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Yeast Infection Cure for Systemic Yeast

This yeast infection cure protocol for chronic and systemic yeast is going to be different from what you may have seen elsewhere on the Internet, because it suggests actually using a Real Medical Test to determine your best course of action.

It will work for everyone and correct out of control yeast levels, resolve bad bacteria problems, remove mercury and other metals, and restore intestinal immune function to normal. It may also balance out of control hormone levels because you remove the mercury, which disrupts hormone function.

Make sure you review the Commonly Asked Question section below as well.

Yeast Infection Cure Directions

Make sure you follow the candida diet found on this site or the one found in the Candida Diet Newsletter Series while you do this.

If you are suffering from high stress levels you need to get it under control. Stress can reduce immune function by 50% and when fighting something as tough as yeast, you need your immune system working at its best. You can learn more about the  effects of stress on the body and how to deal with it here.

Step 1 of the Yeast Infection Cure Protocol

You should prepare the body for the candida cleanse by doing 30 days of the Ultimate Colon Cleanse.

This cleanse removes any old compacted wastes in your intestines; kills any parasites; helps remove the biofilm yeast makes to protect itself; and helps you to stay regular during the initial yeast die-off. Cleaning yourself out also helps open your detox pathways which helps minimize any possible die-off reactions.

Start the cleanse and stay on it for two weeks, then start the anti-fungal protocol below while finishing the rest of the cleanse.

Does the Ultimate Cleanse really work? Read this and you decide.

Step 2 of the Yeast Infection Cure Protocol

The next step in the process is to get your stool tested. Doctors Data has the most affordable test called a Comprehensive Stool Analysis, that checks for parasites, yeasts, good and bad bacteria,  and other factors related to digestion that uses three samples so it is very accurate. They also run susceptibility profiles on detected pathogens to see what kills them. 

NOTE: The stool test is suggested but not required, it is expensive to do and most insurance companies will not pay for it. My yeast infection cure protocol is designed to use all the herbs that yeast of all species are susceptible to so you can get rid of this.

Here is a sample Doctors Data test and I will explain how to read it.

On page 1 of the test, left side shaded in green are the overall levels and species of good bacteria. +1 is the lowest and +4 is the highest. NG next to bifidobacterium spp means No Growth, so this person does not have any bifidobacteriums. CP-1 or the 11-strain probiotic are recommended to help with the no growth of bifidobacteriums.

In the center section shaded in yellow are Imbalanced Flora.

Alpha hemolytic strep does not cause problems for most people.

Beta strep, not group A or B, can be a concern if you are pregnant and close to giving birth. Your doctor can address this.

Hemolytic Escherichia coli can cause problems for anyone and reproduces three times as fast as most species of beneficial bacteria. In doing so it crowds out beneficial bacteria and does not allow them to attach to the intestinal wall because the e coli is taking up that space. We want to get rid of this if at all possible or at least knock the levels down. Floraphage is highly recommended for this, it eats e coli and creates a cascading effect that raises beneficial bacteria levels up to 2400%.

Scrolling down a little you see the Yeast Culture section. Rhodotorula mucilaginosa yeast has been detected at a +1 level. Not to bad but undetectable is best.

Scrolling down some more we see that no parasites were detected. Elastase is slightly low but close to normal so for now this is not a concern. Secretory IgA* is at 19.6 and should be within 51 to 204. This person has a deficiency and should supplement with colostrum.

Moving down everything looks good and then we come to the Yeast Susceptibilities section. Here they have tested to see what kills the Rhodotorula mucilaginosa.

On the left side of the shaded area it says low sensitivity, meaning the compounds tested don't work as well. To the right in the green section it says high sensitivity, meaning these compounds work well against this yeast.

So the best compounds are grapefruit seed extract, undecylenic acid and caprylic acid. Uva ursi in yellow has some effect and so does the berberine. The plant tannins and oregano are not very effective.

Nystatin, works well and if you add this you will have to see a doctor for a prescription.

Step 3, Putting the Yeast Infection Cure Protocol Together

Keeping in mind the results of the above test:

Recommended Products

The links below go to the product specific pages where you can review the contents and Medical Studies on each product that prove they do indeed work.

Biofase is used to get through the biofilm yeast builds around itself as a means of protection. It also eats yeast and will remove the biofilm e coli builds around itself.

