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Chronic Yeast Infections and Your Health

Chronic yeast infections or reoccurring candida infection occur mostly from a weakened immune system, 75% of which is located in the digestive system.

Women seem to be affected the most with vaginal infections being the biggest complaint. Most women will most often experience multiple vaginal infections in their child-bearing years. These infections can be caused by a hormonal imbalance within the reproductive system that weakens the immune system at certain times in the menstrual cycle.

It has also been shown that women that suffer from chronic vaginal yeast infections, also have yeast in their digestive systems and are simply re-infecting themselves.

Women can get these chronic yeast infections from not only the reasons listed below but also from their sexual partner. Sometimes men have skin yeast on their penis and he is totally unaware it's there. The average temperature of the skin is 77 degrees and this low temperature causes the infection to remain dormant. But during the act of sex, since the vagina is a very warm and inviting place, it can become active as it is passed on to the woman. At this point it can now be given back to the male because his urethra is vulnerable during sex. A few doctors and scientists believe this is the direct cause of chronic problems of the prostate.

Chronic yeast infections are also caused by eating foods that contain yeasts and molds, the most common foods being grains, whether they are processed or not. Grain fed meats also introduce fungi into the body since almost all livestock feed is generally moldy and unfit for human consumption. The animals eat this moldy food and the fungi then become present in their body. You buy this meat at your local grocery store and eat it; the fungus now enters your body and destroys some good bacteria in your digestive system. Over time the yeast to bacteria ratio is altered and the yeast can take over as a candida infection.

digestive issues

They can be caused by other foods such as peanuts and some fruits. The same thing applies, you eat these foods and introduce the fungus into the digestive system, they kill some more good bacteria, and they then can travel through out the body if your immune system is weakened.

Antibiotics are made from fungi and are known as fungal poisons that kill bacteria. Not only do they kill bad bacteria that cause disease, but also good bacteria found in the digestive system. These good bacteria are your first line of defense from bad bacteria, virus's, and disease. Kill enough of them and the fungus can gain the upper hand in the intestines and spread throughout the body releasing poisons called mycotoxins. Mycotoxins can take an enormous toll on the immune system from the constant and never ending battle being fought with your immune system.

These mycotoxins can cause other diseases that modern medicine has no explanation for. Please see Systemic and Skin reports.

As the chronic yeast infections spread in your intestines they rob your body of its required nutrients for good health. The infected person may notice a chronic craving for sugar, and simple carbohydrates that break down in the digestive system to sugar. The chronic candida infection demands to be fed its required food of choice, which is sugar, which allows it to grow and spread throughout your body.

Some alcoholic drinks are also contaminated with fungus and mold. The fermentation process itself is a break down of whatever medium is used by yeasts, commonly Saccharomyces cerevisiae, to create the alcohol. Beer as a cause is a prime example, it contains yeast and is often made from moldy grains unfit for human consumption. It is also loaded with yeast's favorite food, sugar.

Once the infection has taken control it is almost impossible to get rid of until you restore the immune system to normal function. Nk and kpuffer cells can kill a yeast cell in 1/100ths of a second, now they are not doing it. The immune system has become too worn down and doesn't have time, it is to busy doing other things more important for continued life. This is the key to defeating these yeast infections.

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