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Are you saying that we shouldn't be taking Biotin or Zinc supplements?

by Elizabeth
(Jonestown, PA. USA)

I have Hashimoto's disease, which is an autoimmune disorder, so I take zinc and biotin supplements for my immune system. So are you saying that these are helping the Candida growth?

Should I keep off of these while doing this program?

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Aug 15, 2021

by: Dan

Both can help Candida grow yes, but the answer to your question is more complicated than that.

For biotin, there are studies suggesting that biotin supports hyphael formation in a dose dependant manner. Basically, the more biotin you give it, the more it grows. However, if you have a confirmed biotinidase deficiency, significantly high doses of biotin daily might help resolve symptoms of Candidiasis, potentially by strengthening your immune system. Therapeutic doses for this deficiency are commonly 10mgs per day. I have more information on this webpage about biotin and Candida infections here.

There are many studies supporting the fact that zinc is a critical nutrient for C. albicans. During an infection, the body will try to withhold zinc by creating a zinc chelating protein that binds the zinc preventing it from being available to the yeast. However, Candida will also produce a zinc binding protein that scavenges zinc from its host tissues, it's that important for its survivial.

However, zinc deficient individuals can suffer from severe immune deficiency and in these cases, zinc supplementation might be justified. In these zinc deficient individuals, restoring the immune system can resolve the infection. I also have a webpage about zinc and the role it plays in Candida infections here that you should review.

We recommend that before pursuing either line of treatment, it would be best to see your doctor and be tested for these deficiencies. If you are found to be deficient in either, supplementing would probably help you. If it's found that you are not deficient, I would probably refrain from taking them; but because you have Hashimoto's, you should discuss this with your doctor as well.

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