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Is Black seed oil good for inhibiting Candida yeast?

by Charlotte
(Irvine, USA)

Black Seed Oil seems to be very popular with people for treating inflammation, viruses, blood pressure and many other conditions.
What do you know about its use for Candida?? I think I will try it but not sure about how it might affect the Biofase/Profase schedule. Your thoughts???

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Oct 12, 2022

by: Dan

From what I can find black seed oil might help with inflammation, asthma, weight loss, Type 2 diabetes, lower blood pressure, lower cholesterol, help protect brain health, and it might be good for the skin and hair.

There are also a few studies that suggest it has anti-cancer effects, helps reduce arthritis inflammation, and could help with male infertility.

There are a couple of studies that suggest black seed oil has anti-fungal effects. This black seed oil study suggests it has positive effects on many species of Candida and also has a positive effect on fungi that cause skin infections.

The study also suggested it inhibited aflatoxin, which is one of the most carcinogenic fungal substances in the world. Oil doses to achieve inhibition had to be at least 3%.

This black seed oil study confirmed the findings in the first study and suggests that black seed oil also has anti-bacterial activity. They also found it was anti-viral and had an effect on parasites.

I see no reason why a person couldn't add this to any anti-fungal regimen. It's anti-fungal effects are no different than a herbal formula such as Microfase. I would however take it away from any enzymes or probiotics. 30 minutes after would be good time.

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