Herbal Remedy for Yeast Infection

This herbal remedy for yeast infection works for all species of yeast and is made up of herbal remedies from the Herbs page that fight and kill yeast. The products are the best of the best for killing yeast and candida based on real medical studies. Some of these products are more effective than other protocols treating chronic yeast infections because yeast has no resistance to them.

By using multiple herbs you increase your chances of success. Different yeast species, build tolerances to different herbs. The multiple herb treatments break down and avoid resistance tolerance. In an ideal situation, a person should have their yeast issue tested for herb susceptibilities through stool testing. But most people won't do that, preferring to treat themselves instead. In these cases, this is the best way to leave no stone unturned, you hit it with everything you can.

The first thing you should do is get on the Ultimate Colon Cleanse for the first initial two weeks. At the end of those two weeks continue the Ultimate Colon Cleanse and start this protocol below.

Here is a list of medically proven yeast killing herbs for this herbal remedy for yeast infection.


Burdock Root


Cinnamon Oil

Grapefruit Seed Extract 

Oregano Oil

Neem Leaf

What you should do is pick at least five of these herbs to use or use all of them.

I would also add Gymnema Sylvestre because it prevents yeast from shifting to a hyphael pathogenic form and also has been shown to help shift it from a hyphael to a spore form, which is easier to kill.

If you want to make this protocol more effective, I strongly suggest that you add  an enzyme formula that eats yeast and most importantly breaks through the biofilm yeast builds around itself as a means of protection. Most enzyme supplements for yeast do not break down the biofilm, they just eat the cell wall making them much less effective. I suggest Biofase but I have reviewed the others here if you are interested in checking out your other options. By breaking down the biofilm, the herbs have a much more direct killing effect on the yeast.

Now there are two ways to do this herbal remedy for yeast infection protocol. You could put the 5 or more herbal remedies into a rotation by taking the recommended starting dose of each product for 4 days and then stop. Then you would take the next product for 4 days and stop, then the next. After a complete 20 day cycle start over again so you are taking one for 4 days and then the other for 4 days and so on. After 1 rotation you should also double the doses and stay at these higher doses until all products are gone.

Or, you do one rotation and then combine them all and take them until gone, which I have found is a quicker method.

Here is an example:

180 Cap Biofase Take 3 capsules 1 hour before breakfast and 3 capsules at bedtime the entire time that you do this.
Gymnema sylvestre Take at least 250mgs or more twice a day as suggested on the label the entire time you do this.
Berberine Take the suggested label dose 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop.
Burdock Root Take the suggested label dose 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop.
Cinnamon Take the suggested label dose 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop.
Oregano Oil Take the suggested label dose 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop.
GSE Take the suggested label dose 30 minutes before breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop.

At the end of the above rotation, take them all at once 30 minutes after Biofase until gone. Note: If you want to simplify things, instead of taking all these separate herbs, just take Microfase.

This should do it but each case is unique and the worse it is the longer it is going to take. You might have to repeat this cleanse and if you do I would continue with the higher doses, there is no need to back off. These products are potent, and if you don't cheat on the diet, they will get rid of candida yeast eventually when taken together.

If money is an issue you can always cut the doses in half and take it slow, but it will take longer to get rid of this and you must not cheat on the diet or it will set you back.

Follow the candida diet the whole time you do this herbal remedy for yeast infection, don't give any remaining yeast anything to fight back with. If you slip, I know we all do slip up upon occasion, I did, just pick it up from there and continue on and do the best you can.

Drink plenty of good clean water daily, half your weight in ounces, not tap water unless it is filtered to remove chlorine and fluoride. Buy Nestle's Pure bottled water if you have to and drink half of that daily water as distilled water if you can. Distilled water will help remove toxins and eases the load on the kidneys. You might consider buying a reverse osmosis water filter for your long term health needs as well. I've had mine for over 20 years and its been one of the best investments in my families health I have ever made.

If you feel that this herbal remedy for yeast infection worked for you and your infection is under control, now is a good time to add a probiotic such as those found here. I would also suggest taking Biofase with the probiotic and take it at the same time for another 60 days to prevent recurrence.

Note: If this herbal remedy for yeast infection protocol sounds to complicated and you don't have any allergies to these herbs, you could just take Microfase instead.

Herbal Remedy for Yeast Infection Special Considerations

Do you suffer from bad pms symptoms, have vaginal yeast infections that reoccur around ovulation or at certain times in your cycle? Read the recommendations for hormone balancing found on the recurring yeast infections page to learn how to deal with these problems. Especially estrogen dominance, which has been linked to breast and prostate cancer and raises the glycogen levels in the vagina, which triggers vaginal yeast infections around ovulation.

If your yeast infection is possibly complicated by diabetes, high cholesterol, high blood pressure, anemia, herpes, hiv, heavy metal poisoning, etc. Contact me and I can suggest additional things for you based on your health history.

Another thing you have to consider is mercury poisoning. High levels of mercury have been found in 85% of patients that have chronic yeast issues. Often when treated as suggested the yeast issue goes away.

If you also have skin yeast, it is best to treat that directly while you do the above protocol, please see this page.

Vaginal yeast infections that won't go away should also be treated directly at the same time. This page has a list of natural supplements that work well for this.

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If you have any questions about this herbal remedy for yeast infection, or concerns or problems during the treatment, or any other questions, please contact me by using the form on the contact page.

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