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Candida Diet Bad Foods You Should Avoid

Updated 6/10/2023

Written by Dan Jackowiak Nc, HHP

Not only do these Candida diet bad foods contribute to candida yeast infections but they also weaken the immune system. For instance, processed wheat and simple grains do not contain enough fiber to move them through the colon fast enough, so they sit in the colon too long and ferment. This fermentation process creates alcohol that causes over acidity and acidity kills good bacteria, your first line of defense against candida yeast. They are also converted quickly to sugar which feeds Candida yeast during digestion.

Not only that, but we have been eating grains for only 10,000 years and we still cannot digest them. That is why all grains have to be cooked before we eat them. Although some of them are allowed after two to four weeks, I still would not eat them, but it's up to you.

Typically a meal of the standard American diet takes 100 hours to make its way through the body because of all the processed foods that we eat. On the other hand a person that eats a more naturally candida free diet, high in vegetable fiber, their meal only takes 20 to 45 hours and this keeps the colon at its neutral ph level. The food does not have the time to ferment and create alcohols that kill good bacteria. Vegetable fiber also feeds good bacteria and helps it to grow. Good bacteria are 75% of the human immune system, so they are very important.

All disease, bad bacteria and parasites thrive in an acidic environment because they lack oxygen and food is plentiful. Many people say that Candida yeast does not like an alkaline environment. However, Candida yeast has been found to grow in a ph range of 2.5 to 8.0, so it does not matter other than acidity kills your first line of defense against Candida yeast: good bacteria.

no sugar

However, this acidic fermenting toxicity slowly destroys the intestinal integrity of the walls of the intestine which can lead to leaky gut syndrome.

Wheat also contains a protein that breakdowns the intestinal cell wall causing leaky gut. Leaky gut syndrome causes food allergies, skin rashes, breathing difficulties, hives and fevers to name a few.

A Candida free diet full of fresh whole foods cleanses the colon and strengthens the intestinal walls. Also, vegetables and low glycemic fruits feed the good bacteria that defend us from the foreign pathogens that are present in every one of us.

However, and this is a biggy: You must have good fats in your diet if you're going to avoid the major degenerative diseases of our time! Most of these good fats come from quality meats and fish. By quality I mean wild game, grass fed beef, buffalo, free-range chicken, mercury-free wild salmon and other fish.

It is best to double-check this Candida free diet bad foods list against the good foods list because it is more complete. If you don't see a food listed on the good list, it should probably be avoided. However, if you double check the food in question against the carb and glycemic index and find it to be low, and also low in fructose, then it should be ok to eat.

Candida Diet Bad Foods List

  • Sugar and simple processed grains including wheat, corn, white rice, breads and pastas because sugar and simple carbs feed Candida yeast.
  • Fructose is a Candida diet bad food because it has a some what same effect in the body as sugar and according to Vidotto V, Sinicco A, Accattatis G and Aoki S. from the Università di Torino in Italy, Candida does use it for growth.(1)
  • High glycemic and moldy fruits should be avoided on the Candida free diet because of the sugar or molds they contain.
  • Potatoes, some legumes, and beets are Candida diet bad foods because of the high starch and sugar content. Legumes also contain toxic alkaloids that defend the bean in the wild. Some of these alkaloids are cyanogens like cyanide. I think we all know just how poisonous cyanide is.
  • Yeasty foods like bread, pastries, alcohol, and hydrolyzed yeasts.
  • Breaded meats and egg substitutes are Candida diet bad foods and should be avoided.
  • Margarine substitutes. Real butter is best.
  • Vinegars should be avoided and this includes pickles, green olives, soy sauce, ketchup, mustard, BBQ sauce, worcestershire sauce, pickled peppers, hot sauce, salad dressings, dips, mayonnaise because they usually contain fructose or sugar.
  • Peanuts, pistachios, walnuts, and pine nuts are Candida diet bad foods because of (almost) universal mold contamination.
  • Cashews should be avoided as well because they are actually a bean and are often moldy.
  • Diet and regular sodas, coffee or teas with cream and sugar, chlorinated and fluoridated water.
  • Herbal teas are ok and a cup or two of black tea or coffee won't hurt either.
  • Dairy, especially milk because it has been proven to cause blood sugar spikes. It is also so acidic it actually leeches calcium from the bones and teeth.
  • Butter however is ok and cheese as a condiment is too.
  • It is a good idea to avoid shark, tuna, swordfish, and farm raised Atlantic salmon because of high mercury content. As was published in the Journal of the Academy of Medical Sciences in 2012, Candida is 67% more prevalent in people with mercury fillings than without.(2)

If you are having a problem figuring out what to eat, these cookbooks are pretty good.

Primal Cookbook on Amazon

Quick and Easy Meals on Amazon

I own these books and most, but not all, of the recipes are Candida diet compliant.

