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Best Vaginal Yeast Infection Remedies -2023

Updated 06/03/2022 by Dan Jackowiak Nc, HHP

These vaginal yeast infection remedies can be used for instant relief from vaginal yeast infection symptoms. You will get some relief from the pain, burning, and constant itching associated with these women's yeast infections.

Many times these remedies will be all you need to clear your infection. They can also be used as a compliment to treating your vaginal yeast infection from the inside. It works much faster if you do treat the inside and outside at the same time.

Be sure to follow the directions for your type of infection found on Women's page. The reason for that is, candida yeast first populates the vagina in the multi-cellular form. It then sends out little tree like roots or legs called hyphae and penetrates your skin where it establishes itself. Once under the skin it can hide from things you use on the outside. It also can hide from Diflucan or other anti-fungal drugs if you are not on them long enough. A typical one pill dose is gone from your body in 3 days and quite often the infection comes back.

Then, if the food supply is good, it begins to reproduce spores. These spores are what gives you an active vaginal yeast infection and allows it to spread even further.

So it is important to kill the candida yeast from the inside and you can use these vaginal yeast infection remedies to kill it from the outside, while getting some relief from the symptoms. You will find that this two pronged approach is very effective.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Remedies You Can Use Directly


Kolorex Intimate Care Cream is made from an ancient plant native to New Zealand that has been extensively studied for its effects against candida albicans. I have reviewed all the studies and can honestly say that this does indeed work as a vaginal yeast infection remedy.(1, 2)

Coconut oil has been proven to explode the nucleus of the candida yeast cell in laboratory testing. The active ingredients in the oil are lauric acid and caprylic acid. Caprylic acid works the quickest but lauric acid, although it worked slower, was the more effective killing agent. You can melt coconut oil in warm water and douche with it, or apply it directly. Many women will use coconut oil for a personal lubricant to prevent yeast infections caused by sex. Studies here.

You can also use the coconut oil as a vaginal yeast infection remedy like Ion did by following her directions below.

Hey Dan,

Yes.... please do share my story.  I really hope it helps someone. As long as we're sharing, perhaps this will help the ladies out here.

While I was treating myself, I devised a way to use coconut oil as a suppository. How do you use coconut oil as a suppository you ask?

Like this: Get some plastic wrap, and cut it into about 5x5 inch squares. Now, if you do this during the summer months, you may have to put the oil in the fridge to harden it up, but I was doing it during the winter, so it was fine. Anyway, scoop out a dollop of the oil and put it on a plastic square. Then fold over one of the sides, and start sort of forming the oil into a bullet shape, gently rolling it on the counter until it's rolled up in the plastic. Obviously it's not an exact science, but then you put these little oil bullets in the freezer. Every night before bed, insert one.

Now, you must use these right before you lie down in bed. Don't insert one and then go wash the dishes, because it starts melting and will leak out. Ladies will have to wear some sort of pad protection over night because it will leak out a bit, and you will see some the next morning when you go to the bathroom. Not to worry, most of the oil has been in there all night working it's magic.

Also for me, the itchy discomfort was exacerbated every month by my menstrual cycle. At first I wasn't using the oil bullets during my cycle, and I'm not sure why....maybe I thought it was too messy. However, I soon realized this was silly, and started using them right through my periods. I cannot tell you how much that helped. The oil made my periods comfortable and normal feeling again.

The other thing that helped me externally was aloe vera gel. The purest kind you can find. Now, everyone's level of discomfort is different of course, and women may have to apply it several times a day, but it definitely bought me several hours of relief during the days I needed it. Well, there it is. If this is of interest to you, please feel free to share it as well.

All the best, and death to the yeast!


If you don't want to make your own coconut oil suppositories? You could use coconut oil capsules instead. The capsules will melt from your body heat and you can use them every night at bedtime. You will need to wear underwear and a pad because once the capsule melts you will get some leakage over night.

Yeastaway is a homeopathic vaginal yeast infection remedy traditionally used for temporary relieve of the symptoms of vaginal yeast infections, such as minor itching, burning and discomfort. The active ingredients are Borax, Calendula officinalis and Hydrastis canadensis. This is a suppository and you should insert one every night as needed.

Potassium sorbate is a food preservative extracted from either the European rowan fruit or blueberries. It has a long history of safety and is found in many supplements to prevent mold growth. It is also used to stop the growth of yeast in the process of making beer, it works almost instantly. Dissolve 2 tbls in some water and douche with it once a day.

Monistat is an over the counter vaginal yeast infection remedy whose primary ingredient is Miconazole. This is a drug and not a natural product and it often works well.

Clotrimazole 3-Day Vaginal Cream quite often works well. This is an azole drug and not a natural remedy.

Boric acid works very well for candida, especially for candida glabrata. This particular product is made in a FDA approved facility and rated 4.5 Stars on Amazon. It is best used  as a suppository at bedtime.(3)

Some websites suggest putting yogurt directly into the vagina because of the bacteria they contain. In mild cases this might work, but in order to not feed the yeast you must use yogurt that has very little if any sugar or you will be feeding the yeast and making it worse.

