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The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements Reviewed

Updated 7/03/2021 by Dan Jackowiak Nc, HHP

The findings in The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements is the reason why I recommend the products I do for yeast infections and overall good health. It was published in 2003 and the studies were conducted by Lyle MacWilliam, BSc, MSc, FP; who has worked with the Canadian government to assure Canadians access to safe, effective, and high quality nutritional supplements. Below is a synopsis of his findings.

The AMA recently admitted that everyone on the planet should be taking health supplements to maintain optimum health free from disease. They also admitted that the present RDA standards are meant to prevent disease, not to maintain optimum health. The US Government is presently working with the DRI in Canada to revise these standards. They are raising their recommendations, which won't be high enough, but at least it is a start in the right direction.

Navigating the Maze of Who Makes the Best Supplements, and What You Should Really Take for Lifelong Health

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements was written in 2003 by Lyle MacWilliam BSc, MSc, FP; to help consumers separate the facts from the fallacies and hype about what you really should look for and take to maintain the best of health.

Over 1000 products from 508 companies were reviewed from a criteria that was set by 7 doctors that believe in treating disease naturally first, with prescription drugs being a last resort.

The seven doctors and authorities are:

Phyllis Balch, CNC, a leading nutritional counselor in America and a recognized advocate of nutritional therapies.

Dr. Michael Colgan, Ph.D, an internationally recognized authority on sports nutrition.

Dr. Earl Mindell, Ph.D, one of Americas recognized authorities on sports nutrition, drugs, vitamins and herbal remedies.

Dr. Michael Murray, N.D, one of the world's leading authorities on natural medicine.

Dr. Richard Passwater, Ph.D, an acknowledged expert in free radical pathology and trace element research.

Dr. Ray Strand, M.D., who has been practicing family medicine for 26 years and is a graduate of the U. of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Julian Whitaker, M.D., one of the founders of the California Orthomolecular Medical Society and Director of the Whitaker Wellness Institute.

These seven noted authorities were polled and asked what should the average person take on a daily basis to remain healthy. His or her answers were then averaged into a Blended Standard used to rate each product and serve as a nutritional guide for everyone to follow.

The supplements were also rated by these criteria below:

  • Symphony and Synergy: The human body is a complex mechanism that needs various nutrients to stay healthy. These nutrients must be taken at the same time so they work with one another or they won't work at all. For instance, vitamin E is stopped from oxidizing and reconverted into usable vitamin E by vitamin C. Just taking V-E by itself is a waste of money, it won't work. All the minerals and vitamins work this way; you must have them blended in the right amounts so they work together. Avoid nutritional fads...always insist balance, completeness, and quality.

  • Completeness and Potency: Just because a nutritional supplement has a lot of a certain nutrient, doesn't mean it is good for you. Vitamin A and iron for instance in the wrong doses can become toxic. Leave the amounts you should take to science and proven research, not because you think this is the answer to your problem. If you think you may have a deficiency, get tested and be sure.

  •  Bioavailability: Different forms of vitamins and minerals are absorbed, or not absorbed, by the body in different ways. The general consensus is the mineral or vitamin must be chelated or have a chelate attached to it for maximum absorption. You can find studies refuting this fact, but the general consensus among respected nutritional authorities is the nutrient must be in a chelated form for the maximum benefit to the body.

  • Does the supplement contain the right form of Vitamin E? The natural biologically active form for maximum use by the body. Does the product contain the correct nutrients for cardiac health in their most bioavailable form?

  •  Does the product contain what the body needs to reduce homocysteine levels. Homocysteine levels have been scientifically linked to the presence of heart disease. Does the product contain the necessary nutrients for bone health? Does the product contain the right antioxidants that actually work based upon science and clinical studies? Not the latest fad.

  • Does the product contain the nutrients needed to support healthy glutathione levels? Glutathione is the body’s master antioxidant, and basically, the more you have, the longer you are going to live.

  •  Does the product contain the right nutrients to regulate glucose metabolism and support the body's ability to generate, store, and utilize energy?

