Yeast Infection Testimonials of Treatment Success

These yeast infection testimonials may or may not be typical of your experience. Everyone is different with different physiology, heals at faster or slower rates, has this to different degrees with different underlying problems, follows the diet more closely, etc. Yeast issues are often like any other major disease, some people go into remission sooner than others, some people get rid of it forever and some people unfortunately will have to fight this the rest of their lives. There is no miracle cure for this, if there was, you could go to the doctor and get the pill and that's it.

All these testimonials were unsolicited.


You are ALWAYS a huge help, because of your wisdom, but also because of your care and encouragement. I genuinely will NEVER forget you and this time as you have invested quite a bit of time in trying to help me figure this out.  YOU ARE THE MOST ENCOURAGING PERSON I HAVE EVER DEALT WITH FOR MY HEALTH!!! And believe me I have dealt with a few, since my trouble started after Gabriel's birth!!!      

I consider you a precious friend!!!  I PRAY YOU AND YOURS WILL HAVE AN ABSOLUTELY FABULOUS CHRISTMAS AND NEW YEAR!!!  Keep up the GREAT work and don't ever lose the personal love and care...You are priceless!... I hope you can continue in this work, you are perfect for it.

God Bless you Dan,                
Heather Tena

peoples yeast infection testimonials

Dear Dan

Thank you for all your newsletters.  I have indeed found them very helpful.  I haven't been able to follow all your advice but I now feel free of the candida problem.  I realize I will have to stick to the diet to the best of my ability and will keep taking the Omega 3, Multivitamin and Probiotic supplements each day. Hopefully I will not then have a recurrence of my symptoms.  I have an appointment with the nurse in a couple of weeks to check that my liver function is no longer borderline but I've not recently been experiencing the discomfort I had been getting in that area.

My experience has not been anything like as bad as yours.  Other than athletes foot which I had from my teens no other symptoms presented until I was in my mid 60s (unless the problem I had with gallstones in 1993/4 had any relation to it). Now at 74 I'm very thankful to be able still to enjoy most of my hobbies and provide the occasional cover at the Osteopaths where I used to work.

Again thank you so much for all your help. I shall immediately return to your website if I feel I need to.  You really do provide an amazing service.

Best wishes


I want you to know that I have had several more people to take the spit test and they are now going on your plan. I told them to e-mail you and that you would be as much help to them as you have been to me. I guess you will have some more fans. I think we should all get t-shirts with your face on the front and wear them at an anti yeast infection rally. Until then I hope my thanks will be enough. No I do not have high blood pressure. I hope you asking that question means you have come up with some new discovery. I see you are at your one-year mark, congratulations. I am feeling great.

Have a great week,


Hi Dan,

I wanted to thank you for the great advice you give on your website for candida sufferers. I was particularly impressed with the enormous amount of research you have done and the thoroughness of your recommendations. My candida overgrowth was bad enough that I'd developed itchy, fungal patches on my skin. By faithfully following your suggested supplement regime, along with the restricted diet, I was able to cure my candida in a little over 4 months. I also lost 44 pounds!

I have looked at many, many websites and read many books on candida and yours is the best by far. I also appreciated the fact that you personally are not selling anything which gave me confidence in your suggestions. As a result of my success following your advice, I've recommended your website to friends. A terrific, well-informed website. Thanks so much for your help.


Hi Dan

I feel its about time i wrote to you to thank you for the wealth of good information and advice you have provided on this web site. Like many people,  I struggled to find information that didn't conflict. So having stumbled upon your site, I decided I would only take information from Yeast Infection Advisor and the links it provided. Towards the end of last year i followed the diet very strictly for around 3 months. I lost almost 20 Lbs in weight, felt so much better and lost the symptoms that had been bothering me, on and off, for many years. As well as the diet i took Syntol for 4 weeks, along with lactero-flora and Pau D'arco tea, daily.  

I just wanted to say thank you very much from Yorkshire, England. Your website is an absolute god send and really gave me the kick I needed to deal with the fungal squatters I have in my system.

Thank you for all of your work and care for people! I appreciate you!

God bless you always!

Hello Dan,

I wanna thank you for all this priceless information you have been providing me with. I wish the world would just understand that all this junk we eat is the main cause to our disease suffering bodies. Thanks again Dan. My life has dramatically improved since I started the diet. It's been about 5 months now and a dramatic change has been noticed, both physically and mentally. This is now a life style for me and I only wish I can influence people to do the same and especially my family. I am willing to help you Dan with anything you need in getting the word out there. Please don't hesitate to ask. Thanks again and I hope this healthy movement becomes something bigger eventually. The world needs a new beginning.


Hi Dan,

Thank you for your advice! Using the coconut oil has really helped and I only notice a slight irritation when hot water touches my skin, like during a shower or bath. It has improved a great deal, however, so thank you very much! Your website and your advice are truly life-changing.


hi Dan

I just wanted to leave a testimonial.

