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Oral Yeast Infection Pictures

Updated 2/3/2021 by Dan Jackowiak Nc, HHP

The oral yeast infection pictures of the mouth and throat shown here can be quite common and affect many people. There are pictures of the tongue, throat, esophagus and a picture of a whited coated tongue that may not be candida yeast at all.


Here you can see the lesions being created by the hyphae of the yeast trying to decompose and eat the tissues. The white plaques have been scrapped off to reveal the lesion underneath. This condition can also be Amphotoid stomatitis, which can be caused by caused by canker sores, cold sores and other irritations in the mouth. We suggest you see your doctor for the correct diagnosis.

yeast in corner of mouth

This oral yeast infection picture shows the right side in the corner of this person's mouth. See the yellowish white areas in the corner of the mouth? That is the yeast infection.

Notice it actually looks like it's below the skin, which it is. It also looks like a pimple or an infected cold sore and these can be very painful.

yeast on gums

This oral yeast infection picture of the inside of the mouth also shows the lower and upper teeth.

To the left are flecks of yellow and white specks. This is an oral yeast infection growing on the side of this person's cheek that is commonly called thrush.

The candida actually grows on the outside and starts to pierce the flesh with it hyphae or cylindrical tendrils known as legs in the mouth.

yeast in esophagus

This is a yeast infection picture of a person's esophagus. Notice the white puffy ball like spots growing along the sides.

This person doesn't have it near as bad as the next picture. It looks like little spots of mold though, doesn't it?

yeast in throat

This is a yeast infection picture of the throat, also, and is a classic example of how the candida grows.

Notice the hyphae or long cyndrical tendrils (legs) going down the esophagus. Notice the rounded shape and how they are slowly closing off the size of this person's throat.

Now imagine this growth occurring in other parts of the body like the heart or arteries.

xray of yeast in esophagus

This oral yeast picture is actually an x-ray after barrium was drunk so it could be seen on the xray.

The long cylindrical leg can be seen quite plainly growing up the throat from the stomach.

What do you think this person's intestines look like in these last two pictures? These are bad cases and I guarantee you these people are suffering from multiple problems caused by this yeast infection.


The white coated tongue above is often mistaken for an oral yeast infection when it is not. It can also be a biofilm caused by bad bacteria in the mouth. If the film is causing bad breath it is bad bacteria because yeast does not smell. It it doesn't smell you should see your doctor for a firm diagnosis.

Have Any Questions About Oral Yeast Infections?

Do you have any questions about these pictures, oral yeast infections, or yeast infections in general? Ask your question here or contact us using the contact page of this website. It is also always a good idea to talk to your doctor as well.

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