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Can MCT oil replace calcium or magnesium caprylate?

by Alexandre

I regularly take caprylic acid in the form of calcium caprylate but this gives me stomach cramps. I switched to MCT oil and it seems to work well too without the cramping. I see in a study that salty fatty acids are as effective as free fatty acids but it's really heavy on pH and Candida dysbiosis seems to prefer alkaline environment. So for the calcium or magnesium caprylate to work maybe you must ensure to mix with betaine hcl?

And what do you think of capric acid (present in MCT too)? I see more studies showing capric acid as a Candida killer than caprylic. Capric acid seems to inhibit Candida adhesion and hence biofilm formation but on mature biofilm I don't know. I didn't see anyone who sells in their supplement calcium caproate etc. Do you known why?


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Nov 24, 2022
by: Dan

MCT oil contains both caprylic acid and capric acid so yes, it could be used in place of calcium or magnesium caprylate. MCT oil typically comes from coconut oil or palm kernel oil or a combination of the two. Both varieties will contain a little bit of lauric acid which is very effective against Candida yeasts. However, cold pressed virgin coconut oil will contain more lauric acid. If you like the taste of straight coconut oil, you could take a tbls or two daily with better results than MCT oil because of the lauric acid.

Calcium or magnesium caprylate acids will contain a little bit of those minerals and those minerals can increase pH. However, if you are taking 800mgs or so daily of either one of these, it is not going to be enough to raise your overall pH but you can definitely add betaine to counter act the minerals if you choose too.

I don't know why anyone is not producing a calcium caproate supplement. However, according to this article on Wikipedia, several progestin medications are caproate esters, such as hydroxyprogesterone caproate and gestonorone caproate.

Any other questions let us know.

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