I contacted you in 2006. I had been a severe sufferer of yeast my entire life..even at 6 years old. My pain would get so severe that it would feel like I was on fire. Towards the end it became constant. I tried western medicine, I changed my diet...but nothing worked. I got sick and tired of doctors feeding me the same medicine with no result, and sometimes what they gave me actually made it worse. I did try acupuncture which helped, but did not clear my problem... After finding you, I tried your suggestions. The Candex and the Candidate worked amazingly. I also started to eliminate foods that have antibiotics and pesticides as much as possible. I also removed all chemicals from my home (cleaning products and body products) and only use natural/organic. I don't know if this helped, but I started to use a steam room once in a did make me feel better. It took about 3 months and I started to see huge results. Since then I have been yeast free. If I ever feel a "tickle" I just go back on my products and it disappears.

It is very difficult to explain to someone how this stops your entire life..your marriage, your work, your mental and physical are unable to are unable to enjoy life. Depression sets in when you have pain in your body. I have a great sex life now with my husband (I also want to thank my hubby for being there and loving me the entire time)..I feel fantastic now...thank you!



I forgot to mention that since I started the diet and taking the cp-1 with the d mannose my blood pressure significantly dropped from 194/101 to 120/85 in one month. I do not take blood pressure meds from the dr, I refused to do that. I'm following the diet, getting some exercise and taking the d mannose and cp1. Also, the tingling sensation like pins and needles is practically gone I seldom feel that on my leg anymore.

On Thursday, when I went to my dr I also got a complete physical, mammogram, blood work and they checked my blood pressure which I'm so proud and excited that it is normal again. They will have the blood work and mammogram results for me on Monday when I go back to the dr. I will keep you posted as to my results. Once again thank you for your guidance it gave me excellent results!!



I want to thank you for the vast amount of experience that you openly publish on the internet. There are so many sites that claim to have the "cure" to yeast, but it is always made such a secret (probably because they truly don't know). I found your site last year when I was desperately searching for a cure for yeast infections. I had suffered with chronic vaginal yeast infections for 8 years. I was miserable! I went on the diet, I did the Ultimate Colon Cleanse, took the anti-fungals, then did a colonic, took zeolite, oxypowder, etc, etc., and I didn't get well. I honestly thought that I'd never in my life get rid of the yeast, so I gave up; however, I began taking the probiotics soon after giving up. (I always took super high doses of everything. I even got up to 48 drops of the oils, because the smaller doses did absolutely nothing for me.) I have gradually increased my probiotic consumption to 14 pills a day. 7 Before breakfast and 7 at bedtime. I really noticed a difference once I started taking the Latero-Flora from Global Healing Center along with the CP1. I have been to the Dr. twice, and both times I have been told that there are absolutely no traces of yeast. The cultures have come back negative and saying that I am absolutely thrilled is an understatement. I can't thank you enough Dan! You have made my days brighter. Although I still have mild burning and some discharge, I know that it isn't yeast which makes everything wonderful! You are an angel sent from God!


Hello Dan,

I've been reading your letters. All of them are very interesting and informative. You should write a book. What angers me more with myself is that much of this information I knew it already. But of course, before the fact, one barely pays attention. Only after something like yeast infection is a problem, one wonders what's wrong with our body.

As I told you, for years I've been having problems with constipation, heart burn, headaches, ear infections, insomnia, Today, it's my fourth week with the diet and I'm feeling great. It's just amazing how much my body has changed in this short time. Just thinking in all the money I had spent in doctors and medication. For a while I thought the pepto bismol would be my eternal companion. Let me give you more details.

I lost six pounds! I'm kind of skinny guy, but the only weight I gained through the years accumulated in my stomach. I almost lost my belly already. Everybody notices my weight loss and tells me about it.

I sleep much better now. For a while I took sleeping aid pills because sometimes it was 1 or 2 am and I couldn't sleep. Now I sleep all night long and of course I feel rested in the morning. One more thing I notice, in the morning I used to find my pillow damped with my saliva. And always, I woke up with this terrible taste in my mouth. This also stopped. My pillow in the morning is dry now and my breath has improved, and even I notice a change in my body odor for the better.

My constipation is over. I used to spent 10 to 15 minutes when I went to the restroom, and most of the time I never felt I was completely empty. Now I'm done in about 2 to 3 minutes max.

My penis is almost clean now. I still have a little red spot in the tip, but everyday it improves and almost fades away. I can work out longer too. I've tried, through the years, to work out 3-4 days a week, but I never felt the benefit of it. After 45-60 minutes I felt so worn out, like I just wanted to get over it. Now, of course, I get tired too, but I really feel I work out my muscles, and I feel more relaxed after the exercise.

The harder part was the transition from the second to the third week. For a couple of days I felt like I had fever, and for a while the burning in my chest returned. I still have some burning, mainly before bed and in the morning, but just they are like flashes than in a couple of minutes are over, and some days I don't feel anything at all.

