Candida Diet Testimonials

Here are a few candida diet testimonials from my newsletter. Many of these principles are now found on this website for those that don't want to subscribe to the newsletter. The newsletter though does include a step by step treatment plan explaining what you should do if you do have chronic or system yeast infections. It also contains detailed information on how to stay healthy and the effects of some common foods that anyone should consider not eating if they wish to remain in good health. If you wish to subscribe you can use the form towards the bottom of this page. If you would like to leave your own testimonial you can do so by using the very bottom form and I will publish it on this webpage.

Recent Candida Diet Testimonials


My husband has candida through out his body and has suffered for many years. It took so long just to realize what was happening; part of the problem being him too embarrassed to talk about it!
We have been following your diet guidelines for a few weeks now (I do it to support him) and feel so much better! Medicine alone was offering him no relief! Now his skin is healing and he even snores less. We are so excited for this lifestyle change.
Thank you for all of your valuable information!!


Hi Dan,

I think you provide an invaluable service. I and several members of my family are now using some of your products, 11 strain, profase and biofase. We are all seeing results including a significant difference in our skin..

Thank you for the care and detail that you put in each newsletter, and for providing access to such effective products.


Hi Dan,

After the birth of our daughter my wife contracted mastitis and our daughter had thrush. Our primary prescribed Diflucan. It didn't work. I remembered hearing about gentian violet in nursing school. It didn't work. We heard about this website through a friend who had gone through the same ordeal. After following your advice and the diet we noticed that the thrush and mastitis started clearing up after a week. It had totally disappeared after about 2 1/2 to 3 weeks. This opened my eyes to a world I had never heard about. I incorporate a lot of the teaching on the website in my own practice as a nurse. Thank you for your diligence to this subject and informing the public on this subject.


Hi Dan,

Your newsletter is just what I needed to help me stay on yeast-free diet and gluten-free also. I just re-read the applicable newsletter anytime I start craving something forbidden. They are very convincing!

Thanks so much. ----------- Roxane

Hi Dan,

I suffered a mild heart attack in 1992 and underwent angioplasty. No other incidents since then because of my heart disease. I am on lipitor for cholesterol, blood pressure medications and a few other meds (potassium and Allopurinol) for kidney stones and gout. My family history is terrible... diabetes, heart attacks, stroke, cancer all at relatively early ages.

Since starting your diet I have lost 25 lbs, and have my Doctor amazed at keeping the weight off since May. My weight went from 217 to 195 and my waist went from 46+ inches to 42 inches. My waist and my hips are now a 1:1 ratio as they should be for good health.

Diane and I love going through our closets and donating 'baggy' clothes. What's truly amazing to us both is that we are losing size exactly where we need to on our bodies... around our hips and belly. NEVER has this happened to either of us. Whenever we would go on the next big diet fad... and wow there were many... we would lose weight for maybe 2 months and never lose size where we needed to. Just amazing how your diet has changed our lives.

My Doctor is also impressed at the increase in my HDL's - which based on my age (65) and medications should actually be decreasing. Since May she has been able to reduce and even eliminate some of my meds as well.

By the way my uric acid level is now in balance since starting your diet. I have always been 'acidic'.

Diane is in excellent health.

We both take 4,000 IU vitamin D3, vitamin C, Kirkland multi vitamins, 3,000 mg salmon oil, and a chinese herb called Jiaogulan.

As for the newsletters we both subscribe but Diane would receive a different newsletter at a different time. We haven't seen any for at least two months. The last one Diane had described your daily diet.

Again thank you for all you do to keep us healthy and informed.


