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Does Syntol cure stomach bloating?

by Jodi
(Hazelcrest il usa)

I have severe belly bloat, what do you suggest?

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Feb 17, 2022

by: Dan

The most common cause of severe bloating is small intestine bacterial overgrowth, or SIBO. The most common symptom of SIBO is severe bloating after eating. This is caused by too much bacteria in the small intestine further breaking down the food you ate which produces excess gas as a result. The excess gas causes the bloating.

These bacteria can be bad bacteria or good bacteria. Some studies have shown that 75% of the time acidophilus species are over grown and these species are generally considered good bacteria. Taking a product like Syntol, that contains bacteria, is only going to make it worse. The bacteria levels need to be decreased, not raised. There is more information about SIBO on this webpage. That webpage also includes how to find out if this is the problem and how to treat it.

Another possible cause is intestinal parasites. If you take a look at this webpage, down in the testimonials section, there is a picture of a young woman's bloated belly that was infected with liver flukes. She followed the directions I suggested, which is shared in her story, to resolve the problem.

Yeast in the intestine typically doesn't cause belly bloat. It can however, cause constipation which could lead to bloating. If you have a bowel movement every day this probably isn't the issue. However, in order to verify, it would be best to do one of the stool tests I talk about on this webpage. Those tests will also tell you if the problem is bacteria and/or parasites.

Any other questions please let me know.

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