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Updated 1/30/2021 by Dan Jackowiak Nc, HHP

I get quiet a few yeast colon cleanse testimonials about the effects of the Ultimate Cleanse that I recommend. People report an increase in energy, they lost some weight, the feel clean inside, they passed loads of junk in their stools. Skin problems disappear, their acid reflux is gone and a few no longer have arthritic symptoms.

I also get a few questions about why I recommend this colon cleanse verses other more expensive but well known cleanses. Or why this type of cleanse and not a supposed oxygen type cleanse? One reason is, because the fiber in the cleanse helps breakdown the biofilm yeast builds around itself for protection.

Now I have to admit, this yeast colon cleanse does not work for everyone. About 3% of the people that use any fiber based cleanse will not respond and usually need to combine this cleanse with an oxygen type. A few people will find that the only thing that works for them are colonics. Colonics are expensive and generally it will take 30 to 60 visits to clean you out.

Recently I have received an almost blow by blow account from someone that is doing the Ultimate Cleanse yeast colon cleanse. He is the only one out of many that has provided me with such detail on what has been happening to him on this yeast colon cleanse.

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I asked him if I could share his story and yeast colon cleanse testimonial with the Ultimate Cleanse. He agreed and told me to use anything I deemed relevant.

This is his first email:


I haven't emailed in awhile. I started the Ultimate Yeast Colon Cleanse nineteen days ago. I have had some noticeable improvements. I didn't have the pressure headache during the last full moon or during the recent new moon either. Have had some pretty awful impacted waste coming out of me. No parasites yet. I plan to do a second month back to back. I have been hearing sounds emanating from my gut that are unlike anything I have ever heard before. A few nights ago I had the worst cramping yet after drinking the tea. The next morning I passed the worst looking waste yet. It was all connected and had grey color to it.

Also, when I started the program, external fungal infections sprouted up everywhere. I had the fungus between the toes of both feet. It was also on both sides of my scrotum. And I got it on my right thumb. In the past, one toe on my right foot is where I mostly would get the infection. I have had it around my groin before. But I have never had it on my thumb. It was quite difficult to get rid of. I soaked the areas in Pau D'Arco tea on a nightly basis. And used tolnaftate cream during the day. All external skin infections have subsided. My thumb was the toughest area to treat. The sore finally closed up, but it still itches. So I continue to soak it in the tea. A few months ago the fungus erupted on the bottom of my right foot. It almost had a red circular ring shape to it. Is it possible that I have had ringworm internally all of this time?

I want to complete two months of the yeast colon cleanse and see if any parasites make themselves known. My reproductive health has improved. However, the ringing in my ears continues. It is not as intense though. Also, I am hearing and feeling strange sounds or movements in my sinuses. Remember that cysts were discovered in my sinuses. I cringe when I see internet pictures of worms in someone's sinus. Mostly, I hear and feel the movements when I am lying down. I did nasal irrigation for two months. But stopped doing it when I started the cleanse.


It is possible that Adam has had ringworm all this time but it was lying dormant or his immune system was keeping it under control.

This is the email I answered and asked for permission to share his yeast colon cleanse story.

A few days later I got this email from Adam.


You may use whatever information that you deem appropriate.

I have more developments. Last Thursday,a change occurred in the yeast colon cleanse. I went from having three or four bowel movements a day, to once a day. This lasted until Sunday morning. On Sunday morning I passed the largest impacted waste yet. It didn't have the grayish color. But it was larger on one end and longer than any so far. I then had four more bowel movements in an hour! None of them small. It seems that a cork was popped.

I experienced the same exact thing on this yeast colon cleanse. The volume was out of this world, I thought it was going to overflow the toilet and had to flush a few times. The amount of waste was unbelievable!

Also, Saturday afternoon I began to feel ill. Feverish, blood shot eyes. On Sunday, (see previous), I woke up with a sore throat. Started to have a lot of snot. All the snot was clear and mostly out of the right nostril. If you recall, the ear problems have been worse on the right side.

On Monday, I woke up with a worse sore throat. I'm chalking up to post nasal drip. Also, all of the snot turned very yellow and lots of it. Recall that I have been complaining to doctors about a complete lack of snot for seven months! What I am most excited about, at the moment, is that I woke up on Monday with the clicking and popping in my ears completely gone! It coincided with the advent of the yellow snot. Sunday night, I thought that I had noticed that the clicking and popping in my left ear was going away. But decided it was wishful thinking. That effect has ebbed and flowed for seven months now, but has never gone away completely. And it has been driving me crazy. The best ear, nose and throat doctor in Pueblo told me that my hearing was fine and to come back in a year!

