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What should I do for daily maintenance?

by Susan

I have completed a yeast cleanse recently after having multiple, multiple yeast infections. For some reason I dropped 10 lbs and decreased my total cholesterol by 50 pts. Is it now necessary to continue a daily maintenance routine of Biofase, Profase, Floraphage followed by Microfase and Life Tree Purify?

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Jul 10, 2022

by: Dan

People do tend to lose weight on the diet because you reduce the amount of carbs and sugar you consume on a daily basis. Carbohydrates and sugars consumed in excess are stored on the body as fat. Many people have also reduced cholesterol levels as well.

If the yeast infection is now under control, you could take a couple Biofase with a couple Profase once a day for maintenance. Or quite possibly, either one would work by itself. I know people that do it both ways. Some use just Biofase, others use only Profase. Everyone's microbiome is unique so it is really a personal thing.

This is going to require experimentation on your part so the best thing to do would be to use both for a month or two to prevent a relapse. Then try one or the other by itself, or leave it at that.

I would not get too carried away with adding carbs and sugars back in to your diet either. Try to eat right.

I hope that answered your question and if you have any others let us know.

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