  •  Does the product contain bioflavonoids in a bioavailable form with the right potencies? Does the product contain phenolic compounds which support antioxidant levels?

  •  Does the product contain lipotropic factors that help the body remove toxins?

  •  Does the product contain any potentially toxic compounds or too much of a good thing?  

Now granted this was a study done on the 508 companies top nutritional product and not individual specialty supplements. It gives us a clue to just how good a companies products are.

The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements Top Rated Products and Companies

Score 96.1: Usana Health Sciences Essentials

Usana is a network marketing company that is publicly traded on the New York Stock Exchange. They do business in the US, Canada, Australia, New Zealand, United Kingdom, Netherlands, Hong Kong, Japan, and Taiwan. The voluntarily meet Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP) and are registered as pharmaceutical manufacturer with the FDA and meet the USP guidelines for quality, potency, and disintegration where applicable. Their product line is very limited and like most network marketing companies overpriced so they can pay their distributors. Because of the limited product line they do not fit the criteria for treating yeast infections or other illnesses caused by certain nutritional deficiencies in my opinion.

Score 95.4: Douglas Labs Ultra Preventative

Products meet all the guidelines like Usana does. They have a large product line but only sell to MD's and other medical professionals. That medical professional can then sell to their patients. I have looked over much of what they offer and they do not have the necessary supplements to treat yeast and candida infections. The doses of what they do have I feel are too low to be effective.

Score 93.1: Vitamin Research Products Extend Plus:

VRP's product line meets all USP and GMP guidelines. Only pharmaceutical grade ingredients for minerals and vitamins are used. All herbs are held to the highest standardized criteria on the market. Quality verification is checked with high-pressure liquid chromatography and are pharmaceutical grade standards. In addition, VRP works closely with the University of Nevada Reno to bring to market health supplements based upon scientific research and not the latest fad.

Score 92.8: Source Naturals Life Force Multiple

Source Naturals products are evaluated by Certificate of Analysis and finished products are inspected to assure Acceptable Quality Limits, based upon industry standards. There is no indication on the companies website or in their literature that they meet or follow pharmaceutical USP and GMP standards. This product was dinged for potential toxicities of vitamin A. Source Naturals also submitted 3 other products for evaluation and they rated; 91.8, 30.6, and 7.5! That makes you wonder doesn't it? But all in all Source Naturals does make very good products.

The next highest rated companies product came in 8 points below Source Naturals. There are many also rans and worthless health supplements on the market folks. Not only that but a lot of them are contaminated with things that shouldn't be there.

  • Intramax is the last product and although I have tried all the products above, as of 2009 I now take this one. It contains 415 nutrients in organic plant form, not rock, mineral or synthetic form. That makes the nutrients 100% bio available. Back in 2009 I was on low dose chemo drugs for 6 months and they shut down my bone marrow. Every week I would go into the blood doctor and be tested and usually had to get a shot to keep my white blood cells up. During this process I experimented with all these vitamins, Intramax was the only one that would cause a rise in my blood levels in a week and prevented me from having to have shots for red blood cells as well. It works!

I read this book in a couple hours and have to say it is full of information that anyone concerned about his or her health should read. I was also quite disturbed by some of the company ratings on companies that I thought put out great products.

Companies like Metagenics, Thorne Research, Mannatech, Allergy Research, GNC, Jarrow, Naturesway, Twinlab, and Centrum to name a few. All make products that were not rated very well at all and in all likelihood do not offer pharmaceutical grade components or follow Good Manufacturing Practices.

Is it any wonder that their products don't work very well if at all?

Important Note:
I've been had folks! This book is totally bogus designed to be a recruitment tool for Usana distributors. It seems Gregg Gies who did all the research for the book, Ian Black who did the graphics and Dr. Michael Colgan were all Usana distributors. Dr. Ray Strand was on the board of directors. All five doctors that endorsed this book on the back cover are also Usana distributors. This completely discredits all editions of this book. You can read more at this website.

I would stick with Intramax as far as multi's go.

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Any questions about this report about The Comparative Guide to Nutritional Supplements? Feel free to contact me from the contact page of this website.

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