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How do I treat Malassezia lesions on my skin?

by Laura

The lesions begin as round red bumps which itch and burn. When the skin is broken either round black hard balls erupt or soft grey white oblong parasites erupt. When the skin is rubbed they emerge by the thousands, on my back, thighs, legs and upper arms. They are also in my head as my scalp is very itchy.

I have had this condition for 5 years and it has worsened 100X since I took the COVID vaccine.

I am a Diabetic and it is a miracle that I am have not got sepsis yet.

I have seen 7 dermatologists and all I got was misdiagnoses such as atopic dermatitis (treated with photo-therapy for 6 months, scabies treated with Permethrin 8X and it is getting worse.

Last treatment was ketoconazole with very little improvement.

All help and suggestions are welcome.

Thank you

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Jul 16, 2023

by: Dan

Have you seen our webpage about Malassezia here? If not I would take a look. There's good information there on common causes and treatment methods.

On this webpage is a list of natural treatments that you could try as well.

You might also consider seeing an Infectious Disease doctor.

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