This is a wake call for me. I won't walk that road again. One, specially in this country, has many temptations. Just last week, it was my birthday and, of course, my family prepared some food and cake for me...I have to confess that I indulged and I ate a lot. At night, I felt like I'd had a shot of poison in my veins or something similar. Keep in mind, my family is Mexican and we were raised with tortillas, beans and salsa.

One more thing I can't stand milk now. For years, I had for breakfast milk and cereal, no wonder I had constipation problems. You're right, it's like glue in the stomach. I feel so lighter now.

The previous months has been very stressful for me. I don't want to bother you with my problems, but as everything is getting better my health improves day by day too. I'll give a try to hypnosis, though. I don't have money to pay for sessions, but I'll look for information in the internet and books. Let see what happens.

Thank you very much for your advice and feedback. I don't have a job right now, but as soon as I can I'll leave a donation in your website.


Hi Dan,

I have not felt this good in 10 years!!!!! I can not tell you how many ways my life has improved in the last month. I started this because of my "mysterious" undiagnosed stomach pain upon eating solid food. I went through the entire gastro testing last year to no avail. The problem came back recently, so I gave this a try. I have NO MORE pain!! Thank God!! My libido is back (my husband is hiding from me now LOL) I have energy and motivation and I've lost 20 lbs! I have about 150 to go, but hey!! This is great. It's a hard diet but i could not think of going back to how I felt before. Many of my friends are now trying it as they've seen what it's done for me. I can't thank you enough for the extensive work you've put into this website. It's amazing. Thank you so much.



Thank you for this. I cant tell you how much you have helped me and my partner. I have had several symptoms for years misdiagnosed as several things. I am HIV positive and have neuropathy as well and have have had constant thrush for over 10 years. Highly medicated to get rid of it rounds of antibiotics to no help. after 1 week on your recommendations my thrush is all but cleared, my diarrhea (that doctors said where from the meds) has stopped and my pain from neuropathy has lessened to a point where i went Bowling today and played 5 games. I am participating in my life again.

Thank you for your information and help.


I recently received this yeast infection testimonial.

Hi Dan,

4 days into your diet, no hunger pains, a few headaches from caffeine withdrawal. Just wanted to say thank you for the first time in 30 years I can breath. The third day I thought I was having kidney failure, it was my first normal bowel movement in so long I can't remember.

Thank you Thank you Thank you,


So I emailed Michael back and asked him if I could put he said above on the website, here's his reply.

Hi Dan ,

Feel free to use anything I write to you. This is so amazing, last night for the first time in well over 20 years I slept in, before if I could get 4 to 5 hours sleep I was lucky (and that was with xanax and Klonazipan) I slept 10 hours drug free, and did I need it and I feel awesome. I have not had to take percocet for pain. The only thing I really miss is coffee and do have a few random headaches from caffeine withdrawal, of course I was drinking 8 plus cups a day with 3 sugars and milk to keep me going.

Best regards,


Dear Dan,

About fifteen years ago I had been diagnosed with Gastritis, which apparently was caused by a H-Pylori infection in my stomach. I went through the usual treatment of heavy doses of multiple antibiotics. While this did rid me of the Gastritis and some of my symptoms in the short term, I started to develop much more severe long-term effects. I had frequent and severe bouts of abdominal pain, bloating, nausea, dizziness, and chronic fatigue. I never regained my health to where it was before. In this time I had seen numerous Gastro-Intestinal “specialists” and went through three colonoscopies, two endoscopies, two CAT-scans, one sonogram, an upper and lower GI series barium x-rays. All of these tests revealed absolutely nothing. Since these results were negative the doctors diagnosed me with IBS and prescribed antispasmodic drugs to help ease my symptoms. They even prescribed the “little purple pill” when I had absolutely no symptoms or indications of acid reflux! All of these drugs never made any difference; in fact the side effects were making me feel worse. In all of this time they never once referred me to a natural health practitioner.

For the last three months I have been strictly following your diet recommendations and taking digestive enzymes during each meal. After about three to four weeks I started to see dramatic results. The abdominal pain and bloating have reduced to a fraction of what they once where. I am feeling much better and I have yet to start any of the parasite/candida cleanses or herbal/probiotic treatments.

I recommend that everyone should read every single word of this web site, regardless of his or hers current health. This information should be taken seriously. You need to take responsibility for your own health, not just leave it up to “medical professionals”.

Thank you


Hi Dan,

My symptoms before reading your web site and starting the diet were these:
For the last three to four years, the following symptoms were chronic: yeast infections, bladder infections, bacteria vaginosis, dandruff, eczema. My feet smelled for a while, my breath was bad at points. I couldn't think clearly and felt hazy all the time. My hair stopped growing. I had no energy and stopped doing any thing fun. I was completely miserable almost all day everyday.

I have started the diet only 8 days ago and I haven't felt this great in years. I am not stupid because I can think clearly now and I can finish projects. My hair is the softest it has ever been. My dandruff and eczema is clearing up nicely and NO FEMALE PROBLEMS! I never crave food nor need food for energy. I finally FEEL LIKE MYSELF again!

