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Could you tell me the bare bones supplements you would recommend to get me started?

by Jess

Doctor put me on a long term course of diflucan. Before the year was up I had two yeast infections that turned out to be BV! I take two pills of fem dophilus everyday but I still get yeast infections if I forget to take it.

This makes me think I must have yeast in my gut that's never been treated.

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Mar 06, 2022

by: Dan

Most women that suffer from recurring vaginal yeast infections do have an overgrowth in their intestine. This overgrowth leads to vaginal infections because of the close proximity of the anus to the vagina, it simply transfers. You have to get the intestinal problem under control to stop the vaginal infections.

Fem-Dophilus contains Lacticaseibacillus rhamnosus GR-1 and Limosilactobacillus reuteri RC-14 which do have anti-fungal properties, but there are others out there that have been proven in studies to be more effective. The dose is also quite low at 5 billion bacteria per capsule. We have a list of effective probiotic bacteria on this webpage if you care to do a little research.

However, we suggest either Profase or Custom Probiotics 11-Strain Formula. Profase contains seven bacterial species that have been found to be effective for yeast at a dose of 30 billion per capsule. The 11-Strain contains nine species that have been proven effective at a dose of 100 billion bacteria per scoop, this is a powder. Many of the species are the same except Profase contains Bacillis subtillis and the 11-Strain does not. B. subtillis is an extremely effective bacteria for yeasts.

Because yeasts build biofilms over the top of themselves as a means of protection, it is best to take something like Biofase to remove the biofilm. These enzymes also attack the cell wall structure of yeasts. There is more information about biofilms and yeast cell structure here if you care to take a look.

Our basic suggestion would be to take 3 capsules of Biofase with 2 capsules of Profase at least one hour before breakfast and at bedtime. If you want to get more aggressive, add Microfase, which is an herbal formula that will directly kill the yeast cells as the biofilm is removed.

Biofase strips the biofilm and attacks the cell wall, Microfase kills the yeast directly, and Profase gets rid of the remaining yeast cells and helps you get back to normal.

Any other questions let us know.

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