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Can Alkala-N taken as suggested cause diarrhea?

by Gloria
(Browns Point, WA)

I've cured my long term (15 years or so) IBS(?) with a very complicated recipe of top probiotics combined with many different kinds of fiber. It was recommended by a nutritionist. It worked! It took about 6 months and then I stopped treatments as I was cured for the most part...no chronic diarrhea.

However, I recently took 2 consecutive doses of Alkala-N and now have now have the worst diarrhea EVER combined with stomach and gut pains. It's been going on for at least 10 days non-stop.

So, can Akala-N have done that damage to my system? I'm 78 years old.

I restarted my regimen of probiotics hoping to regain some health.

No doctors recommendations have helped so far.

Any advice/response is appreciated. Let me know if you require $$ at this point.

Gloria E

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Sep 01, 2021

by: Dan

Alkala-N Powder active ingredients include:

Sodium Citrate 2.67 grms
Potassium Bicarbonate 13.4 grms
Sodium Bicarbonate 133.93 grms

Basically, this is nothing more than baking soda with a little sodium and potassium added.

Baking soda will raise pH in the gut and yeasts do prefer a more alkaline environment. This has been proven with vaginal yeast infections; infection risks increase considerably when the pH of the vagina goes above 4.5. These infections can also be caused from bacteria giving the woman bacterial vaginosis.

Taking into account the risks of infections with elevated vaginal pH, it would be safe to assume that raising the pH in the intestine, in those that have prior problems, could trigger some species of bacteria to over grow.

Because you have a history of chronic diarrhea, which is mostly caused by an over growth of bad bacteria, more than likely the Alkala-N triggered the diarrhea.

I would discontinue use and hopefully your probiotics get this back under control. Probiotic bacteria work towards balancing the pH in the gut to where it should be.

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