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If I can't afford the stool analysis right now, do you suggest a pre cleansing and building up good bacteria?

by TJ Henderson
(Al US)

If I can't do the stool analysis right now. Do you recommend a good cleansing first and to build up good bacteria and possibly something natural to remove parasites before starting Candida protocol?

I have a few cavities filled with the metal unfortunately and they are all molars. I'm not sure what I should do there but could test for mercury to make sure.

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Nov 26, 2021

by: Dan

If you think you have a parasite problem you have a few options. Either do the cleanse I talk about on this webpage, and after that do the Candida protocol.

The Ultimate cleanse for parasites will be more targeted to parasites, and if you are seeing them in your stool this is what I would do. You could also add the Purify cleanse, 2 capsules in the afternoon, for maximum effects like the lady I talk about on that page did for liver flukes. Then after that do the Candida cleanse.

Or, take the Purify Parasite cleanse with the Candida cleanse products.

If you don't notice them in your stool but just want to cover all the bases, and have never done a parasite cleanse, it definitely won't hurt you to do one.

As far as the fillings; if they are over 10 years old they probably leak some and if that is the case, they should be replaced. But, 75% of people don't have a problem detoxing themselves of mercury, the other 25% of the population does. The only way to know where you stand is to be tested. If you are one those 25% the fillings should be removed then do a mercury cleanse. You can do a Candida cleanse at the same time as the mercury cleanse.

Any other questions let me know.

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