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The 8 Essential Glyconutrient Saccharides and What They Do

Glyconutrient saccharides make up what is called a glycoprotein that is also attached to lipids or fats. They cover the cells with a membrane allowing communication between the cells. Imagine these cells as infantry men going out to fight a war. If the monosaccharide chains making up the membrane are not complete in these cells, they cannot communicate with the rear of this army and could loose the war if attacked from behind. Much like being attacked by virus's, bacteria, or yeast infections.

The Functions of Each Individual Glyconutrient Saccharide in The Body

The Glucose glyconutrient saccharide is the energy source for the nerve, red blood cells, and the kidneys. To much glucose can cause diabetes, high cholesterol, heart disease, obesity, elevated triglycerides, etc. Science has confirmed that to much glucose competes with all the other monosaccharides in the body. With our modern diets we get way to much of this in the form of sugar, pastas, and processed junk food. Is it any wonder that so many of us are so sick? Get the sugar out of your lives folks, and that includes your children if you have them.

The Galactose glyconutrient saccharide works by releasing substances that eat bad bacteria and cellular wastes. They may also stimulate NK cells and inhibit tumor cell reproduction. Numerous scientific publications have discovered that the absense of galactose is related to the onset of skeletal problems. It may also promote healthy calcium metabolism and its absorption preventing bone loss. It may assist in keeping the good bacteria in the body healthy. Galactose can be found in milk by products and hopefully you have the lactase enzyme so you can digest these foods.

The Mannose glyconutrient saccharide is said to activate the function of the macrophages in the immune system. Macrophages are a type of white blood cell that attack, kill, and remove foreign invaders. They also remove waste that is caused by inflammation in the body. It may also inhibit certain pro-inflammatory molecules that cause respiratory, skeletal, and immune system dysfunction. Mannose may inhibit tumor growth and block communication between tumor cells. This prevents the spread of the tumors and activates the natural action of NK cells to fight the disease.

They may defend the cells against bacteria by always arriving first and blocking the bacteria from damaging the cell. In people with chronic high blood sugar it could prevent the development of degenerative diseases of the eye and blocks urinary infections. It might protect these people from inflammation in the body caused by to much sugar in the body. Mannose comes from aloe vera and cranberries, now you know why cranberry juice is good for urinary infections.

The Fucose glyconutrient saccharide has been said to intervene as a modulator for the immune system especially in relation to allergies and inflammatory diseases. However, its scientifically proven main roll is to inhibit tumor growth. It could also be important in the fight against bacteria that attack our respiratory system. Fucose is used up by the body in 24 hours after ingestion, so it must be ingested everyday to remain healthy.

The Xylose glyconutrient saccharide is very important in the process of intercellular communication and works as an enzyme in the immune and endocrine systems. It may also be involved in molecule absorption and is involved in every cellular function in the body.

These glyconutrient saccharides below are actually bonded with an acid and are not in a sense "sweet"

The N-Acetylglucosamine glyconutrient saccharide has been said to have a well known beneficial effect against skeletal disease. It is part of the cartilage structure and inhibits, prevents, and repairs the damage to the joints. It may also inhibit the growth of tumor cells as proven in scientific research. It may have anti-viral properties and was found to effectively fight and prevent many viral conditions.

The N-Acetylgalactosamine glyconutrient saccharide main roll is to help with the formation of hormones. This saccharide is also composed of hyalauronic acid and chondrotin sulfate, which form the structure of the connective tissue and cartilage in the skeletal structure. When this is in low supply, the collagen structure of the skin and joints fail. Wrinkles and degenerative skeletal disease soon follows.

The N-Acetylneuraminic acid or sialic acid glyconutrient saccharide plays a major role in mucous secretions which allows for the correct lubricants in the body, and regulates where they need to be. It does this by making sure the mucous is the right consistency for the defense of the body. Take for instance in the lungs; without the correct mucosal consistency in the bronchial tubes, the lungs can dry up, allowing bacteria and fungi to easily infect the lung. If the levels of this saccharide drops, the incidence of high blood sugar, tumors, circulatory and joint problems may increase. This saccharide is an inflammation regulator and may control and prevent inflammatory disease. It is also a biomarker that helps to control certain negative effects of our immune system.

Take for instance allergies, when you are suffering from allergies your immune system is actually in a state of over activity possibly from the lack of this saccharide. This also applies to many skin problems and skeletal conditions, which can also be caused by an over active immune system. This glyconutrient saccharide may compete with bacteria and virus's at the molecular level, by blocking the pathogen from attaching to the cell, until the white blood cells and lymphocytes arrive and eat these invaders. After that happens the macrophages will clean up the mess. It also plays a roll in the regulation of the male and female reproductive hormones, and maintains the health of the nervous system.

The Many Benefits of Glyconutrient Saccharides

  • These glyconutrient saccharides have been scientifically proven too intervene in restoration and improvement of the immune system.

  • They may actually help the immune system repair any problems it may have whether it is overactive or underactive.

  • They may have positive effects on the respiratory system, skeletal system, and immune system.

  • They may improve the symptoms of peridontal disease, pain in tumor patients, and skin outbreaks also receive positive effects.

  • Glyconutrients may inhibit bronchial allergies, skin conditions, prevent skeletal problems, reducing pain and improving movement in those that already have skeletal problems.

  • They may inhibit tumor growth, infections, and allow the healthy nourishment though the capillaries of all cells.

  • Glyconutrient saccharides may protect against gastric disorders, and regulate glucose in the blood thru the proper release of insulin.

  • They may protect the body against developing eye problems, and protect against metabolic disease.

  • They may improve circulation and help repair burns and other damaged tissues.

  • Glyconutrient saccharides may protect and repair cells after intense exercise which causes a large cell die off in the body.

  • They may also protect the body from oxidation and free radical damage.

  • They may prohibit respiratory virus's and are anti-bacterial. They help prevent diarrhea caused by microbial infection, and allergic reactions which is especially frequent in babies.

  • They may improve iron absorption, vitamin absorption, and help with the development of the brain.

  • Glyconutrient saccharides may help prevent calcium deficiency and stimulate its absorption helping prevent bone loss.

  • Glyconutient saccharides may maintain the healthy function of the digestive tract, keep the good bacteria healthy.

  • They may improve memory and help prevent short and long term memory loss.

  • They may help reduce the withdrawal effects of drug addicts whether it be alcohol, smoking, or any other drug.

  • Glyconutrient saccharides may regulate the nerve function and help with nervous system and behavorial problems.

  • They may improve the symptoms of muscle loss and eye problems no matter what the age.

  • These monosaccharides are necessary for the function of the endocrine system. There is more, but I think you get the idea that these glyconutrient saccharides might be essential for every function in the body.

I think you can now see just how important these glyconutrient saccharides are for the health of the human body. They could be more important than vitamins and minerals, without them, vitamins and minerals cannot be absorbed by the cells.

Article written by Dan and edited for accuracy by Dr. Taylor

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References: University of Miami School of Medicine

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