If your vaginal yeast infection was caused by antibiotics, then I suggest you follow what Christine did below.

Have Any Questions About These Vaginal Yeast Infection Remedies?

Do you have any questions about any of these vaginal yeast infection remedies or yeast infections in general? Ask your question here or contact us using the contact page of this website. It is also always a good idea to talk to your doctor as well.

Vaginal Yeast Infection Remedies Testimonials

Christines story...

I have been battling yeast for years, probably inflamed by years of undiagnosed leaky gut and severe celiac disease, but it got dramatically worse following multiple rounds of antibiotics to combat Lymes disease. Then I seemed to at least have it under submission until I started menopause a short time later, and the hormone fluctuations caused the yeast to again get out of control, far worse than before. I could track the worst overgrowth times like clockwork each month, and as this happened two times monthly, I was in a constant losing battle.

I took large amounts of probiotics, through Vitacost's brand and others, including CP1, kefir and fermented foods, but the yeast would just come back. Finally, with the Profase and Biofase combination, I again restarted the systemic yeast program, and am finally getting some real relief after my first month.

These are very good products, and as I have tried all the other herbal yeast remedies before in the protocol, I believe it was the addition of the enzymes attacking the biofilm, in combination with a probiotic specifically designed with strains that are avid yeast fighters, that has made the dramatic difference.

I have suffered for years, been on a strict no sugar (stevia sparingly), gluten-free diet for decades, spent untold dollars on herbals and other yeast preparations, including high powered (but short-lived) prescription antifungals, but adding these two products has finally given me hope that I can stop the awful cycle of yeast infections and overgrowth.

I can relate to a previous reviewer that with an ongoing yeast overgrowth, one feels regularly like a mac truck ran over you, but with the die off reaction, the mac truck backs up and runs over you again, and you feel so depleted you wonder how your body will ever get the edge on this battle, truly feeling like you are battling a huge ferocious blaze with a tiny squirtgun. But with Profase and Biofase, after that initial die-off, there is a dramatic light at the end of the long dark tunnel. And for those of us who have suffered for years, it is an unbelievable feeling. I will unhesitatingly continue to complete the systemic yeast protocol for another two months.

Thank you, Dan, for your solid and unwavering commitment to science and research - these products are nothing short of a miracle.  And my family practitioner is still insisting there is no such thing as systemic yeast, simply because the CDC says so.

As a sufferer who has journeyed on the quest for healing for years - started in my third year of college, am now in my mid-fifties - I can tell you it is hard to fathom this attitude. But with a degree in biochemistry, it is also easy for me to understand why Dan has hit upon a breakthrough that works - he has done the meticulous research to select the probiotic strains that best specifically target yeasts, and when coupled with the destruction of yeast hiding behind biofilms, it delivers the 1-2 punch that finally can make a dramatic difference.  

Dan, may God richly bless you for the lives you will be resurrecting from the horrible abyss of unrelenting yeast infections through these amazing products!




I wanted to let you know that I used the boric acid for 12 days just to make sure that the particular strain of yeast I was treating was truly gone.  It has been well over a week since my last treatment.  I have not felt normal down there in so long and I am happy to report that my symptoms have gone away.  No more itchiness or irritation.  I feel like my normal self again.  I cannot thank you enough for your advice and your website full of information.   

Again, I cannot thank you enough!


Thanks Dan for all you do.. for all of us. You have helped me more in 2 month's than Dr.'s have in 20 years.



Hi Dan,

Your website and knowledge were most helpful!!!! With your help and the help of my naturopath Dr. I am sooo much better!!  I am 52 and know I have been battling candida most of my life, (without knowing). I feel like a new person.
Again, I thank you very much, YOUR A STAR!!!


Hi Dan

I have tried many different products for candida and could not tolerate the die-off. I have struggled with candida since childhood due to many courses of anti-biotics for infections. Biofase/Profase are the first products I have used that I have felt really addressed the candida problem without severe die-off effects. For sure, I did have some die-off initially, but after 2 weeks, I felt immense improvement and even felt that the sugar free diet was tolerable rather than a constant daily battle. I am not done treating the candida but am eagerly making my second order for a 180 count bottle of Biofase so that I can continue to feel better and conquer the candida.



Hi Dan

After being on 4 antibiotics in one year I developed a yeast infection that I could not get rid of. I had suspected that I had a Candida issue prior to that because of the way I craved sugar and bread. I started taking Biofase and following the diet. I also took massive doses of probiotics. After completing my second bottle of Biofase I noticed that the heartburn issues I had suffered from for many years were improving. I ordered a third bottle. Halfway through that bottle I realized my quality of life was better than it had been in ages. I am planning to order my fourth bottle shortly. I intend to continue using these enzymes indefinitely.


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