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Is it okay to detox Mercury to reduce yeast issues while nursing?

by Jackie
(Auburn, NY)

Already avoid sugar, have taken candex and liver detox (mainly zinc) with prenatal vitamins

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May 12, 2021

by: Dan

There is a nursing mothers testimonial on the zeolite page here that you can review if you choose to do so. She was working with her doctor at the time and had very good success.

Although zeolite, which is a mineral, is more than likely safe while nursing, I would not use EDTA or DMSA while nursing without consulting a doctor first.

Candex is no where near as effective as Biofase. It does not contain all the enzymes needed to get through all parts of the biofilm and cell wall. In milder cases it might work but for moderate to severe infections it rarely does. If you combined Biofase and Profase you might be able to resolve your infection, unless you really do have high mercury levels.

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