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How do you treat the biofilm caused by bad bacteria in the mouth?

by Sheila

I have really bad breath and also get tonsil stones. I've tried everything. Nothing seems to get rid of it. Any remedies you can give?

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Sep 24, 2021

by: Dan

Some of us have higher amounts of bad bacteria in our mouths that can cause gingivitus and periodontal disease. As you've noted, these bacteria build biofilms in your mouth that cause plaque on your teeth and a white or slightly yellowish film on the tongue. This film usually leads to bad breath were yeast biofilms do not smell.

It is important to have your teeth cleaned by a dentist every 6 months to remove the plaque. You should also floss and brush your teeth twice a day and after brushing your teeth, brush your tongue. You can also use interdental brushes that go in between your teeth.

When you use the interdental brushes, dip them in mouthwash or the prescription mouth wash known as chlorhexidine. Chlorhexidine can be obtained from your dentist.

I also suggest that you try to use a toothpaste that contains xylitol and stannous flouride. Xylitol controls both yeast and bad bacteria; stannous flouride helps harden the enamel and gives the bacteria something to eat other than the enamel of your teeth. You might have to use two different toothpastes to get these ingredients. If so, use a drop of each one on the brush.

After you've flossed, brushed both teeth and tongue, follow it up with mouthwash. You will have much faster results with the Chlorhexidine mouthwash than a regular mouthwash. However, regular mouthwashes do contain ingredients that kill bad bacteria.

You could also dip your toothbrush in the mouthwash and then scrub your tongue. This speeds up the process of removing the tongue biofilm, especially when using chlorhexidine.

Many people also do whats called oil pulling, which is an Ayurvedic practice of swishing oil in your mouth for several minutes. Cold pressed virgin coconut oil is what most people use and it does have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal qualities. You could try adding a few drops of oregano oil to the coconut oil as well.

I've also had people empty a capsule of Biofase into their mouths, move it around with their tongue, then go to bed leaving it in their mouth. They have reported excellent results and it also helped with their sinus problems.

Any other questions let me know.

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