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Yeast Infection Prevention: What You Need to Know

What is the best yeast infection prevention plan to follow? In this report for preventing yeast infections, I have outlined what I do, what I recommend, and what you should also do for your kids if you have them, so they never ever end up having a candida infection themselves. And also what you should really do at an absolute bare minimum now that you may have ridden yourself of your candida fungal infection.

How Healthy Do You Want To Be?

Only you can determine the answer to that question. I at this present time have never felt better in my life that I can honestly remember. I have more energy, gone are the days of feeling like I need an afternoon nap. My digestive problems are gone. I have lost weight and am at what I consider to be my ideal weight. I can get up and go with 6 hours of sleep if I have to instead of 8. I am no longer moody and fly off the handle at my wife and kids from the emotional roller coaster of yeast and candida infection. I just feel good, really good and you can too. Just follow my yeast infection prevention plan and you will be pleasantly surprised.

As a matter of fact, I would love to hear your testimonial sometime. Just fill out the form on the contact page if you would when you are feeling good and tell me how this is working for you. I get great enjoyment in knowing that I am making a difference in some ones life in a positive way.

The Yeast Infection Prevention Plan

Since I cured myself of my yeast candida infection I have become more focused on my overall health. I watch what I eat and try to avoid processed sugars, grains, and eat more raw enzymatically alive foods when possible. I no longer drink sodas, well occasionally I do, milk, or fruit juices, instead drinking what the body was designed for-clean water. Herbal teas are also good to drink and I do drink an organic coffee.

I am a firm believer in getting your daily nutrients from whole foods as much as possible. Unfortunately according to the US Department of Agriculture this is really no longer possible, because of the farming of the same fields for so long it has stripped the land of all its nutrients. In 1992 at the World Earth Summit it was disclosed that the soil in the US is 85% depleted of minerals.

The USDA in studies done from 1963 to 2000 shows that the amount of nutrients found in vegetables in 1963 has fallen drastically. For example, carotene in broccoli has decreased 50%, carotenes in collard greens has dropped 42%, potassium 60%, and magnesium 16%. Beta-carotene in apples has dropped 45%. Cauliflower has lost nearly half of its amount of vitamins B1, B2, and C. The list goes on and on and is effecting every ones health.

The vegetables you buy in the store just do not have the nutritional value that they had 40 years ago and I would consider this bit of information below.

The first humans on this planet until fairly recent times were hunter gatherers, not farmers. They would expend a huge amount of energy gathering and hunting their foods and ate from a wider variety than we do today. But because of the energy expenditure they often ate more than we do, thereby getting a much larger amount of anti-oxidants, minerals, vitamins, and enzymes in their bodies as compared to us modern peoples. Coupled with the fact that our foods are nutrient deficient, is it any wonder that diseases run rampant in America that were unheard of only 60 years ago. 8 in 10 Americans will die of heart disease or cancer, if one doesn't get you, it seems the other one will.

Food allergies and immune system reactions are very common and it has been estimated that 75% of people are allergic to gluten and wheat. Dairy is also a high allergenic food and causes many illnesses because it is so acidic. Unfermented soy is not good to eat and some say eggs can be highly allergenic. The immune system actually creates antibodies to these foods and by eating them over time, you end up altering the balance of your system which causes dysbiosis.

Candida is one of the results of dysbiosis along with allergies, arthritis, asthma, ear infections, skin conditions, and other maladies of unknown origin. The only way to know for sure is to be blood tested for these allergies to these foods. The next best thing is to not eat them for 4 weeks, then re-introduce one and see how you react. If you have a negative reaction, don't eat it anymore.

The AMA is now recommending that everyone take a multivitamin/mineral supplement on a daily basis if they wish to stay in the best of health.

total balance vitamin

Because of the lack of nutrients in our foods. I recommend you either take the best vitamin and mineral supplement with ingredients that are synergisticly designed to work together for the maximum benefit to the body based on sex. The supplement company you choose should have implemented hazard analysis critical control point programs (HACCP) and good manufacturing practices. ISO22000:2005 registration is preferred for health supplements companies and I would avoid middle men, meaning the company should manufacture the supplements themselves.

Or you could get a Omega 8002 juicer and get them that way. This does work if you juice a variety of foods since you can actually drink more than you can eat at one time. The Gerson therapy uses juices and liver cleanses to treat cancer with good success.

Most tablet forms of vitamins you buy at the local store do not break down in your digestive system. For preventing yeast infection and your health they are worthless since they pass completely through your body and you flush them down the toilet. They also contain fillers, the most common being dirt. The vitamins themselves are usually synthetic chemicals manufactured in some lab. We get exposed to chemicals enough on a daily basis and should not be eating them more than we have to.

Probiotics For Preventing Yeast Infection

There are many so-called yeast infection prevention probiotics supplements on the market today all claiming to be the most powerful and beneficial for your health. Unfortunately that is not the case. In a study done by the University of Washington in 1990 they found that "Most of the lactobacillus containing probiotics products currently available either do not contain the Lactobacillus species and/or contain other bacteria of questionable benefit". I am afraid not much has changed since then. Most probiotics formulas contain either worthless strains or do not contain the amount they claim or both.

