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What type of cinnamon is in Microfase? (Cassia or Ceylon)

Some people may be reactive to one kind but not the other.

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Feb 25, 2022
Our Answer
by: Dan

Microfase contains the bark from cassia cinnamon, which is the most available cinnamon in the US. The cinnamon spice you buy at your local grocery store will be cassia cinnamon. It has a higher level of the essential oil cinnamaldehyde than Ceylon and has been found to have the greatest anti-fungal effects.

According to this published study on NCBI, cassia cinnamon has positive effects on glucose levels, helps with cognitive enhancement, has antimicrobial effects on many species of pathogenic bacteria, has antioxidant properties, exhibits an anti-inflammatory effect, has a positive effect on Ischemic Heart Disease, helps with skin cancers, and has a positive effect on blood pressure.

Cassia cinnamon also contains higher levels of coumarin than Ceylon, a compound that can be harmful to the liver in large amounts. Large amounts are considered to be .1 grams per 2.2 pounds of body weight. So a 150 pound person would have to consume over 6 grams daily to be at risk. However, people with liver disease or on drugs such as warfarin should avoid all cinnamon.

Any other questions let us know.

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