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The Yeast Prevention Diet

The yeast prevention diet is not as restrictive as the candida diet and can also be used as a candida diet if you choose to. If you do this then monitor how the foods you eat make you feel. If a food causes problems for you then stop eating it. This diet is designed to keep you always cleansed of yeast but also healthy and satisfied. It will allow your body to attain the best of health in the shortest amount of time. You could also use it to lose weight and keep the weight off.

If you have not read my Candida Diet Newsletter Series you should so you understand why I make the recommendations that I do for this diet. I have even included references about what I preach in that Newsletter Series. Go ahead and sign up now ;)


I have really enjoyed getting your newsletters. They have been very informative. My nutritionist told me the only demon in this world is ignorance and learning new things everyday has been a blessing. The yeast overgrowth I have whether Candida or something else has really been a blessing in disguise. I have never cooked in my life and now I'm learning so much about food and balance in all aspects of life.

Thank you again for the wealth of information and for not trying to sell me something.


Hi Dan,
Thank you so much for all the helpful information. This has helped me enormously.


Thank you so much for taking the time to write these, for I truly appreciate all the work you do!
Best regards,


Now everyone has their own ideas about what’s the best diet and people have written all kinds of books and developed programs around these ideas. But this yeast prevention diet and health plan is based upon the facts of what’s good for you and what isn't and is basic common sense. If for two million years we were hunter-gatherers we ate meat, vegetables, fruits, nuts and seeds and some grains. We ate everything that was edible and available to us, variety by necessity was the rule of the day.

We weren't vegetarians and we weren't strict meat eaters only but were a combination of the two. To be either one of those two is to extreme for good health and you will not stay healthy eating this way. To much meat makes you to acidic which leads to disease. Being a vegetarian robs you of the nutritional benefits of eating meat; for instance:

Today’s Chinese children are eating more meat than their parents did as their economy grows and the people have more wealth. The result is these children are on average 2 inches taller than their parents who ate primarily a vegetarian diet out of economic necessity. That proves that meat has nutritional factors that plants don't, otherwise they would not be growing stronger and bigger than the generation before them.

I always get arguments about how studies show that meats are bad for you and give you cancer and heart disease yadda yadda yadda. My answer, go sign up for the Newsletter, this is answered in there with references. I also explain what has happened to our meat and which meats are the best for you in that Newsletter.

They also say fat is bad for you and that is true if your eating the wrong fat. But if you consider that your body is made up of trillions of cells that are put together to form you, and these cells are 40% fat.... doesn’t it make sense we need fat in our diet to make healthy new cells when these cells die?

And then there are the dairy and grain myths we have all been taught that these foods are good for you. That you have to have them or you won't be healthy. Not true folks, pasteurized dairy is so acidic it gives you osteoporosis and the calcium in it is not absorbed by the body. Chronic acidity leads to illness and disease in time, cancer is one of these illnesses. Studies have also shown that it scars the arterial walls causing high blood pressure and heart disease.

Our modern grain foods quickly turn to sugar when digested which is producing a nation of fat people with all the resulting health problems. The proof is in the Newsletter ;)

So lets get to this yeast prevention diet shall we, now that we have a few things straight and you are becoming educated.

Yeast Prevention Diet Guidelines

Eat one, maybe two, servings of meat a day on the yeast prevention diet. Now if that serving is an 8 ounce grass fed beef steak then you could eat half at lunch or breakfast and the other half at dinner. Either way that counts as one serving.

Any of the other grass fed meats such as bison also has the correct fatty acid profile. Free range organic chicken is not only delicious but has the correct profile as well.

Wild Alaskan salmon is a superb source of Omega 3 fats and tastes so much better than farm raised Atlantic that I can't bring myself to ever eat Atlantic salmon again, much less pay for it.

All wild game is good too on the yeast prevention diet if your blessed enough to have a hunter in the house.

Now if you have a real salad with chicken thrown in for lunch, only use half the breast and eat the other half at dinner for a total of one serving. And if you can't stand white meat but prefer dark meat eat it! What is happening here is your body with its innate intelligence is telling you it needs the extra fat. I myself love dark meat and eat it all the time. I also have no aversion to good fats and they have only improved my health. Sometimes I'll eat a whole avocado or just eat a tbls of coconut oil just for the fat. I have a cholesterol level of 120 folks and my blood pressure is 117 over 74. That’s pretty good don't you think?