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Commonly Asked Candida Diet Questions About Foods

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Candida Diet Bad Food Testimonials


Hi Dan,

I never had Candida or a yeast infection. Not that I’m aware of anyway! I started the Candida eating plan in February 2021 as it was advised to me because I have MS.

I was already on a restrictive eating schedule but I used to cheat with sugary treats at times (maybe to many times!).

That was still easier for me to merge to the Candida plan. I’m sticking to it and I must say I feel great.

Kind Regards,
Karen :)


Hi Dan

As you said when you first sent me information about yeast infection, once I’d started the diet I’d feel so well that I’d want to stick to it even when I was cured, you’ve been proved to be right and the experience has totally changed my outlook on food. My husband and I follow the diet as closely as we can, it’s not always possible when eating out or with friends, but we definitely feel the benefit from doing so and would never wish to go back to our old way of eating.

Thank you very much once again,


Dear Dan,

I have found your Candida diet newsletters to be tremendously helpful in many ways.  Not only am I better informed about candida, but appreciate hearing about the various resources available that provide better sources of food and supplements.  It saves a lot of time and research to know that you have already checked these out.  I have come to realize that changing the various factors that affect my health, such as candida, is a lifetime effort.  So am appreciative to have access to your information to help with that.

Your newsletter is the only one that I read regularly and inevitably find new information that is helpful for me.

Thanks so much for all your efforts and I look forward to continue receiving newsletters from you on a variety of topics.



Hi, I have been listening and reading from your information for a few years now and I just subscribed to your newsletter because I'm serious about getting rid of my yeast problem. I have tried but I haven't been successful in the past and I just want to express my appreciation for your newsletter. The information is dead on and especially the timing, it's exactly what I'm going through when I get the next email. Thank you so much! I will conquer this menace because of you and your information. There is nothing else that I've found that nails this problem so exactly than your information.




So you have feedback, I found your Candida diet newsletters to be the most helpful supportive resource I could have found during my journey to wellness the last four months, and in reading and educating myself through your newsletters, I was able to create myself a comprehensive life program of eating for my body that has brought me incredible results, far and away better than expected and I am very grateful.




Hi Dan,

Thank you very much for the newsletters. They have been informative and have encouraged me to continue with my anti candida regime.

Warm regards,


Thank you Dan!

I love the information about Candida yeast that you send me!

God bless!


Dear Dan,

I would just like to thank you for the candida diet newsletters, precious information and for your great research on the topic(s).

Kind regards,


Thank you sooo much for the great candida diet newsletters. I love reading them, they are very informative and ahead of the curve.



Hi Dan,

I just wanted to let you know that I am feeling so much better now. I can still hardly believe how much my lack of nutrients and candida overgrowth were wearing me out. My mind is much clearer now, and that feeling of discouragement and confusion is also gone. I will send you an omelette recipe that I created soon.

Thank you,



Hi Dan,

I do want your help, I'm just feeling guilty about taking up too much of your time. I will give you some background on my health. Also, feel free to use me as a testimonial- I'm so happy about how I feel, I can hardly stand it!!!!

I need to further update you-- in 10 days I lost 15lbs!!!!! I was blown away. I need to lose a good 40 more. I've tried so many times to lose weight over the years with very little success-sugar for one thing has been holding me back, I was always hungry. I've been coming home from work & doing stuff instead of feeling like a slug. I can see the light at the end of the tunnel. My blood pressure even went down. My appetite is so low, I get full from eating small amounts & feel satisfied for hours! It's so fricking cool. I ordered pizza for my son & husband last night & didn't even want any--I've NEVER passed up pizza. When I see people in the grocery stores with a cart full of crap I want to say to them, "do you know what you're doing to yourself & your kids?" I want to go public & tell the whole country how our great food industry, fda & medical profession are lying to us & killing us. A bit radical maybe, but I'm sick of being screwed.

My biggest problem has been being overweight since my second pregnancy-that's been 27yrs. Sugar has always been a downfall, I've always been so hooked on it. That's why I'm so blown away that I haven't been going absolutely crazy craving it since I stopped eating it 4 weeks ago. This weekend I got a french vanilla coffee on our way up bird hunting & after about 1/3 of it I got such a stomach ache & a headache--I threw the rest away--I guess I had to check & see if I was doing the right thing. Man I'm convinced that sugar is a killer. My husband is going to do the same, I don't know if he can give up his beer, I hope so. He sees how well I'm doing & that's very encouraging. I don't know if any of this helps you but I sure feel better. Thank you so much. Anything that you want to use that I've told you is fine with me.

Very Sincerely,


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Trusted Medical Sources

1. Mycopathologia. 1996;135(2):85-8. Influence of fructose on Candida albicans germ tube production.

2. Med Arch. 2012;66(6):415-7. The relationship between oral hygiene and oral colonisation with Candida species.

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