When first reading the diet, I thought it would be hard. But now, just thinking that these foods could hurt me, I have no desire. I look forward to a very healthy life for days to come. I can't thank you enough.
Thanks again,


Good evening Dan,

Thank you thank you thank you so so so so much. We started our son on 100 billion of the probiotics a day and wow what a difference. We did this for a week and then ran out as we managed to get 1 pack locally. What a difference when he was not on them... he drove us mad and school too.... but now back on track and he is a different child. We have ordered 2 lots from you and await its arrival with smiles on our faces. I have sung your praises to all that will listen, his school, audiologist and his doctor when we go next week. The audiologist was amazed and is going to look into it further himself!!

So thank you so much for your help.


You changed my life and have healed me from the inside. I thought I was going crazy trying to diagnose myself when conventional methods didn't work. I stumbled upon you're website and it was like a light at the end of a very dark tunnel. You saved me. My gratitude is beyond measure!


Thank you Dan,

Your site truly was the veil lifted from my eyes, thinking back on it, i can't remember a single week where i felt completely well/normal while i was eating so many carbs, in fact, most of the time i was completely nauseated! After i was diagnosed with UC i set out to find a cure NATURALLY, your site and diet and expertise are leading me on the road to recovery. I am going to go to school for nutrition and eventually holistic medicine. I owe a lot of credit to you, you have changed my life! Thank you so much for your help!


Hey Dan,

Greg here to let you know about my progress. I am feeling great, I almost can't comprehend how great I am feeling. I have been able to achieve very fulfilling sleep for the first time in a number of years, deep uninterrupted sleep. Once I added meat to my diet I really saw improvement. I think as a male that the body needs a complete source of protein daily in order to perform cell reparation. Especially on all these herbs, I think its crucial to sustain a diet of quality meat and copious vegetables to give your body a fighting chance against the yeast. As a vegetarian or vegan there is no way that your body will have the necessary amount of protein, especially since you can't have soy on the yeast diet. My stomach is flat, I am not bloated which was a big problem for me, and I don't feel like I am retaining water either. I am drinking high quality reverse osmosis bottled water that has been restructured, and sometimes I drink distilled water to mix the zeolite in and the potassium sorbate. I am definitely seeing improvement in my spit, much less webby and I believe a couple more weeks of herbs and the yeast stands no chance.

Again, thank you for everything, you are truely a brilliant person, I can just imagine how many people's lives you reformed. I will hold you in the highest regards in my thoughts forever.


Hey Dan,

I thought I would check in with you. I have been getting better for the past month. After taking all those things you suggested and changing my diet I have had an amazing recovery. I work out every day now, I can drink a beer without getting sick immediately after, I don't get tired after I eat...amazing. I got tested and the docs said I was negative but that was all after I had taken your recipe. I was a bit scared because it took a while for me to get my strength back but I think I was just building back my balance because now I am strong again and have lots of energy. I am also extremely thankful to you for the advice to stick with the diet and get off sugar. After a month of being off my diet I still have no craving for sugar and don't eat the things I ate I dropped 10 lbs so fast it was great...

Man, a huge thanks to you for you help. To this day it has still not been diagnosed by an MD even after I suggested it was a yeast problem.


Hi Dan,

I just wanted to say thanks.

I thought you would like to know if your advices were useful. It has been a month since I wrote to you and listened to your advice about being more strict with my candida diet. I did so, although left the minimum of some forbidden food like bread. The reason was, as I told you before, it is impossible to fulfill all the requirements while at work. Our shops in a little town just don't sell much of a healthy food. But when at home, I tried the best I could. Plus, like you advised me, I bought more kinds of probiotics. I think that for this past month I had been taking all the probiotics in various shapes that could be found in Croatian maket.

I had crises because it didn't get better gradually, there were ups and downs, but I managed to convince myself I should be patient because one can't change this things overnight.

Now after a month of this treatment, I can say I am almost 100% fine. That means I am fine, but still have to take care of the regular probiotic intake, especially in the morning with the first meal, together with eating less carbohydrates possible and no sweets, alcohol and snacks. I ordered Complete probiotics from dr. Mercola and have just got them. They are much cheaper then what I am taking now. The only negative side effect of all is that of loosing 2 kg so I am definitely at the edge of being underweight. On the other hand, though my Mom and my friends keep telling me I am barley collected, I am (comparing to them) almost never ill and still able for building with stone during the weekends.

Thank you once more for all. I have left you a small contribution over Paypal for a drink.


I just want to let you know that I've been following your diet since mid-October and have lost 40 pounds and am down in the 32-33% body fat range from a high of 39%. I am following it pretty well, took the probiotics and feel much better; down a waist size in pants. My goal is to get my BMI down to normal and get body fat percentage to 25% range for my age.
Thank you so much!


Hi Dan!

I just wanted to give you an update, and let you know that I am seeing great results. Unfortunately, I do deviate from the diet every once in awhile, it has been especially difficult with the holidays. HOWEVER, I am seeing fantastic results, as well as my boyfriend. This has been great!

