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How do I treat Candida and H.Pylori?

by Araceli
(Santa Ana, CA )

I have had H. Pylori about 5 years ago. I have had another positive test. I was treated with quadruple antibiotics.

I was also told that I have a lot of fungus in my blood and metals.

Please advice in a treatment.

Thank you,

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Jul 14, 2021
Our Answer
by: Dan

Hello Araceli,

I assure you that you don't have fungus in your blood, if you did you would probably be dead right now. Fungus or yeast in the blood is every bit as bad as bacterial sepsis, which requires immediate hospitalization and IV antibiotics or it will result in death.

I know of two cases where the person did have Candida fungus in the blood and you can read about one of them here. The other person died as the Candida got into her kidneys and caused them to fail.

Was the metals test an actual urine challenge test using DMSA or DMPS? If so, take a look at this page on how to remove mercury and other metals.

It does sound like Candida yeast is out of control in your intestines and you could also have bacteria problems. Sometimes antibiotics allow some species of bad bacteria to get out of control because they also kill good bacteria. If you now have chronic diarrhea, then bad bacteria is more than likely out of control.

In either case, see this webpage on how to treat yeast/fungus infections in the gut. This treatment also works for bad bacteria.

Any other questions let me know.

Oct 26, 2022
by: Anonymous

You are the first website I've seen to list this as a possible cause for Candida. I've had neutropenia for 4-5 years with the cause determined to be a likely autoimmune response. I got Candida 7 months ago after an antibiotic for UTI. Is there anything that can be done if neutropenia is the cause? Tired of fighting this Candida.

Oct 26, 2022

by: Dan

You need to support your bone marrow because that is where red and white blood cells are produced. Based on personal experience with weekly testing to see what worked, Intramax by Drucker Labs is suggested.

Then your doctor needs to determine what species of yeast it is and what drugs are effective against it and you should try those recommendations.

You could also use, please consult your doctor, enzymes, herbs and probiotics alongside those medications. Medications have been found to work better when using enzymes to strip the biofilms Candida builds over the top of itself as a means of protection. You can review the studies on the enzymes here if you choose too.

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