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Can Candida develop resistance to my anti-fungal herbs?

by Nikita


I've been using grapeseed extract 500mg(5 months), caprylic acid 600mg (5 months), uva ursi 460mg (3 months) and colloidal silver 30ppm (3 months) 1 ml to tackle my candida overgrowth. It's been 5 months and a little more than half my overgrowth has lessened according to my antibody test. Also my anti histamines have stopped. But I still have to eat very restricted.

I've been using these supplements everyday, morning and night to treat my overgrowth but I'm a bit worried about the resistance. Everywhere I read they say to keep changing them every 2 weeks. Ann Boroch's book says every 3 months.

Do you think it's been too long or I should add any new herbs or change them or should I just continue without having any doubts? I think my full healing will take another 3 months. Because I still get vaginal symptoms and itchy body if I eat above 60 grams a day. I'm only using the herbs that were reflected on my stool test.

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Jan 23, 2022
by: Dan

By taking all of the herbs that the test showed had an effect on the Candida at the same time, you minimize the ability of the Candida to build resistance. If you were only taking one at a time, they should be rotated. In time though, it could build resistance to all of them. But as long as your tests show you are making progress, it hasn't.

Most stool tests do not test for all of the known herbs that have been shown to have an effect on yeasts. Obviously you don't want to take those that have been shown to not be effective. However, the herbs that studies show have an effect but are not listed on your test could be added. If you did that, it would be best to add a blended product. Some of those herbs may be effective, and some might not, but you are not wasting time going from one herb to the next in the hope of finding something that works. The chances of all of them not working is slim.

You could speed up the process by taking some sort of enzyme formula that strips the biofilm. When you strip the biofilm you expose the Candida cells to the full effects of the herbs. Multiple studies show that both herbs and prescription drugs have a much greater effect when the biofilm is removed.

On this webpage we have done a review on the current biofilm stripping enzymes. You may be able to get one of those products in India and add it to your regimen as soon as possible. They would greatly speed up the entire process.

Any other questions let me know.

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