I hope your holidays have been great, and happy new year!


Hello Mr. Dan,

I wanted to say thank you for all you do! If we had not found your website, I would most likely still be in great confusion as to what was wrong with me. I had people telling me to go to the doctor to get prescribed an antibiotic, but I've read what those do to the body and I had already made up my mind that I wasn't going to go that direction. So your diet on top of ALL your good advice has really been a blessing. I can't thank you enough! I'm so glad to know that instead of just covering up the symptoms I have healed it by going the natural way.

Thank you again and God bless you!



It was totally a candida infection! I have been eating according to the diet and taking herbs from the health food store and I am so much better! The diet is hard because my tongue craves the flavor of sweets but this is working and I'm not going to mess it up. I am so grateful for your insight and assistance. Your counsel and website really helped me out. Thanks Dan for extending yourself to a complete stranger and fellow sufferer.



Hi Dan

All I can say is thank you a million for all your info...I feel SO good and I have lost 12 pounds so far! :) My whole family wants to do the yeast diet!


Hi Dan,

I just returned from a visit with my GP. She did a vaginal exam, & there is NO yeast! She isn't quite sure what to think, since when she saw me last August, I had a significant yeast infection. And now, thanks to you!!! it's gone.

Talk soon,
THANKS!!! Lynn

Hi Dan,

I wanted to give you an update...

I had some kind of weird fungus, my symptoms were crawling sensations, pin pricks and actual bites "marks". In July, I went whole heartedly on the Candida Diet. I took some of the immune building supplements you recommended, plus a "good" Probiotic, Pao d Arco, MSM, Garlic pills, Vit C 2000 mgs , and Fish Oil 2000 mgs. As of late October I have been cured completely. I am eating in moderation some of the bad foods without any problems.

Thank you for all of your support!


Hey, Dan sorry haven't replied sooner and it is late now. Just wanted you to know that everything is WORKING! I feel better now than I have in months. I am a little scared to try some foods I have been off of. I really miss cheese and yogurt, peanut butter and some whole grain bread. I will not try to eat bread especially until I feel completely well. I am so excited, I have lost 20 lbs. which has been an impossible task over past 10 years. I have a suspicion I have had candida for that long just not horribly out of control like now. I was taking something for candida but not enough especially probiotics, and I had a stressful emotional situation that caused it to activate I believe.

Again, thank you so much for making it so easy to buy the products and I can testify they do work. I have been on them all now for going on 3 weeks and starting to feel human again.

Cathy White

Thank you so much, you are truly a life saver!!


Hi Dan,

Just wanted to give you an update! I'm feeling really good. The only thing I'm taking now is TIB, MSM and a hair vitamin (the last 2 for my hair). I think my hair is TE (stress related). I think my whole stomach ordeal that I had in the spring freaked me out and I haven't been the same (mentally) since (because like I told you before, I am someone who very rarely became sick).

Anyway, I think my personality leads me to worry and overstress and that hugely impacted my immune system as well as my hair. My goal is to be a more positive person and be grateful for all I have (I have a great life!)

Now when my hair gets back to normal I will be 100%! Thanks for all your help! Take care and I'll keep you posted!


One of my Newsletter subscribers sent this email recently.

Great newsletter.....very well researched....very informative. Thank-you Dan.

I never did get back to you on my son's progress. I'm happy to tell you all of his symptoms have disappeared...autistic and yeast related. Turns out I was poisoning him with milk. He has a sensitivity to casein. So by treating his candida, getting him off the dairy and giving him some good quality efa's it seems I have cured him. He's no longer sick all of the time, his yeast rashes are gone, his digestion has improved, the constipation/diarrhea has resolved and most amazingly all of his quirky gestures have stopped. He's become quite sociable and best of all he's starting to talk!! Oliver was never given an autism diagnoses because he was only 18 months when I started all of this detective work, however I know autistic kids and he was uncannily similar to all of them. I am convinced that we reversed autism. Thank-you for the advice you gave me because it played a good role in his recovery.


Cindy Kelly

Like I have said elsewhere on this website. When you eliminate yeast products, dairy, grains, sugar, and clean yourself with a colon cleanse, amazing things can happen. The diet allowed Cindy to figure out what was wrong with Oliver and it cleared up his problems. Awesome isn't it?

Hi Dan,

Well, I have to give you the credit. The pharmacist had told me that I needed at least 10 billion active cells in the probiotics to be effective, and you told me minimum 30 billion, and to increase up.

So for the past 2 weeks or so, I upped to 30-60 billion, and I did get backed-up at first for a few days & was miserable; then my pipes "let loose" & it all cleansed itself in a major way. Now I am noticing normal digestion; in fact, withing an hour or so after eating, I eliminate & also first thing in morning like you said. My other symptoms of horrid bloating, heartburn, etc are all gone now.

I read somewhere that a healthy digestive system functioning as it was designed would result in a bowel movement within an hour or so after eating (plus the morning thing); in addition, the stool itself should be fluffy, and float; if it is heavy & dense & sinks, that means that most of the nutrition wasn't broken down & absorbed by your guts like it should, and most of the good material you needed just passed thru.

