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Pregnancy Yeast Infections and How To Treat Them Safely

Pregnancy yeast infections are one of the hardest of womens yeast infections to get rid of. There are also a few risks associated with childbirth and when trying to conceive that every one should be aware of. They should not be taken lightly for your baby's health, as well as your partners.

Some doctors will say it is totally safe to try to conceive even if you have a vaginal yeast infection. This is absolutely crazy thinking, since you are risking the over all health of your partner. During sex, the urethra of the male is susceptible to a male yeast infection. The yeast can enter his urethra and give him a male yeast infection and he can  give it right back to you at a later time. Carefully consider this before you both make a commitment, please.

If you have a pregnancy yeast infection during childbirth, it has been found that the yeast infection can be given to the infant through the mouth as it passes through the vaginal canal. The baby will usually develop thrush, an oral yeast infection. This will look like dried patches of milk but will not rub off easily and can be very painful for your baby.

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When babies are born, they have a sterile digestive system, there is no beneficial bacteria present in their bodies. Beneficial bacteria, known as acidophulis, B. bifidum, and others are introduced by the mother during passage thru the vaginal canal and in the milk along with colostrum, which activates and builds the immune system. These soon to be large bacterial colonies in their intestines are their first line of defense against foreign bacteria, viruses, and fungi. This is why they can easily get an infection during childbirth, they are totally defenseless at that time.

Breast-feeding also introduces the eight essential sugars that are involved in every function in the body, especially the immune system. They are known as monosaccharides and are involved in cell-to-cell communication, the uptake of vitamins and minerals, the disposal of waste, and cellular repair and growth.

Breast-feeding is recommended until the baby is a year old if at all possible. Buy a pump if you have to, to be able to feed them as long as possible. As long as you are feeding or pumping the milk your body should produce it.

If they do get an oral candida infection, oral Nystatin has been found to be very effective as well as safe. You can also see the treating childrens yeast page so you can treat their infection naturally.

I do definitely recommend that if you get a pregnancy yeast infection while pregnant to treat it naturally and avoid modern drugs if at all possible. The prescription medicines are extremely hard on the liver both in adults and the fetus.

How To Treat a Pregnancy Yeast Infection Safely

Because yeast infections are caused by a lack of good bacteria and sometimes hormonal changes. I recommend you take a quality probiotic in large doses to build up the bacterial colonies in the intestine and vagina. I would avoid treating the hormonal imbalances until after the baby is born if they do not correct themselves.

The best probiotics to take for pregnancy yeast infections are Profase, at a dose of one or two capsules twice a day, or the 11-Strain probiotic powder at a dose of 1 scoop 2 times a day minimum. Go ahead and review the articles and make your own decision on which one is best for you.

You can combine either probiotic with the prebiotic Floraphage to send their numbers through the roof. Floraphage also helps your existing good bacteria to grow.

Yeast also builds a biofilm over the top of itself as a means of protection from your immune system, this allows it to basically hide underneath. If you add enzymes that strip the biofilm and also eat the yeast with the probiotics, treatment success rates increase considerably. I recommend Biofase for these biofilms and pregnancy yeast infections.

Sf722 contains pharmaceutical grade undecylenic acid derived from castor bean oil. It is a mono-unsaturated fatty acid that occurs naturally in the body's perspiration. It has been found to be approximately six times more effective than caprylic acid extracted from coconut oil and is helpful in maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal and vaginal flora.

Coconut Oil is also totally non-toxic and has been proven to explode the nucleus of the yeast cell from the inside out effectively killing it. You should take 2 tbls by mouth 2 times a day and cook with with it as well because it is very heat stable. It can be used to make suppositories as described here by Ion.

Coconut oil capsules can also be used directly in the vagina to kill vaginal yeast. It is best to insert these at night before bed. Be sure to wear underwear with a pad because the oil will leak.

All these things are absolutely 110% safe to treat pregnancy yeast infections. They will not harm you and your baby in any way shape or form.

Pregnancy Yeast Infection Testimonials

*As someone who was born with systemic candida and has been battling with chronic health issues my whole life, I have  definitely spent an immense deal of time trying different things, seeking help from various people/doctors and researching as much as I could in hopes of healing my gut and other related issues.  Although I eventually discovered my ideal diet that kept most of my stomach/candida symptoms at bay, I still had chronic symptoms that wouldn't go away and I knew that if I strayed even a bit from my strict regimen, that a massive candida flare up would take place. *

*I desire to heal the root cause as opposed to chase the symptoms. Doing yet another stool test, I had a Naturopathic/Integrative Doctor look over the results and tell me nothing other than that I had some candida and a bit of gut inflammation. A nutritionist who "specialized" in healing the gut also looked it over and didn't have much to say. With no traction from professionals, I began researching yet again for an answer as to why my candida wouldn't go away, even with my completely sugar free, carb free, low inflammatory, targeted diet and rigorous probiotic supplementation.*

*Eventually I stumbled upon the yeastinfectionadvisor website and immediately felt held amidst the intricacy and depth of knowledge that Dan had put together for anyone who needed it. The info he had validated my previous research over the past 6 years and also went even deeper, answering questions that I hadn't been able to find the answers to. His protocol for healing candida was so spot on and targeted. Being pregnant, I am unable to use antifungals right now, so I began using the probiotics, enzymes and macrophage supplements he recommends and sells on his site. I immediately noticed a difference. I experience some die off initially but then noticed a huge shift in my gut problems. My gas has completely gone away and my acne of 6 years has finally cleared. *

*Although my symptoms dramatically improved from following his protocol, I still had very subtle and mild yeast infections that I had to work constantly at to keep from becoming a full blown infection. And If I ate anything off my diet, things flared up. So at this point I decided to reach out to Dan. He responded very quickly and was so supportive in helping me find answers. Upon viewing my stool test he told me that I also had SIBO and bacterial imbalance and also specified which type of candida I was over run by. No one had ever been able to tell me that level of details. *

*It really goes to show that Dan knows how to read tests accurately, he has the passion and experience to see details that can make a huge difference and he also cares about helping people through healing from Candida and other co-infections. The info he provides is spot on and his support is sure to help many others like myself. *

*I know feel like a missing link to why I wasn't making progress has been highlighted and feel so hopeful that my healing journey will be swift and effective from here. Very grateful for you Dan and for the hope in knowing that I have the tools to ensure that when my son is born, he will have a healthy gut biome as well :] *

*Thank you!*


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