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How Do Monosaccharides Work In The Human Body?

Updated 2/3/2021

Written by Dan Jackowiak Nc, HHP

Monosaccharides are nothing more than 8 different kinds of sugars. That's right, sugars, but they are not sweet or the same as table sugar. There are many sugars in foods but these 8 are absolutely essential for the body. After much consideration and research I believe they are as essential for good health as water! That is a pretty bold statement isn't it? Of course you can live without them, but without them, the result is chronic disease and eventual death from degenerative disease. Without water, the result is usually the same although much much faster.

Why and How Monosaccharides Work?

I want you to picture a cell in the shape of a circle. In the center of that circle is a nucleus or a smaller circle. It is the heart and brain of the cell. It provides the energy and nutrients for that cell to grow and survive as our heart and brain controls our bodies which in a sense is a much larger cell.

Now this cell takes in its nutrition from the outside, as we do from food, in a chain of these 8 sugars. This chain of sugars(receptors) connects from the nucleus to the outside of the cell in a specific order. When this chain is complete, the intake of nutrients and the disposal of wastes functions normally threw this chain. When this chain is broken, because we are lacking in any one of these 8 sugars, then the intake of nutrients and the disposal of wastes is blocked, it doesn't happen. The cell becomes sick and can for instance become a cancer cell. This cell then starts leaching toxins to the surrounding cells, which are also weak from the lack of these 8 sugars, and they can turn into cancer cells, as this original cell infects the surrounding cells. What a mouth full huh? Read it again if you have to.

Do you follow me? The monosaccharides form the chain that lets the cell be fed and dispose of wastes. Without these sugars the cell does not get fed or dispose of wastes and can become toxic infecting the cells around it.

All your cells in the body need these sugars to eat and dispose of wastes. This includes your immune system cells, ie, NK, kpuffer, macrophages, t-cells, etc.

These monosaccharides also work as identifiers in the body, they allow the cells to communicate with one another. They allow the cells and immune system cells to recognize self!

The immune system when not under attack patrols the body looking for invaders and also looking for sick cells and dead cells. When it finds a sick cell it reads the sugar codes of that cell and repairs it, since the 8 essential monosaccharide chain is intact, it recognizes self and heals or repairs that cell. If the sugar chain is not intact, it does not recognize self and can actually kill that cell. It has now killed self and has become confused. This is what is happening in the case of an overactive immune system and in some autoimmune diseases. The immune system cells do not recognize self cells because the sugar chains(receptors) are broken and it kills the cell.

The reverse can happen from the lack of the monosaccharide sugars for a underactive immune system. The cells become so confused that they do not know what to fix and what to destroy as an invader, because the body is so low on these sugars. The immune system cells do not have enough saccharides for even them to do their job, they have become monosaccharide deficient and cannot function.

Now in the case of the immune system cells and invaders this is what happens. As the cells are out on patrol they come across a cell wandering around somewhere in the body. Lets say for instance it is a virus cell. It attaches to that cell as it does all other cells and reads the sugar codes of the virus cell. The virus cell does not have the sugar coding chain(receptors) so the immune system cell kills it. All bad bacteria, virus's, fungi, cancer cells, or whatever, do not have these receptors and are therefore recognized as an invader, and are destroyed in a normal functioning immune system.

Injured cells or cells under attack will also send out a cry for help thru these monosaccharide chains that allow them to communicate with the immune system. However, if these chains are broken the call cannot go out, and the bacteria, virus, or fungi attacking that cell can do its damage unimpeded. The result, illness spreads throughout the body.

Ok, got it? Do you follow me? Cell to cell communication with self is what is going on here. Self will heal self, if it can communicate with self. Providing, it has the other nutrients in the body to do so.

  • Why are we lacking in these vital monosaccharides? Why are we lacking in minerals and vitamins for all that matters?

The answers are really quite obvious. We know that the soils in the US are 85% depleted of minerals, enzymes, and other nutrients as of 1992. Probably 90% now! If the soils are depleted, so are our foods aren't they? I don't think a weed would grow in our farmlands without fertilizer anymore.

Most people on top of that do not eat 5 to 9 servings of a variety of fruits and vegetables a day do they? Our food is allowed to be picked early and ripen in a truck or warehouse rather than on the vine when it gets saturated with these sugars. 80% of our foods are now genetically engineered, probably so something will grow on these farmlands, and does not contain near the nutrition of what was originally intended. Most people anymore do not eat a variety of foods, instead they stick to many of the same things week after week.

Lets face it, sometimes eating is just a big pain in the behind isn't it? Am I the only one that feels this way sometimes?

In light of all this, it is impossible to get these monosaccharides in our diet just as it is impossible to get enough of the right vitamins and minerals anymore from foods. If it is not in the soil, it cannot be in the plant! And now you are seeing the result of this with rampant degenerative diseases that were rare previous to 1940. Well, except for sucrose and galactose which we eat way, way, way to much of.

Further more, scientists know that since 1960 immune system function in adults has declined 1 to 2% a year for a total of a 25% reduction in immune system function.

Ok, so what happens when we start taking these monosaccharides?

Now please realize everyone is different, having different damage to the body, different levels of infection and health challenges, and different levels of monosaccharide depletion. So I cannot answer how long this will take to happen, could be a month, could be 6 months, I just don't know. Only your self knows so try asking it.

At some point the body reaches what is know as glycosalization, or a sort of saturation with monosaccharides. (See Note Below) At this time all the cells can now communicate with one another. Self is talking with self and recognizes self. The immune system can now recognize weak, injured, and dead cells and goes about repairing, removing, and generating new cells. This is so cool it is astounding, because if you have injured cells from childhood diseases or injuries, it will repair or replace them.

What happens is the body will have a healing crisis and the old injuries, illnesses where the cells were damaged, will react as if you have that illness again as it heals these areas in the body. Most cases only last about 7 days and then you are feeling good again. But the healing has taken place and self is now whole. Now of course there are cases in which permanently damaged cells cannot be healed but everyone improves. No ONE has not improved that took these monosaccharides at our recommended dose for a long enough time.

It is a known fact that about every 7 years the body will replace every cell in the body. Some cells of course live longer than other cells and some cells actually require the creation of new stem cells to be replaced. This is the one of most exciting things about monosaccharides as they are essential for the creation of new stem cells in the body. Providing of course the body has the other nutrients it needs to grow these new stem cells. This is the newest scientific research being performed with these amazing sugars.

The immune system now recognize invaders and rises to the occasion because it realizes it is under attack. These monosaccharides actually modulate the immune system, giving it the ability to become up to 1743% more active when under attack. In the case of an overactive immune system they actually calm it down since it can now recognize self.

You Must Understand This About Monosaccharides

These 8 essential carbohydrates or monosaccharides are the basis of life itself. The sperm cannot recognize the egg without this chain of sugars forming the glycoproteins on the surface of the cells. When you start to take them, the body will use them where it is the most necessary first. For instance, if you have cancer cells in the body that you do not know about, the body will use the monosaccharides in this area first since this disease is more life threatening before it goes after the yeast. But it will give your body the ability to eventually kill all the yeast!

Read that paragraph again until you understand it!

What I am talking about is these monosaccharides will allow you to literally take your health back for good if your body is not to damaged. In any case, you WILL see great health improvements. NO ONE, that has taken them at the recommended dose for a long enough time, has not considerably improved there health.

Understand this as well. These monosaccharides do not cure anything, they simply allow your cells and your body to function as it was designed so it can heal itself.

That about sums it up. I hope you understood it since I tried to make it as simple as possible.

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