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Is Non carbonated Hint water safe to drink?

by Susan

Can Hint water be considered an appropriate clean source to drink while still protecting your immune system?

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May 29, 2022

by: Dan

I had never heard of Hint water until now but a little investigation reveals it does not contain any sugar or artificial sweeteners. Sugar is not only highly addictive but does have an inflammatory effect within the body, which long term can create many diseases. Some alternative sweeteners are safe, such as stevia, but most synthetic sweeteners are not.

Hint water does contain propylene glycol which is synthetic alcohol derived from petroleum. It is used in many processed foods, cosmetics, cleaning products and paints. It is non toxic and according to the FDA "generally regarded as safe". 97% of the people that consume it will not have any problems. The other 3% could experience allergic skin reactions and those that have liver or kidney diseases should probably avoid it.

There's a very good article over at Water Filter Authority that goes into great detail about Hint water and this additive.

As far as the immune system goes, propylene glycol should have no effect. It is processed by the liver for removal and also acts as a laxative in the intestines by softening the stool. It does not have any effect on the good bacteria in your gut, which are 75% of the immune system.

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