Hi Dan,

I just wanted to write and say thank you! I've been suffering off and on for the past year with a horrible rash on my forearms and hands. The skin gets red, itchy, hot and then scales gets hard and usually splits open. I thought I was going to lose my mind last fall! My doctor (actually a P.A.) is of no help and didn't know what it was, I thought it was the high BP meds (which I have since stopped taking), but turns out wasn't. I've always had it in the back my of mind that I should lay off the sugar in all forms...I've done it before, but after losing weight...went right back to a "normal" diet. After this last break out I went to the health food store and talked to one of the employees who suffers from the same thing and she mentioned it was yeast. So after some research online, I found your website, subscribed to the candida diet newsletter and read some everyday. This is only day four of my treatment and my rash is almost gone on my arms! My mood has already stabilized and I've lost 3lbs! I understand now the real cost of eating refined sugars and I'm more interested in preserving my health and feeling good, than doing what's quick & easy. So thank you, you've made a real difference in my life and I plan to continue this journey of healthy eating...


Dan, I don't know who you are, but I want to thank you. I have lost 72 lbs since February 7th adhering to your anti-candida principles. I don't have candida and I am not sure I ever did. A health-nut friend told me that she follows your principles because she feels better avoiding the foods you say to avoid and thus has a lot more energy. So, I decided to give it a whirl too. I have been ecstatic with the results and I have turned many other people onto your website. In fact, my Cardiologist asked me for the website too so that he could refer other patients to your information.

Thank you again,

Your newsletters have changed my life for the better! Thank you!

Hi Dan ,

Thanks very much for your latest diet email ---an inspiration.

The diet is going very well and I managed to stick to it despite ten days in France –we’ve just returned. I took six packets of rice biscuits with me which was a good thing as I couldn’t find a shop selling them near where we were staying. Otherwise, it was easy to get everything.

Every June for many years I’ve suffered from severe hayfever. This June for the first time since my twenties, I’ve remained hay-fever free. I just can’t believe it and I’m putting it all down to the diet ---it’s just incredible. I had medication from the GP in readiness and just haven’t needed to use it. I really believe that there’s a connection with my having given up dairy other than natural yogurt and not having the usual allergic reaction.

Recently I’ve met two people with a yeast problem and have passed your emails onto them, so you’re getting a following in Wales.

Many thanks as always.


Hi Dan,

I went to the doctor this morning. I've been on the diet since the end of February. I've lost a little over 20 pounds even though I was sick for a couple of weeks with a head cold so the loss stagnated because I wasn't doing much exercise wise. BTW-I refused to go on antibiotics, used homeopathic remedies and a few over the counter meds and let my body have the time to heal itself.

My cholesterol has dropped 50 points, to 154. My doctor was happy with it when it was 204, I'm happy with it now! My blood sugar, triglycerides, etc. were all GREAT!

Thank you so much, this diet has truly changed my life & I honestly believe it is something I can stay on for life.



Your diets working great after only a 5 days, I feel great again. Also dry scaly skin problems have almost completely cleared up.

Thank you,

I just wanted to thank you for the wealth of knowledge that you provide. I just subscribed last week and I really enjoy and learn from your articles.

Thank you,

I just want to tell you how much I appreciate your newsletters.

Thank you very much,

Thank you These messages have been extremely helpful and easy to understand!
Thank you for everything


Hello Dan,

Thank you for the newsletters. They were really helpful. It was great to have something to look forward to every day that gave me a little extra information, motivation, and that fueled my will power. It really reaffirmed by belief that what I was doing was right, and it gave me evidence to back it up. (that evidence is certainly helpful when you find yourself dreaming about bread & butter!)

Thank you kindly for your time,


Dan, thank you so much. This information has been so very helpful. The nose and mouth problems cleared right up. The birthday party i attended threw me for a loop, a sugar loop.... but i am back on track eating and feeling better than i have in my life, thanks ....Amro

Hello Dan-

Here's the feedback you asked for : Your Diet Series was excellent!! Each newsletter was concise, well written & most of all, packed with useful, helpful, well researched information that emphasized solutions to common problems while battling Candida. I'm only at the beginning of my journey on the Candida road, so I've saved all your newsletters to serve as guideposts for me as I travel. I appreciate your willingness to share what you know works with people- it takes courage to want to help people heal.

