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Estrogen and Yeast

Very informative articles. Thanks. Details- after breastfeeding ended and the hormone issues started again, I started getting yeast infections monthly. At first it was AFTER ovulation. Then, 4 months now, I get yeast infections a week after menstruation. I find a little relief using my probiotic IF I take it soon enough.

After reading the article it was definitely apparent i have yeast due to estrogen issues. I can get the new probiotic, but what about the estrogen levels? How do I get that all under control so I can hopefully just be monthly yeast infection free even without probiotics..? Thank you.

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Aug 26, 2021

by: Dan

I am assuming you are talking about Profase as the new probiotic? If so, you can get more information on this webpage.

As far as the estrogen. The best thing for me to do is to direct you to this webpage about estrogen dominance. Progesterone creams are your best bet but there can be other factors related to estrogen dominance so please read the article. That should give you an idea on the best way to proceed to resolve this issue.

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