I hate to belabor the subject of the bowels, but I have been chronically & horribley constipated for years secondary to chronic use of opiates; had to take stool softeners, frequent laxatives & enemas just to get the material out. Plus I had all that horrid bloating, heartburn, and tons of other miserable symptoms. Now I don't have to take ANY product except the probiotic (and I will be adding the other with the LGG soon as funds allow). It is a veritable miracle.

Also, I had to drive up to Michigan, around 17 hours each way, in the cold, being exposed to germs all over. I almost always caught a cold or flu when I made the trip every year; NOT THIS YEAR. So, even with the thrush still there a little bit, obviously my immune system is reaping the benefits as well as my digestion being drastically improved. I am amazed. My doc is impressed. My friends & family are astounded at how much energy I have already. The first few weeks I felt worse, but I am glad I stuck it out, and wanted to say thanks for the support & encouragement you offered.

Yea, the glands under my ears & jaw swelled up & were sore, and I was itchy all over for about a week, but it went away & now I am starting to feel better than I have felt in years! Praise God, who designed our bodies to help themselves when given the proper tools! You have been a special blessing, not just for me alone, I am sure.

I was asked a question, and I didn't have the answer, so here I am to impose on you again. What is the basic premise for advising people to start at a low dose of probiotics & gradually increase? Are there certain side-effects that are avoided that route? I know the method must be efficient for a reason, but was wondering. Especially considering that there is a minimum amount needed in order for it to be effective, why start with a low dose? And also, how often should one increase the increments? And by how much? How will I know when I have reached the best daily dose for my body's needs? Also, how long do you think I should give my body to adjust/heal the leaky gut before trying the TIB? I refer to being allergic to the pollen ingredient.

God Bless,

Gina Gorski

I have already answered Gina's questions in that last paragraph, but if you are wondering the same thing right now. Here is the answer.

The biggest problem I see with people starting this program is they jump into it to fast and take everything under the sun instead of following the plan I have laid out. This causes cleansing reactions like Gina described and worse and people quit! They think that they must be allergic to whatever or it is hurting their bodies in some way. It's not, it is simply cleaning them out and healing them.

By easing into the program you greatly minimize these reactions so they are tolerable enough that you don't quit. This will bring you health benefits like Gina achieved almost everytime.

Under the probiotic link on the left, I have outlined how long and by what amounts you should raise the doses on each probiotic I recommend. Follow them and they will bring you the greatest amount of health benefits in the shortest amount of time.

Dear Dan,

First of all, thank you! I have been meaning to send a note of thanks for quite some time. Your site is the most comprehensive chronicle on candida I have ever found, and has been most helpful for my family and myself. I have also sent numerous members of my extended family to your site, and you've helped some of them personally, including my sister, Cathy.

The Yeast Infection Liver Cleanse Protocol, in particular, has astonished me. In a lifetime of pursuing natural remedies for illness, this cleanse is one of the first such pursuits where my personal results nearly perfectly matched the description/claim. I'm amazed.

Thanks again for the service and knowledge you make available at this site.

God bless,

Chris Nesbitt

San Clemente, CA

I just wanted to thank you for all the work you have put into this comprehensive website. I am going to try to follow the diet information here and see how it helps me. You are a very special person for sharing so much of your hard-earned information here when many just try to sell you stuff.

My best to you.



Ok, here is my big update. I'm sorry for not writing sooner but 4 kids keeps me busy. I also didn't want to bog you down with chat e-mails when I know you must be busy helping others. I don't even know if you'll remember little Sarah and I with our yeast battle but I'll bet you probably will. You seem like the kind of person that remembers people.

Well, we are doing great!!! I think the first batch of probiotic was not as powerful as it should have been because of having been left in a hot car for several days before getting to me here in China. They helped but not like the second batch. I was able to get another 6 bottles and it took 1 bottle to do the final job. The combination of the diet and the probiotic was very powerful! Hooray!

We both are doing really well. If I eat really terribly then I get a flare up again (like Thanksgiving dinner and dessert) but it is extremely mild and I just have to eat properly again and I am fine. Once I stop nursing Sarah I think I will do the cleanse again. I couldn't do it properly with nursing because I need the carbs. Then I will do the diet again for an extended period of time to try and make sure that I get rid of all of the yeast. At least that is my plan. The milk ducts are a very tough place to get rid of yeast when they are full of milk.

Sarah is such a happy little 1-year old now. Thank you so much for all of your help. I tell everyone I know who has these kinds of problems that they should come to your website and talk to you about it.

Also, I wanted to tell you about Anna, my 3 year old. I know I had mentioned to you that she seemed to have problems when we reintroduced wheat in to her diet. She had been having a lot of trouble gaining weight and was (now that I look back) weak and lethargic, had a lot of trouble with diarrhea and stomach pains. We took wheat out of her diet for 3 months. After about 1 month of no wheat we also took out oats to see if it helped any. She became like a different child.

