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Systemic Yeast Infections and Its Many Diseases

The diseases and problems of systemic yeast infections can be quite varied as well as life threatening. The reason for this is there are many different fungi that you can possibly get from foods, the environment, and the overgrowth of candida. These fungi release over 100 known mycotoxins (poisons) into the body. The mycotoxins can affect different parts of the body in seemingly unrelated ways. For example, one person may get adult acne, the next arthritis, and another person heart disease, fungi and their mycotoxins can cause all these illnesses.

Systemic yeast infections are usually commonly caused by candida albicans or candida tropicalis from intestinal overgrowth, although many other common fungi can cause or mimic the same symptoms of these diseases and conditions.

They can also be caused from airborne fungal spores such as asperigillus that is very common in rural and urban communities. People can be exposed in the workplace and the home to enormous numbers of these airborne fungi that do cause many respiratory infections and common allergies every year.

Systemic Yeast Infection and The Experts

Systemic yeast infection and fungal disease do not suffer from a shortage of scientific knowledge, but strangely, the twentieth century has very little knowledge of them. In the Bible, under Leviticus 14 in verses 34 and 35, the talk of fungus and fungi causing disease is nothing new.

yeast with pseudohyphae

Dr. Lida Mattman, a fungus expert with Wayne State University, asks the question in her excellent book Stealth Pathogens, "Are fungi in blood smears overlooked because they are confused with blood cells?" Her answer is a resounding "YES".

Dr. M. G. Rinaldi says, "Given the right immuno-compromised host, virtually any fungus can kill a human being."

Clinical Mycology, by C. C. Kibbler, published in 1995, is a compilation of research reports from 18 prominent physicians from universities such as Duke, Stanford, Texas, and others. They talk about the dangers of systemic yeast infection, candida, other fungi, and their related diseases. Chapters include Bone and Joint, Cardiovascular System, Dermatology, Central Nervous System, Gastrointestinal Tract, Ear, Nose and Throat, Respiratory System, and even Ophthalmology. You would think that every doctor in the country would be aware of the risks of yeast and fungus as a cause of many modern diseases.

In 1963, Dr. Harold T. Hyman published in The Complete Home Medical Encyclopedia that one half of the US population had suffered from an "unrecognized yeast infection or fungal disorder" at one time or another in their lives.

Doug A. Kaufman, with over 30 years of research on fungi and human health, asks these very important questions, "Has medical science really progressed since 1963? Or are 125,000,000 Americans still suffering from unrecognized fungal disorders?"

Some of the diseases a systemic yeast infection can cause are:

  • arthritis
  • gout
  • Chronic fatigue syndrome
  • fibromyalgia
  • high cholesterol
  • crohns disease
  • Irritable bowel syndrome
  • asthma
  • allergies
  • acid reflux
  • psoriasis
  • eczema
  • roscea
  • hives
  • acne
  • dandruff
  • depression

Most of these diseases are of an "unknown" cause? But, when treated with the Diet and a few supplements, they often miraculously go away. Or at least come under control so the person affected can regain some kind of healthy life.

Below is a list of systemic yeast infection reports you can review. You can also learn about Invasive Candidiasis at the CDC website.  I would read Crystal and Jakobs story first so you really understand just how serious these yeast infections can become.

Arthritis and Gout

Heart Disease and High Cholesterol

Allergies And Asthma

Major Skin Diseases

Mental Depression and The Emotional Rollercoaster

Crohns Disease and Irritable Bowel Syndrome

Other Systemic Yeast Infection Problems

There have been many cases of people that suffer from migraine headaches, high blood pressure, diabetes, osteoporosis, respiratory diseases, breast cancer, and others that have not been proven to be linked to fungi or other yeast infections. But these people have gone on the candida diet and taken the necessary antifungal herbs and have had their disease simply go away.

It is very interesting to me all the varied diseases caused by systemic candida yeast infection and fungi. As I researched these diseases and fungus it all really made a lot of sense. But also what was amazing is the wide range of diseases and the way it affects all of us differently.

Fungi can deliver over 100 mycotoxins into your body and depending on your immune system they will affect you in different ways. The most common of course being digestive, skin, and vaginal problems.

Today heart disease and cancer run rampant, diabetes is turning into an epidemic, and a whole host of new diseases are being discovered every day. These diseases at the turn of the last century were relatively unknown, but so were the processed foods and antibiotics.

We all need to get back to a healthy diet like what the body was designed to run on and did in fact run on for millions of years. If we don't, our future will not be very bright to say the least.

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Article written by Dan and edited for accuracy by Dr. Taylor

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