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About Dr. Atmika Paudel, PhD

Doctor of Pharmaceutical Biology

Dr. Atmika Paudel received her Bachelors in Pharmacy in 2005 from Tribhuvan University in Nepal, which is the 10th largest University in the world. During this period, as a research activity, she studied the pharmacological and biological activities of a medicinal plant of Nepal, Rhododendron campanulatum, which triggered her interest in exploring the scientific meanings behind the traditional uses of herbal medicines.

From April of 2005 to February of 2007 she was a Quality Control Officer for Chemidrug Industries Ltd in Nepal. Chemidrug Industries Ltd was established in 1970 with a goal to assure easy accessibility to the latest life-saving drugs at affordable prices to the people of the country.


From April of 2007 to March of 2008 Dr. Paudel was a Research Student at the University of Tokyo.

She completed her Masters in Pharmaceutical Biology in 2010 and went on to complete her PhD in Pharmaceutical Biology from The University of Tokyo in 2013.

Since graduating with her PhD, Dr. Paudel has been a Research Fellow at the University of Tokyo. She then moved on and was a research scientist for Teikyo University in Japan. From there she an Assistant Professor at Hokkaido University, Division of Infection and Immunity, Japan for a couple years. Currently, Dr. Paudel is a Research Scientist working to discover novel approaches for the treatment of infectious diseases at Genendeavor, Llc in  Hayward, C. United States.

Dr. Atmika Paudel has many published research papers in the use of antimicrobial agents to discover novel approaches for the treatment of infectious diseases, both pharmaceutical and natural.

She has hands-on experience in microbiology, biochemistry, biotechnology, molecular biology and pharmacology with outstanding publication records in high impact journals.

Her research interest includes the discovery of novel therapeutically active antimicrobial agents active against drug-resistant superbugs, and identification of novel factors of pathogenic microorganisms involved in pathogenicity using the silkworm infection model.

She was part of a research team that studied the genome sequence of Candida albicans TIMM1768, including studies of its virulence mechanisms to help in the development of treatment strategies for severe candidiasis.

In order to bring you the most up to date and accurate information, Dr. Paudel has Medically Reviewed, updated, Co-authored, and added her Commentary on many of the webpages on this website.

Because of Dr. Paudel's direct medical experience with Candida albicans and infectious diseases, we are thrilled to have her on the Yeast Infection Advisor Team.

If you are interested in Dr. Atmika Paudel's work, you can review her Research articles at ResearchGate. You can also learn more about Dr. Paudel by checking out her LinkedIn profile here.

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