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What's a good yeast infection treatment plan if you have cancer?

by Sherry
(Redding, Ca)

Just finishing four weeks of fluconazole at 200 mgs and then 400mgs!!! I told them months ago it was internal so they swabbed me and found that it was internal. Not vaginal but in my throat, hair, top of my feet, breakout on my face and where I first felt it in my chest above my lobectomy of left lung. Now what?

Waiting on an internist to see me who still has not called due to staff faxing referral to wrong phone #. Don’t know if I’ll get an appointment this week or not. Yes I have lung cancer and yes I’m compromised. Help- Diet to try? Anything?

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Dec 11, 2023

by: Dan

The diet is located on this webpage.

There is also a treatment plan on this webpage.

It would help if they tested to determine species and what prescription drugs are effective against it. With those test results they could prescribe medications that actually work.

Any other questions let us know.

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