Microfase contains grapefruit seed extract, undecylenic acid, berberine, and other compounds that are medically proven to kill yeast. Unfortunately, the stool test does not test all these other compounds but I have referenced all the medical studies on its respective webpage that prove they do work for yeast.

Profase is a probiotic composed of the best yeast killers and immune system stimulators that I could find. The person in the above test definitely needs the help of this product because of the low IgA levels.

Floraphage is recommended because of the Hemolytic Escherichia coli. In a person that came up with low counts of beneficial bacteria it would help as well, as long as e coli was present in your intestine. If your test shows no e coli, you don't need this.

Coconut oil is recommended for everyone because it works so well in exploding the yeast cell. This also satisfies the caprylic acid requirement from the test.

Last but not least is Uva Ursi. This product is not in Microfase because it can be hard on the liver. I recommend taking it for 7 days then taking a break for 7 days. Then repeat this cycle the entire time you are on this protocol.

The Fase line of products and Floraphage can be purchased from this webpage, or on this website. These products also come in a kit that is 20% off individual pricing.

Yeast Infection Cure Daily Dosages and  Directions

1st Week

Biofase Take 1 cap 1 hour before breakfast and 1 cap 30 minutes before bedtime.
Profase Take 1 Profase with Biofase twice a day.
Floraphage Take 1 capsule with Biofase and Profase twice a day.
Microfase Take 2 capsules of Microfase 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Coconut Oil Take 1 tsp or 2 capsules with breakfast and dinner.
Uva Ursi Follow the directions on the label.

2nd Week
Biofase Take 2 capsules 1 hour before breakfast and 2 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime.
Profase Take 2 Profase with Biofase twice a day.
Floraphage Take 1 capsule with Biofase and Profase twice a day.
Microfase Take 2 capsules of Microfase 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Coconut Oil Take 1 tsp or 2 capsules with breakfast and dinner.
Uva Ursi Do not take the second week.

3rd Week

Biofase Take 3 capsules 1 hour before breakfast and 3 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime.
Profase Take 2 Profase with Biofase twice a day.
Floraphage Take 2 capsules with Biofase and Profase twice a day.
Microfase Take 2 capsules of Microfase 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Coconut Oil Take 1 tbls or 4 capsules with breakfast and dinner.
Uva Ursi Follow the directions on the label.

4th Week

Biofase Take 3 capsules 1 hour before breakfast and 3 capsules 30 minutes before bedtime.
Profase Take 2 Profase with Biofase twice a day.
Floraphage Take 2 capsules with Biofase and Profase twice a day.
Microfase Take 2 capsules of Microfase 30 minutes before breakfast, lunch and dinner.
Coconut Oil Take 1 tbls or 4 capsules with breakfast and dinner.
Uva Ursi Do not take this week.

After the completion of the fourth week you can stay at those doses or increase them, and add Uva Ursi back in for the fifth week. Sixth week do not take Uva Ursi. Keep rotating like this until the yeast is under control.

Note: I have had people increase Biofase doses up to 6 twice a day with very good results. People have also doubled Profase and the Microfase as well. Raising the doses like this is entirely up to you and how aggressive you want to get. The more you take the more aggressive the plan and the faster it is going to work.

You can also ramp up the doses faster than the weekly timeline suggested if you so choose. I have suggested it this way to minimize die-off reactions but if you aren't having any reactions, there isn't any reason not to get to the high doses asap.

You could also feel great at this point, just depends upon the person and how bad the infection was to start with. A +4 yeast level does typically take longer to resolve than a +1. But if you're feeling great, I would stay at the fourth week doses for another month, two months is better, just to be safe. Sometimes yeast has a nasty habit of coming back if you stop to soon.
If the tannins had tested well on this stool test, you could have a cup of unsweetened green tea with meals. Or add Tanalbit or Viracin to the protocol. Biofase would have to be taken an hour away from Tanalbit or Viracin.

Commonly Asked Questions About the Yeast Infection Cure

Why do you suggest doing this stool test when no one else does?

Because unless you have chronic vaginal yeast infections or have been diagnosed with yeast by a doctor through testing, there is no way to know what the problem is.

