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Can these enzymes be used on skin biofilms ?

by Lisa
(Massachusetts )

I wanted to know if these were safe for fungal infections of the skin? I know that fungal pathogens create biofilms as well, and are very similar to Yeast biofilms. Malassezia yeast creates issues, such as dermatitis.

Would this be safe to put topically on skin or are the enzymes derived from fungus which probably would be problematic. Can I take them internally if I have fungal skin infections?

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Oct 25, 2023

by: Dan

I have not had any feedback from anyone that has applied the enzymes to a fungal skin infection. However, I have had people empty a capsule into their mouths before bedtime and leave it there all night with very good results. This would be similar to applying the enzymes to a skin infection so it should be ok. However, it might burn a little. You can definitely take them by mouth for any type of fungal infection.

If you haven't seen it, we have a webpage about Malassezia here that you might find to be helpful.

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