My thought is this, the fiber and probiotics shouldn't make it outside of the gut. However, the anti parasite support and the nightly tea might have several constituents that can get into the blood and move around other parts of the body. What do you think? If so, it would support my theory that baby parasites transferred to my sinuses at the end of December.

One more thing, today I had another very long impacted waste come out, although the individual sacks seemed to be smaller. I have also refrigerated a couple of items for biopsy. One of them was the size of a large marble and had very smooth features except for one side that appeared to have been attached to something. It almost looked like a small organ. The second item was rectangular. It was about an inch and a half long and half an inch wide. It had a thicker half and the skinny half was transparent. It also had dark sandy material on it. Very strange! Definitely two things that I never ate. I think I chew better than that.

The second month of cleansing is on the way. I am on day 25. Also, I stopped taking antifungals when I started the yeast colon cleanse. I also stopped nasal irrigation. I did take n-acetyl cysteine until about a week ago. And I have continued to drink and soak in Pau D'Arco. I only drink one glass a night. Looking forward to your input.

The herbs in the anti parasite support capsules and the tea can and do get into the blood stream and Adam very well could have parasites in his nasal passages. The little buggers can and do go everywhere, especially to the liver, gallbladder and pancreas.

The first thing that comes to mind on this rectangular piece, because its thin and transparent on one end, is it is a piece of a tapeworm. The marble thing could be an egg sack. I have also found that dirt, whether in the stool or the saliva test, is an indication of parasites. I asked Adam to send me a picture if he is able to tell if anything he passes is a parasite. I'll post that picture here if we are so lucky.

I received this yeast colon cleanse testimonial from Adam a couple days later.


You are answering some of my questions before I ask them. My throat hurt really bad last night. It didn't hurt to swallow anymore. But an itch at the back of my throat would start to bother me and I would go into a coughing fit that sounded like pneumonia. The pain caused me to suppress the cough. It got so bad that I could hardly move my head without inducing the cough. The snot from my sinuses began to slow down, but remained yellow.

This morning, in the shower, I was able to overcome the pain of the cough and bring up mucous from my lungs. The mucous was a brownish green color. It alarmed me at first but it felt good to get it up. I coughed up a half dozen green blobs. The color was much different from the yellow mucous that came from my sinuses.

I came to the library to check my emails. Before I sat down at the computer, I blew my nose, which I am doing less and less. It wasn't clear or yellow, this time it was white. A good sign according to your last message. It was very hard to fall asleep last night, because of the cough. I had to keep sipping water, which kept me urinating all night as well.

I am shocked at the sounds that emanate from my gut while in repose. It doesn't start up until I lay down. And the sounds are a whole range of things that I never hear otherwise. It keeps convincing me that something is swimming around in my gut at night. Also, the impacted waste that I passed this morning had wrinkles in it. As if it was very old.

Now, about the rectangular tape-like object. I have to be careful, because I am finding a lot of undigested food. Last night I found a garlic clove and I can't remember when I last ate garlic for sure. Anyway, the tape-like object looks like nothing that I have eaten. Whatever it is, it isn't all there. Half of the length has some thickness to it, about a third of a centimeter. It definitely has a skin on one side, which is all that remains on the second half. I opened the plastic bottle to examine it further, last night. Having sat for a day in the refrigerator, a pattern on the skin has revealed itself. I didn't notice this before, it appeared mostly clear at first. The pattern resembles tightly packed leopard spots! I keep trying to tell myself that it is a piece of undigested baked potato. Have you heard of such skin patterns on parasites?

No, I haven' but maybe its a tapeworm?

I should mention that the ringing in ears is changing. Mostly my right ear was louder all this time. Earlier today, in a quit setting. I could only hear ringing in my left ear. A low hum was present in my right ear. And louder than before. Just to be clear, for seven months I have been complaining about ringing in both ears. The ringing in the right was definitely louder. And the right ear had a low hum accompanying the ring. It sounds like a train engine off in the distance. So the ringing in the right has dissipated, if not entirely, and the hum has replaced it in severity. Am I being clear. The second month of the cleanse should get to me soon. But I might have to go without it for a day or two. The owner's manual suggests taking a four day break from the anti parasite support. I may be forced to take a break, but my inclination is to carry through if possible. What do you think?

I agree to keep it up on this yeast colon cleanse. But, if he has to wait he has to wait. It should not hinder his progress.

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