You're making a difference!

Thank you again,


As someone very new to this way of eating I want to thank you for the useful information you send out. I have been on this journey of eating differently a month; it has been difficult I must admit but I now see rays of light and do not think too often of my Cultures pet foods such as pasta!

Thank you,


Dear Dan,

Just to say that I enjoy your newsletters, they are so useful. I started using your candida diet info to help sort me out. After 2 weeks I can say I do not have that embarrassing wind problem, I am feeling a little energized and not had to have a catnap after work. I have also lost 6lbs! Not bad at all.

Thank you,


Hi Dan,

I wanted to send a quick note of thanks. Your newsletters are very informative and I have really been enjoying taking my time reading them and digesting all the information.

Much thanks,

Hi Dan,

The Case Against Wheat Part 2 is indeed scary stuff! I have completely eliminated sugar, wheat and all grains from my diet and the inflammation and headaches that have plagued me for my entire life have literally disappeared. For me, it has been life-changing!

All the best,

The candida diet testimonial below is in two parts.

Dear Dan,

I don't thank you as often as I should for your wonderful newsletter. I have been trying to get rid of Candida for about three years now. Two testing locations say that there is no trace and the third, Diagnos-Tech has been contradicting those good results by coming back with a +4. My ND questioned their results and they are presently redoing the test without charge. Should hear any day now. Anyhow, I have most copies of your newsletter in a notebook--I find them very valuable and do want to thank you for your time in writing them.

Here is the followup...

Just received a phone message from DR office saying that the report that always came back bad concerning the yeast came back negative this time--free of yeast!! Yiippee!!! FINALLY!

Now I would love to celebrate with a scotch and water. I am not a drinker but do enjoy one about once a week. However, I know there is yeast in the scotch so am reluctant to do that. Did read that vodka is the only liquor that does not contain yeast. Do you know if that is true--never had it but if it was "safe', I might try it.

Well, you are the first to know! I'm almost afraid to believe it! I will still probably be super careful for fear of it coming back. ----anyhow, please continue to send me your great newsletters with updates--I sure appreciate them!!!!!!!

Hi Dan

As you said when you first sent me information about yeast infection, once I’d started the diet I’d feel so well that I’d want to stick to it even when I was cured, you’ve been proved to be right and the experience has totally changed my outlook on food. My husband and I follow the diet as closely as we can, it’s not always possible when eating out or with friends, but we definitely feel the benefit from doing so and would never wish to go back to our old way of eating.

Thank you very much once again,

Hi Dan,

I'm a naturopathic doctor in British Columbia and I am thoroughly enjoying reading your daily emails regarding diet. You're very much in line with what I teach my patients and I just wanted to send you a quick note to thank you for your hard work and let you know it's very much appreciated.

Sacha Elliott, ND

Dear Dan,

I would just like to thank you for these newsletters, precious information and for your great research on the topic(s).

Kind regards,

Thank you Dan!

I love the information that you send me!

God bless!

Thanks for keeping me informed of this type of information!!!

Thank you sooo much for the great newsletters. I love reading them, they are very informative and ahead of the curve.


Hi Dan,

I just wanted to thank you SO much for all your hard work in helping others work through what, for me, has been debilitating health issues connected to candida. I am 63 years old and have been dealing with this for well over 15 years. And even though I go to a "Wholistic" doctor, I still feel I am on my own.

Four years ago, a stool test I had done showed systemic candida and yet the nurse practitioner I was seeing failed to mention it! Then, when I went back to another nurse-practitioner a few months ago, she saw the test results but only offered a prescription for Nystatin and sent me on my way. I was taking it along with the protocol you recommended until I went to renew it on Friday and she changed it to Fluconazole without talking to me about it. And I will not take that.

I became a vegetarian 15 years ago because I was having so many health issues, not knowing of course, that I was making my symptoms worse. Then after visiting our son for a month last year he introduced me to the Paleo Diet he was following. While I was there, and for a month afterwards, while following the diet, I felt so much better.