Taking out the wheat seemed to remove the diarrhea problems but taking out oats turned her into a different child. All of a sudden she wanted to walk and not ride in the stroller all the time. She was running around playing on the playground. She has started actually coloring her school papers instead of just giving one little swipe with a crayon and being done. I think before she was too tired to hold the crayon and color!! We wondered if this was just her growing up or if it was really the wheat so we put it back in as a test after the first 3 months. For the first couple of days she seemed ok. But then she began to complain that her stomach hurt, she became very emotional and sensitive and just very sad, and wanted to lay around instead of playing. What a difference. So we are now back off the wheat.

When I consider that all of this time she has been in pain and struggling with this it breaks my heart. I wouldn't have discovered it if we hadn't tried the anti-yeast diet you recommended. Thank you! Thank you! You have helped my whole family to better health.

This Thanksgiving we have been thanking God for many things. One of them was for your help.

Thanks again!

Xena Cosgrove

Isn't it amazing what good probiotics and the proper diet will do for a persons health and attitude? What an amazing change in Xena's two kids, I love it.

Hi Dan,

I wanted to let you know that I feel so good you have NO idea. I am not so tired all the time and I feel energetic and I can rise early in the morning. I thank God.

My partner has beautiful hands again, and his feet are cleared up. It is amazing that you know all this stuff and you can't even see us, unlike the doctors we have here who yet don't have a clue.

Well I wish you a great holiday and thanks so much for helping me. I will send you some pictures of the new happy me.

I really appreciate your time and efforts to assist me.

God bless you,


I talk to Bernice almost everyday, she lives in the UK and was trying to take care of this herself before she found me and emailed. Her partner has also become a believer since his skin cleared up in about a week.

Hi Dan,

It's been six months without a yeast infection. More than that, this month I only had one migraine attack, comparing to five a week as I used to. A day like today, my diet has been 80% greens, most of it raw, either in juice or cold soup. My boyfriend swears he would have never believed it if he was told a year ago.

I stick to your diet, although occasionally I drink a scotch or two, about once a month. I have added fresh fruit to my diet and my only grains are oat and spelt. No processed food, no cow milk, and no added sugar. I check carefully the ingredients label of anything I buy looking for any vinegar, cornstarch, or any weird thing. I buy mostly organic -my shopping costs have gone sky high but it's all worth it.

I hope everything is going well for you. Wish everybody knew about this diet. There are so many hopeless women out there with yeast infections. I cross my fingers to never have it back.



Mercedes truly has taken her life back. Way to go girl!

Hello Dan,

I want to thank you from the heart, for your time and your gifts that you are sharing. I am excited to adapt what I am already doing to what you suggest. Hopefully Fibro and Candida will be a distant nightmare someday.



Hi Dan,

I wanted to let you know I did get 2 bottles of the imunnostart as well as 2 of the emprizone.. and man my skin is looking good I tell you.

Thanks a lot!!!


I didn't expect this from Brent so soon. We have only been in touch for a few weeks.

Hi Dan,

I just wanted to inform you that I have taken the 15-day paragone / candida cleanse with a wellness formula for boosting the immune system and my skin has cleared up completely. After 6 months of no results from the doctors I have relief. I am going to follow up with a candida only cleanse and continue to keep up with a better diet. Thanks Again For your time and please feel free to use my info to help others. I do think that the boils were caused by the yeast / bacterial infections in my hair follicles.

Thanks Again

Chris K.


I just wanted to write and let you know how much I really appreciate all the advice you have given me about my skin condition. I also have great news, I have been seeing a kinseologist who has been treating me for my rash. He is also a naturopathic doctor and has me taking a variety of herbs. My skin is better then it has ever been and is improving every week. I'm still eating very healthy and keep a positive attitude. I will always take your advice with me when considering my health and will never forget it. Thank you sooooo much from the bottom of my heart!

Sarah Hall

I knew Sarah was going to send a yeast infection testimonial like this since we communicated by email almost every day for a few months. She had this in her scalp so bad her hair was falling out. The hair started growing back after a couple months and I am glad to see she is continuing with an aware doctor.

Hi Dan,

Hello, how was your Christmas Holiday? Hope God gave all of whatever you needed. Mine is to wish you a Happy and Prosperous Year. I am through with my taking medicine and I feel like I am completely healed.

Thanks and may God bless you abundantly.



Hi Dan,

I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better now. I can still hardly believe how much my lack of nutrients and candida overgrowth were wearing me out. My mind is much clearer now, and that feeling of discouragement and confusion is also gone. I will send you an omelette recipe that I created soon.

Thank you,


Ruth also had other health issues to deal with. She took a calcium formula, aloe vera, and followed the diet to clear those issues up.

Hi Dan,

I do want your help, I'm just feeling guilty about taking up too much of your time. I will give you some background on my health. Also, feel free to use me as a testimonial- I'm so happy about how I feel, I can hardly stand it!!!!