Many of these products contain 1 to 10 billion total bacteria, which is basically a worthless amount. When you have had a yeast issue it is an indication that your bacterial levels are way to low. In an environment consisting of trillions of bacteria, taking 10 billion is a complete waste of time. You should be taking 50 to 300 billion to keep those levels up.

Are these probiotic products actually safe?

On-going studies of yeast infection prevention probiotic products on the market today are proving that many of these supplements grow mold in your body. And for yeast infection prevention, treatment, and for your overall health are totally worthless. A yeast infection is mold growing inside your body that has become parasitic in nature. Why would anyone want to take something like that?

For yeast infection prevention the right probiotic formulation will not grow mold or yeast. Instead it would be very effective for yeast infection prevention and actually crowd out molds while raising the levels of beneficial bacterial colonies in the digestive system.

The largest bacterial species in the small intestine is the Lactobacillus strain that helps with the absorption of vitamins, minerals, and amino acids from our foods. They also help create the right ph environment that allows these nutrients to be absorbed by the body.

The large intestine is predominately inhabited by Bifidobacterium bifidum which helps create a slightly acidic environment, and helps clean up the wastes in our intestines from the digestive process. They are also found in the small intestine and overall are the largest colony of good bacteria we have.

Finding a quality product that worked proved to be the problem. There are over 100 strains of acidophilus alone on the market all claiming to be the best and so on.

Some of the best probiotics I have been able to find are CP-1 or the 11-Strain probiotic. I have had great success with both and they have a very large following. These probiotics DO NOT contain: Dairy, preservatives, sugar, gluten, soy, wheat, artificial colors, flavors or FOS.  Both are excellent products.

However, Profase is designed to kill yeast and keep bad bacteria under control and works better than CP-1 and the 11-Strain. It also stimulates the immune system and prevents the over growth of bad bacteria.

Biofase can be taken for prevention as well with no ill effects. Two or three capsules a day would be enough.

As a matter of fact, I take two Biofase with one Profase and one Floraphage every morning.

Diet For Yeast Infection Prevention

Another thing I would do as a part of a yeast infection prevention plan is try to follow the yeast infection prevention diet. Cut down on grains, processed foods, and sugar as much as you can, sugar feeds yeast. Eat whole foods and more of them raw, or very lightly steamed at low heat. It is best to have a fresh vegetable then a cooked vegetable with meat to maintain the correct ph of the meal.

Some grains are ok to eat and some aren't. Quinoa is by far the best and is a complete plant protein. I purchase it at the local grocery store or Whole Foods Market.

The body was designed to use water as a liquid. The phosphorus in soda interferes with the intake of minerals, especially magnesium, through the pancreas, and magnesium is used to build bones and teeth. Even doctors will advise their patients to drink no more than 3 sodas a week.

Please avoid Nutrasweet and Splenda for your own sake, Aspartame has more medical complaints to the FDA that any of the artificial food additives combined. Splenda is basically the same thing, they just removed a couple ingredients from Nutrasweet to make it. Seriously...try this experiment. Have an ant problem somewhere? Get a package of equal and sprinkle it where the ants are, within days they will all be dead. Have a species of ant that won't take the Equal? Sprinkle a little water on the Equal so they do...same result. The ants will be gone for a year or so.

Yeast Infection Prevention For Kids

The absolute best for yeast infection prevention you can do for them is give them the an immune system building product such as the 11-Strain probiotic since 75% of the immune system is found in the intestine. By all means feed them a healthy diet as well if possible. You will be amazed at what kind of changes can take place in kids if you limit the grains and sugars. Learning problems, behavior problems, chronic illnesses, and colds and flu will disappear and will not last near as long as they used to if they do get one.

In the winter time give them Vitamin D3, you'll want to do this as well, to prevent catching colds and flu's. Adults should take this Vitamin D3 formula.

The Bare Minimum Yeast Infection Prevention Plan

I would definitely make the changes to your diet as the biggest yeast infection prevention measure. Go read the cause report and you will understand why. It shouldn't leave any doubt in your mind about why you should do this. Also, make sure you read the report about Sugar while you are there to find out why sugar is so destructive to your health.

I would also drink plenty of clean and pure water every day. If you don't, and drink chlorinated and fluoridated water, then you are just killing your bacteria and damaging your immune system even further. You will be flushing your money and health down the drain and not preventing yeast infections from reoccurring.

Get a good reverse osmosis system for your drinking and cooking needs. RO systems remove everything from your water without making it acidic and it is a lot cheaper in the long run than buying bottled water at $5.00 to $10 a gallon.

I also use a shower filter for my families skin and to remove the chlorine gas from the hot water that creates dioxins that are known to be poisonous. It also beats being dry and itchy all the time and chlorine is also absorbed through the skin.

If you are only going to do one thing for yeast infection prevention take care of your immune system. CP-1 or the 11-strain probiotic for yeast infection prevention would be the one stand alone yeast product to take to build that immune system and prevent recurring yeast infections. I say this because 75% of the human immune system is in the gut and that immune system is mostly these good bacteria. When good bacterial levels get low, your immune system gets weak.

So if you keep your good bacterial levels up you will not get re-infected. That is all you need to do for preventing yeast infections and you will never have a yeast problem again. This will also greatly improve your over all health.

Article written by Dan and edited for accuracy by Dr. Taylor

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