To Help Yourself
Natural Cure for Vaginal Yeast Infection
Bladder Infection, How You Got It, How to Treat It

Men's Yeast Infections

Male Yeast Infection: Causes, Symptoms, Treatments & Testimonials
Penis Yeast Infection, What You Need to Know

Yeast Infection In Children, Toddlers & Babies and How to Treat Them

Oral Yeast Infections, Diagnoses & Treatment

Skin Yeast Infections, How To Diagnose & Treat Them

Systemic Yeast Infections and Its Many Diseases

Do Arthritis and Gout Have a Link to Systemic Yeast Infections?
Heart Disease & Chronic Yeast Infections
Allergies and Asthma Can Be Caused by Yeast Infections or Fungal Infections
Skin Disease & Systemic Yeast Infection
Depression and Systemic Yeast Infections
Crohn's Disease, Irritable Bowel Syndrome & Yeast Infections

How to Treat the Various Types of Yeast Infections

The Best Candida Yeast Diet

Candida Diet - Don't Follow Bad Information Until You Read This

Candida Diet Good Foods That Are Safe to Eat
Candida Diet Bad Foods You Should Avoid
Candida Diet Questions About Particular Foods
Candida Diet Vegetable Recipes
Candida Diet Chicken Recipes
Candida Diet Beef Recipes
Candida Diet Fish Recipes
Candida Diet Desert Recipes

Enzyme Therapy to Remove the Biofilm and Attack the Cell Wall

Do Enzymes For Yeast Infection and Candida Really Work?
Candida Yeast Enzyme Review: The Best and The Worst

All About Probiotics for Yeast Infections

Probiotics for Yeast Infections: What Works, What Doesn't
Profase Probiotic, The Best Probiotic for Yeast Infections
Custom Probiotics 11-Strain Probiotic Powder
Custom Probiotics Adult Formula CP-1
Prescript-Assist for Yeast Infections
Bacillus laterosporus - Candida Yeast Killer or Not?
Theralac & TruFlora for Yeast Infections & Other Digestive Illness
Syntol for Yeast Infections, An Unbiased Review
S. boulardii Review, Proven Benefits and Safety Issues
Lactobacillus GG, Super Human Probiotic
Threelac Review: Yeast Eating Probiotic Or Not?

Herbal Remedies

Herbal Yeast Infection Remedies That Actually Work

Black Walnut Hull - Uses, Benefits & Side Effects
Does Burdock Root Work For Yeast Infections?
Cinnamon Oil for Yeast Infections: Does it Really Work?
Clove As A Candida Yeast & AntiMicrobial Treatment
Does Gymnema sylvestre Inhibit Candida Yeast?
Does Grapefruit Seed Extract Kill Candida Yeast?
Does Neem Leaf Work for Yeast and Bacterial Infections?
Olive Leaf as an Antimicrobial Agent
Oregano Oil for Yeast, Proven Treatment or Not?
Thyme Leaf for Yeast & Bacterial Infections
Uva Ursi for Uti & Yeast Infections
Wormwood as an Antifungal & Antimicrobial Agent
Does Caprylic Acid Work for Yeast & Bacterial Infections?
Coconut Oil for Yeast Infections: Does it Really Work?
Does Colostrum Boost The Immune System and Kill Yeast?
Gentian Violet for Yeast & Bacterial Infections
Is Horopito an Antifungal and Antibacterial Agent?
SF722 for Yeast Infections
Microfase, a Potent Anti-Yeast Microbial
The Role of Biotin in Treating Candida Albicans Infections
The Role of Zinc in Candida Albicans Infections

Clinically Proven Treatment Plans

Clinically Proven Treatment Plan by Email
Natural Candida Yeast Infection Treatment That Works
Yeast Infection Cure for Systemic Yeast That Works

Medicines You Can Use for Yeast Infection Treatment

How to Prevent Yeast Infections

Frequently Asked Questions

Common Complications

Bad Bacterial Infections

Common Harmful Bacteria Species & Infections
Helicobacter pylori (H. pylori) – Everything You Need to Know
Small Intestinal Bacterial Overgrowth (SIBO) – What You Need to Know

Human Parasites, Do You Have Them?

Mercury Poisoning

Mercury Poisoning, Candida Yeast, Or Both?
Mercury Poisoning Symptoms, Do You Have Them?
Mercury Testing Available to You
Treatment for Mercury Poisoning & Other Heavy Metals

Leaky Gut Syndrome; What is It and How to Recover?

Metabolic Acidosis

Does Acidosis Cause Yeast Infections?
Common Toxins That Cause High Acidity in The Body, The Effect on Your Health
Is Body pH The Common Link to Yeast Infections?
Minerals, Nutrients, and The Alkaline Diet
The Alkaline Diet to Balance Your Bodies' pH
How To Balance pH for Yeast Infections and Good Health

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Yeast Infection Testimonials

Biofase Enzyme Therapy Testimonials

Profase Probiotic Therapy Testimonials

Candida Yeast Diet Testimonials

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