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Where do I find Profase Probiotics?

by Sadie
(Loveland, CO USA)

I have Candida right now where I have to restore my gut. It causes me to have rash on my head as well as my neck and upper part of my back. I have trouble sleeping because of the itching. I had it two years ago and went on a Candida cleansing and it disappeared. However, I now have it again and would like to find something that will totally prevent it from coming back. I started on a Candida cleansing diet a week ago.


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Apr 17, 2021

by: Dan

Once you get the Candida infection under control Profase is a very good probiotic to keep it from coming back. I myself take 2 Biofase with 2 Profase every morning and have been doing so for a very long time and don't have any more Candida problems. It also helps remove Candida during the cleanse while restoring your gut at the same time.

On the Profase webpage here about half way down is a link to our store, and a link to Amazon and Ebay where you can buy Profase.

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