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All About Yeast Infection In Children

This report takes a look at yeast infection in children, which was something I personally had first hand experience with. I will be sharing some of my own experience as a child because it is extremely relevant to the cause of yeast infection in children. Also reviewed are preventative steps you can take to avoid the unnecessary sickness your child may experience if she/he does get an infection. If they do, please refer to the treating childrens yeast infection page at the bottom of this webpage.

Just how serious can a yeast infection in children become? Read Crystal and Jakobs story here.

Childhood And Yeast Infection

When babies are born, they come into the world with a completely sterile digestive system. There are no bacteria present in their intestines and the immune system has not been activated. It is not until they pass through the vaginal canal, where vaginal fluids are swallowed that they acquire good bacteria. Then they suckle at their mothers breast and colostrum is introduced. This colostrum provides food for the good bacteria so they can grow and attach to the intestinal wall. This process jump starts the immune system.

mother with child

These bacteria go to work in the digestive system setting up large colonies. Probiotic bacteria provide the body with a first line of defense against bad bacteria, pathogens, parasites, viruses, and microbes that can make the body sick. Colostrum, monosaccharides and every antigen the mother has are also introduced from mother's milk, which stimulate and builds the immune system.

Breast-feeding is absolutely the best thing you can do for your baby for the first year if at all possible. All the antibodies you have are passed along to your child and help build their immune systems. A strong and healthy immune system will keep your child healthy and off of the medicines that can cause yeast infection in children. However, if you are not getting the correct nutritional nutrients, you will not be able to pass them along to your child.

I did not get this benefit as a child. The result was pneumonia at 6 months old and hospitalization along with all the drugs. Forty years ago, breast-feeding was looked upon as something not necessary and there was a huge push by the food industry for soy-based formulas for infants. Soy is a hormone disruptor and 75% of the U.S. soy crop is now genetically engineered. I would not personally give it to my kids for these reasons.

It simply amazes me how something that was done for millions of years suddenly became sociably unacceptable and thought to be unneeded.

From that point on, my life was full of illnesses. I had pneumonia 7 times and bronchitis every single year until I was about 11 years old. Antibiotics raged through my body 3 to 6 times every year. By the time I was 10 or 11, I think it was 10, my digestive system was totally destroyed by what I believe to be a yeast infection in children. How do I know this? Well for one thing, I ended up with diarrhea that lasted an entire month! I would also get ringworm, athlete's feet often, and I had very bad smelling gas. Athlete’s foot and ringworm are a form of fungus, which is what yeast infections are.

Did the doctors ever figure out the cause? Nope. They did take me off all medications, and I had to eat a healthy diet. I truly believe that the fungus was starved enough that most of it died which allowed me to recover.

The cause of all this was a childhood life on antibiotics, which are made from fungi and are a known killer of bacteria, both good and bad. After years of illnesses, I became pretty healthy and never had pneumonia again. I also amazingly lost my taste for sugar. Sugar and all its forms feed yeast. I remained fairly healthy until my late teenage years when I began to party and drink beer. Beer is full of sugar and will contribute to yeast infections, as well as damage the immune system and liver. But this is a whole other story, which has no place in this report; but the yeast did come back.

Cause of Yeast Infection in Children

Since children's immune systems are not fully developed, they usually get the wide range of childhood sicknesses and seem to bring home from school whatever is going around at the time. This usually means a trip to the doctor for some antibiotics, which is the number one cause of yeast infection in children. I am a firm believer in letting the immune system deal with illness before I have to take such drastic action.

For example, my daughter was recently ill, probably the flu, and what I did was simply let it take its course while I gave her natural supplements. I do not give my kids anything to knock down a fever. A fever is the immune system in action trying to defeat the disease naturally. If you give them aspirin or Tylenol, it will knock down the fever and let the disease take control, then they will be sick for a week or so. Anyway, she was well in two days on her own.

NOTE: Aspirin and other salicylate containing medicines have been linked to Reyes Syndrome. Tylenol and other acetaminophen medications damage the liver and death from overdose is possible.

Give them Pedialyte to drink and herbs and supplements can be given based on symptoms. Try to get them to eat, and let them rest. If it does drag on then a trip to the doctor may be needed, but antibiotics should be the last resort in my opinion.

Dr. William Crook, The Yeast Connection and Dr. C. Orian Truss The Missing Diagnosis, have also linked yeast infection in children to chronic ear infections. The ear infection usually results in antibiotics being prescribed and antibiotics can cause yeast infections.

Ear infections can be caused by the over production of mucous that plugs the eustachian tube that runs from the inner ear to the oral cavity. Dairy foods cause the body to produce too much mucous and grains do too although not as bad.

Tubes being placed in the ears is the most common surgery performed today in the U.S. and in my experience, it does not work. When out oldest daughter was a toddler, she had chronic ear infections. Since we weren't informed parents at the time, we took her doctors advice and put her on antibiotics. After two weeks on the antibiotics, the ear infection cleared up; but in two weeks or so she would end up with another ear infection.

This went on for months, leading to tubes being placed in her ears. This did not stop the ear infections and because they were still so bad, her body forced them out and a second set was inserted.

Her ear infections did not stop occurring until we realized the underlying cause of her ear infections - wheat and dairy.

If your child suffers from chronic ear infections, before the surgery is done, I would place the child on Colostrum and CP-1 and change their diet to the candida diet and see what happens. At a minimum, I would eliminate dairy foods from their diet.

My advice about ear infections also goes for children with recurring colds or bronchitits. My youngest daughter has a problem with milk as well, but the over production of mucous gives her bronchitis instead of ear infections. Luckily, I was fully informed when this started happening and she has never taken an antibiotic because of it.

If you do give your child antibiotics, have the doctor prescribe Nystatin to be taken with the antibiotic. Nystatin is a prescription anti-fungal derived from a soil-based bacteria and yeast and is completely safe since it does not enter the blood stream. Nystatin will keep the yeast fungi from over running the intestines, because you are killing the good bacteria as well as the bad with the antibiotic. If you can’t get Nystatin, then give them either CP-1 or the 11-Strain powder for treating yeast infection in children. Give them the probiotic while they are on the antibiotic at a different time of day. It is also best to continue the probiotic for another 30 to 60 days after they are done taking it.These probiotics will help restore the good bacteria that the antibiotic killed so they do not get a yeast infection in children.

Yeast Infection in Children Common Symptoms

Common yeast infection symptoms in children are thrush, frequent diaper rash, colic lasting over 3 months, athletes foot, hives, eczema, digestive problems such as gas, bloating and diarrhea and chronic ear infections. Girls sometimes get vaginal yeast.

Other symptoms are a craving for sweets, re-current headaches, a persistent cough and nasal congestion. Other yeast infection in children symptoms are being labeled as hyperactive, tired, unhappy or depressed, learning problems and having a short attention span.

Treating Yeast Infection in Children
This webpage explains what to do to treat yeast infection in children.

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If you have any questions about yeast infection in children or yeast infection in general, I would be happy to answer them. Please contact us through the contact page of this website.

Article written by Dan and edited for accuracy by Dr. Taylor

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