I need to further update you-- in 10 days I lost 15lbs!!!!! I was blown away. I need to lose a good 40 more. I've tried so many times to lose weight over the years with very little success-sugar for one thing has been holding me back, I was always hungry. I've been coming home from work & doing stuff instead of feeling like a slug. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My blood pressure even went down. My appetite is so low, I get full from eating small amounts & feel satisfied for hours! It's so fricking cool. I ordered pizza for my son & husband last night & didn't even want any--I've NEVER passed up pizza. When I see people in the grocery stores with a cart full of crap I want to say to them, "do you know what you're doing to yourself & your kids?" I want to go public & tell the whole country how our great food industry, fda & medical profession are lying to us & killing us. A bit radical maybe, but I'm sick of being screwed.

My biggest problem has been being overweight since my second pregnancy-that's been 27yrs. Sugar has always been a downfall, I've always been so hooked on it. That's why I'm so blown away that I haven't been going absolutely crazy craving it since I stopped eating it 4 weeks ago. This weekend I got a french vanilla coffee on our way up bird hunting & after about 1/3 of it I got such a stomach ache & a headache--I threw the rest away--I quess I had to check & see if I was doing the right thing. Man I'm convinced that sugar is a killer. My husband is going to do the same, I don't know if he can give up his beer, I hope so. He sees how well I'm doing & that's very encouraging. I don't know if any of this helps you but I sure feel better. Thank you so much. Anything that you want to use that I've told you is fine with me.

Very Sincerely,


Kat has been following the Candida Diet and taking probiotics.

Thank you so much for the information on natural treatments! I did the parasite program and the results were astounding. I've never felt better, ever.

I lost fifteen pounds in the first three weeks. Although I found it difficult to remain on the diet after the three-week period, I did the best I could. I'm still losing about a 1.5lbs a week.

Thanks again,

Deon Adams

In all honesty there has been a few cases where people do not lose weight, even though they want to, not sure quite why but I am working on it.

Hi Dan,

I just LOVE your website. It has sooo much needed info. It has been a blessing to me. I was so bad off before I started your program that I did not want to live anymore. You have saved my life. I only wish that my family will listen as well. They need help just like I do. Well that's all for now.


Marjorie Henderson

A recent yeast infection testimonial from Anne

Hello Dan,

I want to point out that many moons ago, you suggested doing a colon and parasite cleanse to aid in getting Candida under control. It made sense to me, so I did do it for a month.

I was totally amazed at the results. I not only passed liver flukes but also Candida – little white balls surrounded by stool. Within days, I felt so much better!! More energy, my skin looked better and I slowly got rid of the psoriasis on my left elbow and left ankle that I had had for years. I also lost about 20 lbs.

I also continued to take Threelac which I don’t believe is that great but does clear up the painful Candida symptom that I had which was, a burning, stinging, weeping rash under each breast. Very painful and had quite a disagreeable odor.

So I urge everyone to do a colon/parasite cleanse when trying to get the Candida under control.

I still follow a diet of no grains and no sugar but other wise, just try to eat a healthy diet with lots of RAW foods and NO junk foods or prepared foods and only a small amount of sprouted bread. Definitely no white flour products, no pizza, no pasta! As for coffee, I could never give that up but do use Chickory New Orleans ! which is 35% chickory and Organic coffee…Yummy once you get used to it…a compromise for sure but I believe that if I stressed myself out by giving up everything that would be negative.

To sum it all up,

Thank you Dan for helping me.


Hi Dan,

Well I have my mother and stepfather on your site. I have my neighbor and her sister on there, but most important is my friend Holly who is 25 and a cancer survivor. We had a long talk one evening about all of our health issues and I told her about me and how I came upon your page after a year of struggle and desperation and of the results I have had. I told her to take the test, she did and the rest will soon be history. I hope she contacts you soon. I am sure she will begin the treatment, see results and want to know more. I will keep you updated until she contacts you herself.

About the ways I feel better, in the words of one famous person to another, let me count the ways. I get up so much easier in the morning, I think so much clearer, I keep my focus, I am so much more calm, I no longer worship the sugar, I eat better because my body wants better, I am being a positive influence on my 9 year old, he is very curious about what makes me do what I have been doing. I took the test again and NO YEAST. I am loving my life.

I feel like I am finally winning one battle in life.

I again end my note with a big thanks and hope you have a wonderful week,


I had been working with Tamara for about 1 1/2 months when from out of the blue I received this short little email. It's been a while........and things are going great!!! My skin is clearer - someone even said that my eyes look clearer! - I have more energy, I am losing some weight and I feel great!!!!

Thanks Dan!


PS - if I didn't mention it before...........the cheesecake turned out great!!!! Not completely like the real thing with the stevia - but it certainly did the job!!!!

You know, this is what drives me to do this. I really enjoy receiving yeast infection testimonials like this and knowing that I have made a difference in someone’s life. It has made me a better person and human being, and I would do it all over again with out any hesitation.

Have a Beautiful and Glorious Day!

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