Sure you can do the spit test and answer the questionnaires and suspect yeast, but they are not 100% accurate. In these cases a person typically tries all kinds of products, diets and supposed treatment systems, spends a small fortune and the problem is still there. So why not do the tests and get it right the first time?

Also, half the stool tests I see show no yeast but an over growth of bad bacteria and I suspect that half of those people have sibo, or small intestine bacteria overgrowth. People with sibo should generally not take a probiotic until after the bad bacteria is treated.

What if my stool test shows no yeast but bad bacteria, what should I do?

You can still do the protocol above or do the Bacteria protocol on this webpage.

Does this protocol work for small intestine bacterial overgrowth, sibo?

Yes it does. Many of the herbs in Microfase are medically proven to kill bad bacteria and when combined with the biofilm busting effects of Biofase, the protocol is very effective. I would not however take Profase or any other probiotic if you have sibo.

What if my stool test shows yeast and bad bacteria, what should I do?

I would do the same protocol as above, with a few adjustments.

Looking at the sample test most of the Beneficial Flora are at high levels, +4 is the highest reading, except for bifidobacteriums. If the Imbalanced Flora was also at +3 to +4, it is highly likely this person has small intestine bacteria over growth or sibo, especially if more species of bacteria are detected. This could be verified by doing this breath test. If that test was positive, or there are more species of bad bacteria listed and they are at high levels, I would not take Profase or any other probiotic. You want to knock down the high levels in the case of sibo while you also clear the yeast.

Also, if there are other pathogenic strains detected at high levels, the lab will run susceptibility profiles on them as well. If plant tannins are shown to be effective, I would add either Tanalbit or Viracin or drink a cup of unsweetened green tea with meals.

What should I do if I don't do the stool test?

The protocol above is the best way to go; or you could do this one.

What if my test shows that I have h pylori?

On the harmful bacteria webpage, towards the bottom is a protocol for h pylori.

My test showed that I have parasites, do I need to do anything special for them?

No. The Ultimate Cleanse will take care of this.

If I do the stool test, can I email you a copy and get your opinion?

Yes, absolutely. I would be more than happy to do that for you.

Can I do this protocol while I am also doing the mercury cleanse?

Yes, but you want to do the Ultimate Cleanse first and be on the mercury chelators for two weeks before you start this one.

Do I need to do anything else if I have skin or vaginal yeast?

It is best to also treat those directly at the same time. For skin yeast see this webpage and for vaginal yeast see this one. At the very least you can use the coconut oil on the skin and as a suppository for vaginal yeast.

How Does This Yeast Infection Cure Work?

This cleanse addresses all the problems that can be associated with candida yeast infections. It takes care of plugged up intestines, parasites and amoebas if any, leaky gut syndrome, and restores good bacterial levels.

The parasite capsules in the Ultimate Colon Cleanse contain powerful herbs that have been proven time and time again to kill parasites while still being safe.

Ultimate Colon Cleanse gently removes any toxic and compacted fecal matter in your body. It also helps break down the biofilm candida builds around itself as a means of protection so the enzymes and herbs can kill it.

The psyllium husks, flax seeds, aloe vera, and slippery elm bark in Ultimate Colon Cleanse strengthen the walls of the intestine helping to heal leaky gut syndrome. Peppermint leaf soothes and helps heal any inflammation of the intestine and the other fibers pull out the compacted wastes.

Biofase breaks down the biofilm that yeast, bad bacteria and viruses build over themselves as a means of protection.  It also eats the cell wall of the yeast, which of course kills it.

The breakdown of the biofilm allows the herbs and other compounds in Microfase to more easily kill the yeast. Uva Ursi and the plant tannins, if effective agents, further kill the yeast.

The probiotics in Profase balance the ph levels in the intestine as they produce lactic acid. They also produce hydrogen peroxides that have antibiotic properties to pathogens. They stimulate the macrophages and phagocytes of the immune system into action, which also helps to remove these pathogens, and helps restore normal intestinal flora and balance to the body.

Floraphage feeds your own good bacteria and those found in Profase further boosting their numbers, which provide long term protection from re-infection.

This is really simple and very effective when you have the right products and the will to carry it out.

Then...if you really want to get everything in tip top shape? Do the yeast infection liver cleanse.

Any questions about the yeast infection cure protocol, please contact me from the contact page of this website.

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