I strongly suggest on the yeast prevention diet you avoid dairy foods like the plague. But if you do eat them make sure they are raw and not pasteurized or homogenized. Even then dairy should only be 6% of what you eat in any day. That’s not very much when you think about it. So a little raw cheese sprinkled on your salad, homemade taco, or a slice on your bison burger would be about it. If you have to drink milk with your bran cereal in the morning then drink almond milk so it does not count against that 6%. Almond milk won't give you osteoporosis, make you acidic or constipate you either.

Eat 1 or 2 servings of fresh fruit everyday on the yeast prevention diet and not the same fruit, get some variety. Different fruits have different minerals, vitamins and antioxidants. In order to be healthy you need that variety on a daily and weekly basis.

Eat 6 servings of fresh vegetables on the yeast prevention diet preferably raw or lightly steamed and make sure you get some variety. Hunter-gatherer man had available 100's of different plant foods that he could eat. We in these modern times have limited ourselves to 25 or so that are found in the grocery store. Still 25 is quiet a bit and you should learn to love and eat all of them.

Two servings a day could be a salad with lunch and dinner with a different vegetable on the side, that’s 4 servings. Snacks can be carrot, celery sticks or any vegetable that you eat raw when you’re on the go. That's 6 servings right there and there is nothing wrong with having a side vegetable with breakfast either so its 7 a day. It won't hurt you and will only improve your health and vitality.

On the yeast prevention diet 1 serving a day can be a starch or grain and that grain should be as whole as possible. Brown, wild, or basmatti rice is good. Quinoa, millet, amaranth and buckwheat are good if they are whole as possible. If its refined with the husk removed or not part of the finished product it is to refined and will provide no fiber in your diet. One thing ancient man got that we don't is about 24 grams of fiber a day... we get about 10 grams and this is a huge huge problem. An Ezekial bread sandwich will give you 7 grams of fiber but that is your starch/grain serving for the day.

I would not eat Roundup tainted foods such as conventional wheat, corn and soy. Roundup kills good bacteria and if you want to know how it does this, read this page.

Presently Americans are eating 60% of their foods everyday as dairy and grains. Now look around and lets be honest.... what is the result of this diet?

65% of us are overweight and 40% of those people are obese. 8 in 10 of us will get cancer or heart disease in our lifetimes. Type 2 diabetes is now showing up in children and kids are actually being prescribed medication for high cholesterol and high blood pressure not to mention the Ritalin for add and adhd.

Intestinal yeast and toxic colons are rampant and now you have diseases of the digestive system showing up with an unknown cause. Chrons, irritable bowel syndrome, acid reflux, diverticulitis and colitis are just a few. The incidence of colorectal cancer is growing at an alarming rate. Yet people don't get it? They are clueless that it could be their diet causing these problems...and doctors aren't much help either. However, I tend to think that most doctors do know what’s going on but believe their patients will not change their diets so they don't mention it.

I have actually had people ask me, if they have follow the stricter candida diet to get well, is when can they go back to eating sugars and sweets again? They don't get it! The human body is not like a car that if a part breaks, you can just take it in and get it fixed and its good to go another 20k miles or whatever. They don't realize that what they do today will affect their health 5, 10 or 20 years from now.

I hope it goes without saying that you need to avoid the sugar and all the fakes on any yeast prevention diet. Organic raw honey, molasses, beeswax and organic maple syrup are ok but don't go crazy on the amounts!

Now like I said before, this diet isn't just a yeast prevention diet, it is a healthy diet that you should follow your whole life! Sure you can splurge every now and then, we all do, but the closer you stick to it the healthier you are going to be.

People tell me I can't afford to eat this way! What?? I say, if you value your health, you can't afford not to. Think of the amount of money you would have to spend if you came down with cancer. But you have insurance yes? Most insurance will not pay the 20% deductible and your costs could run into the 100's of thousands of dollars. Not to mention the pain and greatly reduced quality of life you’re going to experience as a result. Is that what you want?

A toxic body has an affect on your emotions and the way you look at life too. If you feel bad all the time you’re going to be miserable emotionally and that’s not fair to you or your family. I know that if I pick up an extra 10 pounds around my middle that I feel like crap and I don't like it.... do you?

I'll stop harping now. In the end it’s your life, your body and ultimately your decision. All I can do is educate you and the rest is in your hands.

Good Luck!

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Article written by Dan and edited for accuracy by Dr. Taylor

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