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Does Bacillus laterosporus produce the enzymes amylase, lactase, and protease or just chitinase?

by Brigitte
(San Diego, Ca. USA)

About 6 years ago I had Mycobacterium Avium and was treated with four different antibiotics for 3/4 of a year. I have now bronchiectasis from that treatment. I also had diarrhea from that time on and Candida. Sometimes the diarrhea is somewhat better, I also have nail fungus for over ten years.

Is the treatment plan you introduced with BOD the answer for my ailments? I tried so many remedies, but no avail.

Thank you!

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Jul 20, 2021
Our Reply
by: Dan

Bacillus Laterosporus BOD does not produce the enzymes Amylase, Lactase, or Protease, it only produces Chitinase. Cellulase typically has Chitinase side activity as well. In order to get to through the Candida biofilm and to attack the cell wall, it is best to have all the enzymes required for all of these parts. I have an article written about enzymes for yeast here if you need more information. Out of those you mentioned, Lactase is not needed but the other two are, along with some others.

Bacillus Laterosporus BOD in addition to an enzyme formula such as Biofase, would be a decent plan for Candida. If you also added an herbal formula such as Microfase, you would have all the bases covered. Enzymes, herbs, and a probiotic designed to clear Candida yeast is the best way to treat Candida infections.

Nail fungus should also be treated from the outside at the same time. You can try essential oils such as oregano oil, cinnamon oil, liquid grapefruit seed extract and coconut oil. Vicks Vaporub works in 50% of the cases as well.

Just so you know, intestinal yeast infections tend to plug people up, not cause chronic diarrhea. Antibiotics can trigger the over growth of bad bacteria, such as C. difficile, and that bacteria causes diarrhea. There are other bacteria as well that can lead to chronic diarrhea so you might consider getting stool tested by using one of the suggestions on the Candida tests page. Or, like I said, use herbs with those enzymes and the probiotic, the herbs in Microfase kill many bad bacteria as well.

Any other questions let me know.

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