Then the candida discovery, then coming across your Website, then beginning the candida diet and protocol you recommended....AMAZING!!!!!!!! I know I have a long way to go. But I have lost 20 pounds, am nearly symptom free (except for days I eat poorly), and I feel fantastic! Dan, I know you know this, or I believe, you would not be doing what you are doing.

It is SUCH A RELIEF to have the support I need to be in control of my health and feel I am doing the right thing (even though my family, especially my PA daughter-in-law and my Nurse daughter-in-law, worry that I should be under a doctor's care. *RIGHT!  *The key word here being "care."

Sorry, I'm rambling now. Again, I can't thank you enough for your "care."

Kind Regards,

Hi Dan,
I just wanted to give you some more feedback regarding adhering to the diet on your website. 
 A couple of weeks ago I went to have my annual routine checkups with my doctors.  I go to a cardiologist, an internist, and a doctor of Oriental medicine.  Because I have been on a strict disciple of your website and diet, my doctors said I am now the "poster child for perfect blood work." I have fallen out of the danger zone for several of the categories.  I have also now lost 96 pounds.  This has been the easiest diet I have ever been on.  I have no more nasty food cravings for carbs. 

Thank you so much for introducing me to this diet.
Rose Rajkovic


Thank you for the series. Even though I think of myself as pretty well educated about health and nutrition I have learned a lot from your newsletters and other research I have done in the last month. I really looked forward to getting the newsletters everyday. I've lost 17 pounds and all of the symptoms I had a month ago are gone. My blood pressure is the lowest it has been in years. I am getting bloodwork this week and will know more about my cholesterol, etc. after that.

I can look at the junk that most people eat now and realize what it will do to my body and how it will make me feel and I am able to resist. I've added foods I never thought of eating-buffalo and pumpkin seeds and have come up with combinations that I would have never thought of. I also am realizing that I don't need bread, potatoes, pasta or chips to eat the foods I really love like humus, pico and guacamole. I'm making my own sauces and dressings out of plain yogurt, vegetables and spices. I saw a dramatic example of what food can do to your body when my friend went into anaphylaxis last night during dinner. She was rushed to the ER by ambulance within 30 minutes of eating. It was very scary.

I plan to order the cookbook since eating is getting a little boring and I would like to get a little more pleasure from it than I do now.


Thanks Dan for all you do.. for all of us. You have helped me more in 2 month's than Dr.'s have in 20 years. And yes I would love to continue to receive your newsletters.


Hi Dan,

Your website and knowledge were most helpful!!!! With your help and the help of my naturopath Dr. I am sooo much better!!  I am 52 and know I have been battling candida most of my life, (without knowing). I feel like a new person. 
Again, I thank you very much, YOUR A STAR!!!

Hi Dan

I have given up all grains and really limited my sugar for 9 months now.  I have Osteoporosis and haven't had that checked but I can tell you my joints don't hurt any more and I feel great.  Allergies are almost all gone.

I went to a naturopathic doctor and she did a lot of tests and found out I had not only the Candida, but two other bacteria's in my gut that was helping the Candida grow.   I was put on Enzymes and ProEnt2 and it has cleared up so much of my Candida and other gut problems I am amazed.  My daughter and son-in-law are gluten free and can't believe the difference in their joints and allergies.  I am 75 and still riding my horse 3-4 times a week and taking care of my farm with 11 head of horses.  Keep up the good work Dan I love the letters and info.


Hi Dan, 

I just wanted to thank-you so much for this series of newsletters. You have hugely impacted my health, and my life.

One year ago I almost died from a systemic yeast infection. I had thousands of dollars in tests done by conventional medical experts. Eventually I was diagnosed as mentally ill, because they couldn't find the problem.

