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About Dr. Brittany Buysschaert, PhD

Doctor of Food Science & Human Nutrition

Dr. Brittany Buysschaert, PhD is a Food Science Consultant and Freelancer from the United States. She has a PhD in Food Science that she obtained from the University of Florida from 2013 to 2017.

She also has a Masters degree in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida, which she acquired in 2013.


Her Bachelors degree was earned from 2007 to 2011, was also in Food Science and Human Nutrition from the University of Florida.

Brittany’s doctoral work focused in citrus flavor chemistry, where she studied the effect of citrus greening disease on cold pressed orange oils. Her masters work focused in sensory science.

Brittany has worked for a major multinational food company, where she drove long term global initiatives related to sugar reduction.

She was also co-executor of mid to long term strategic planning for global strategic juice project.

Dr. Brittany Buysschaert has Earned 8 Honors & Awards

1. Food Chemistry Division Oral Competition, 1st Place

Received 1st place in the food chemistry oral competition at the 2017 IFT annual meeting in Las Vegas

2. American Society of Baking Product Development Competition, 2nd Place

Team leader of the University of Florida team which received 2nd place in the ASB Product Development Competition in February 2017

3. Brown International Corporation Juice Products Association Scholarship

Awarded nationally to students who demonstrate an interest in the juice industry through research

4. Ocean Spray Student Product Development Competition-1st Place

Member of First Place team in 2015-2016 Ocean Spray Student Product Development Competition

5. UF Juice and Beverage Center Scholarship
University of Florida Food Science and Human Nutrition Department

This award recognizes a student performing work that could ultimately benefit the Florida juice industry.

6. G. Glynn Davies Juice Products Association Scholarship

Awarded nationally to students who demonstrate excellence in research relevant to the juice industry, July 2015.

7. Florida State Horticultural Society Student Scholarship

Awarded to 15 students who attend the FSHS Annual Meeting in 2015

8. University of Florida Graduate School Fellowship Award

The most prestigious student award provided by the University of Florida Graduate School; this fellowship supplies four years of full support for PhD work via stipend and tuition waiver, 2013.

Brittany is currently a food science consultant, where she specializes in work related to beverage product development, flavors, and sugar reduction. In her free time, Brittany enjoys cycling and watching football.

Because of Dr. Brittany Buysschaert, PhD's extensive education in Nutrition and Food Science and her long term global initiative on sugar reduction, we thought she would be an excellent  addition to the Yeast Infection Advisor Team.

If you would like to know more about Dr. Brittany Buysschaert, you can visit her LinkedIn profile here.

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