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What is the root cause of Malassezia infections?

by Taylor
(Olympia, WA)

What is the root cause then? If it keeps coming back and using topicals and anti-fungals which act as a band aid treatment, what is the CURE?

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Feb 13, 2022

by: Dan

Science has not determined any single root cause for recurring Malassezia infections. However, they have determined that people with reduced immune function such as HIV are more prone to these infections.

People with diabetes, taking immunosuppressants or steroids, and/or broad spectrum antibiotics long term are at a greater risk.

Mal-nourishment and high stress levels that trigger greater levels of plasma cortisol are also a risk factor. Stress itself has been shown to decrease immune function up to 50%.

Another study shows a relationship between phospholipases on effected skin sites and certain signaling molecules such as malassezin being a risk factor.

Determining if any of the above applies to you and correcting it is recommended.

Malassezia eats the fats secreted from the pores including the pores of the hair follicles. The possibility exists that eating a diet low in Omega 6 fats - which are also inflammatory, and higher in Omega 3 fats could help.

The correct drugs for treatment should be determined by running a susceptibility profile at a lab using a sample taken from your infection sites.

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