I turned to natural and functional medicine experts and almost immediately they found a severe systemic yeast infection. I started an anti fungal, probiotics, and supplements. About the same time I found your sight and it has been a wealth of knowledge and support to me through my healing journey. I specially found useful the diet information. Thank-you for doing what you do, truly making a difference in the lives of people. I am now healthy and feel better than I ever had. I still stick to the diet and take the anti fungals as precaution.



Hi Dan,

I just wanted to say thanks - I have recently had tests for candida and I am all clear thanks to your regime. My geographic tongue is much much better but I will now be looking closely at my vitamin and mineral levels to try and sort out the rest of this conundrum.
I will be staying on the diet for the the foreseeable future as I feel so
much better and my sleeping pattern is much improved.
With kind regards and thanks again for all your great emails and


Hi Dan,

I'm definitely a believer! Today was one month for me on the diet, I feel amazing! Tomorrow I start day 6 on the ultimate cleanse and in a few days I'll start cleansing myself from mercury. I haven't felt this good for years, I was actually almost in a non functioning state. I was missing a lot of work I had zero energy and no motivation. I could not get out of bed, I felt like I had no blood in my veins. I was so discouraged, I felt like death warmed over me and I couldn't get any answers from doctors. I'm so grateful that I found your site and for all the information I've been learning. I also wanted to let you know that my skin is feeling more hydrated since I stopped taking the evening primrose oil. Thank you for sharing your story and helping thousands of people.


Hi Dan!

I have to tell you that this is the easiest diet ever! After 35 years of yo yo dieting and finding the most success with the Atkins diet I have now found the answer to breaking the cycle. With Atkins I always hit a brick wall at about 25lbs. lost not knowing that the foods I was eating such as hard cheese and vinegar and pickles we adding to my problem. Knowing what these and all the carb foods do to my digestive systems makes it a 'piece of cake'(sorry about that) to stay with this and eat healthy. I eat so many vegetables now, chicken, fish and organic egg omellettes. In the last two weeks I have lost just over 10 lbs and have 30 to go.

Mary Lou

Hi Dan,

I have found your newsletters EXTREMELY helpful and I look forward to learning more. Thank you for sharing your expertise so freely and openly. Blessings ~

~ Shawna 

Dear Dan,

I have found your newsletters to be tremendously helpful in many ways.  Not only am I better informed about candida, but appreciate hearing about the various resources available that provide better sources of food and supplements.  It saves a lot of time and research to know that you have already checked these out.  I have come to realize that changing the various factors that affect my health, such as candida, is a lifetime effort.  So am appreciative to have access to your information to help with that.

Your newsletter is the only one that I read regularly and inevitably find new information that is helpful for me.

Thanks so much for all your efforts and I look forward to continue receiving newsletters from you on a variety of topics.


Hi Dan

Thank you so much for the newsletter. It has been so helpful and informative, it is truly a great resource when trying to wade through the whole Candida mess.

God Bless-


Greetings Dan,

Thank you so much for the valuable information, nutritional advice, and wisdom you impart to those of us fortunate to have found your newsletter.

I am a 53 year old male (was seemingly) in good health and shape who has experienced and discovered an internal yeast infection due to a diet that included too much sugar, wheat, and enough low value carbohydrates. Who knows how long it was evolving, but when the yeast infection became clear, it was because I felt so uncomfortable in my digestive system, loose stool. itchy eyes, irritable, etc.

I am heeding your advice and directives. Most of all I am grateful for the professional and personal way you have created the newsletter, and acknowledge that it is clearly borne out of a genuine desire to help and teach others. This is a true sacrifice for humanity. May your own life be served and blessed in kind.

Sincerely, & With Gratitude,


Hi, I have been listening and reading from your information for a few years now and I just subscribed to your newsletter because I'm serious about getting rid of my yeast problem. I have tried but I haven't been successful in the past and I just want to express my appreciation for your newsletter. The information is dead on and especially the timing, it's exactly what I'm going through when I get the next email. Thank you so much! I will conquer this menace because of you and your information. There is nothing else that I've found that nails this problem so exactly than your information.


Hi Dan,

I've been struggling with (what I've self diagnosed as) systemic candida for likely over 15 years (since I got Mono my freshman year in high school). After years and years of self research I've recently dedicated myself to a changed lifestyle. I've been on the candida diet for just over 3 weeks now and can see that my body already has started reacting to the lifestyle change. I'm taking things slow and eager to learn more about what I can do to properly care for my body as I continue my journey. I signed up for your newsletter about a week or so ago and just wanted to thank you for sharing your knowledge. I really enjoy the newsletters and the influx of new information. I've found several (much more than less) resources that seem to see their profit to share information as more valuable than actually helping those out there that struggle with candida. I'm so glad to have found that you're a resource that cares more to help than to profit and sincerely appreciate that your informative newsletters are free. Many thanks!

Be well,



I have been fighting candida and leaky gut for years. I am so thankful for your website and information. I feel better than I have in years, finally turning the corner, great products,great information.



Hi Dan,

You and your newsletter has helped me in many ways but mainly it was your strong urging for me to start eating red meat that has helped me best in my journey to better health. I eat it most days now- grass fed bison and beef. Your newsletter on hormones helped me also. I've decided, even though I was in denial about it, that I'm estrogen dominant. Thus the persistent food allergies. Another contributor to my bad allergies is my adrenal fatigue. I feel the high estrogen level is a contributor to the adrenal fatigue and thus these darn food allergies. I'm getting better and the step into paleo has also helped along with expelling of all the microbe parasites that have been living in my guts. I've read all of your newsletters and each one has helped in one way or the other on this 4 month journey in healing. I will continue to get better now that I have more tools. I won't give up.

Thanks again for all your personal attention and your wonderfully researched newsletters.


I have enjoyed every letter.   I am a registered nurse with a doctorate and find your work very credible. 



So you have feedback, I found your newsletters to be the most helpful supportive resource I could have found during my journey to wellness the last four months, and in reading and educating myself through your newsletters, I was able to create myself a comprehensive life program of eating for my body that has brought me incredible results, far and away better than expected and I am very grateful.



Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for the newsletters. They have been informative and have encouraged me to continue with my anti candida regime.

Warm regards,

Hi Dan,

Thank you so much for your newsletters, and website and all its amazing info. I was nearly in pieces with systemic candida last October, using your info I am now back in the land of the living and coping, not cured, but managing to the point where I'm back to my normal activities after being a housebound wreck for weeks. I can't thank you enough and I love receiving your words of down to earth and practical wisdom.

Thank you again,

Your wonderful newsletter has helped me immensely, my skin candida is gone, it's been gone for a while without any indications of recurrence. I feel a lot better, most of the symptoms are gone, I haven't done any testing yet, but I will very soon.  I had a great side effect, I lost so far 22 Lbs and I hope to lose more, because my eating habits have changed, no more sugar or flour for me, a small price to pay for feeling well and looking a lot better. 

Thank you so much for sharing your knowledge, I really, really appreciate it.



I just think you are an awesome person. I want to thank you for all the very helpful information you provide. I just wish I had found you sooner. I spent countless hours trying to find information that made sense to me, until I found this website. There is information out there but I liked your step by step instructions and tested products, plus you have been through this yourself.

My first clues to my health issues were insomnia and brain fog. I did the spit test and then realized I had a Candida problem. I cleared up that problem with all your suggestions only to realize there was something else that just wasn't right. I went through the newsletters again and that is when I realized it had to be mercury.

I had no ideal that it could cause such a problem and how the heck did I have such a toxic load? I fear if I had not found your valuable information that my health would have taken a real nose dive.

I have been treating myself for mercury for about a month now and seeing improvements but still not where I need to be. I plan to continue this protocol for the rest of my life. I always look forward to reading your next newsletter. My hope is that more people will be as lucky as I was to find your information.

Thanks again.

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