Yeast Infection Cure for Systemic Yeast

Below is the yeast infection cure protocol for chronic and systemic yeast. It will work for everyone and correct toxic overload, restore intestinal ph, remove mercury and other metals, and restore intestinal immune function to normal. It may also balance out of control hormone levels because you remove the mercury, which disrupts hormone function.

Yeast Infection Cure Directions

Make sure you follow the candida diet found on this site or the one found in the updated Candida Diet Newsletter Series while you do this.

If you are suffering from high stress levels you need to get it under control. Stress can reduce immune function by 50% and when fighting something as tough as yeast you need your immune system working at its best. You can learn more about the effects of stress on the body and how to deal with it here.

Stage 1 of the Yeast Infection Cure Protocol

The first thing you need to do is address any possible mercury issues because yeast is an immune system reaction to mercury. It absorbs its own weight in mercury and by doing so it binds it so it cannot enter the blood stream to poison you. As a result, the more mercury you have, the more yeast you are going to have.

The best thing to do is go to the Mercury Pages on this website and educate yourself on this issue. Or if you prefer, you can go directly to treatment for mercury poisoning page here.

Do not overlook this critically important step of the yeast infection cure protocol. 80 to 85% of those people that suffer from chronic yeast infections have to much mercury in their bodies. If you don't get rid of that mercury, then the yeast will keep reproducing in defense of your body, and you will continue to have yeast overgrowth problems no matter what you do.

If you tested yourself for mercury and it was not a problem so you did not do the heavy metal cleanse? You should still prepare the body for the candida cleanse by doing 30 days of the Ultimate Colon Cleanse.

This cleanse removes any old compacted wastes in your intestines, kills any parasites, helps remove the biofilm yeast makes to protect itself and kills it, and helps you to stay regular during the initial yeast die-off. Start the cleanse and stay on it for two weeks then start the anti-fungal protocol below while finishing the rest of the cleanse.

Does the Ultimate Cleanse really work? Read this and you decide.

For those of you that prefer to not use a fiber based cleanse. I recommend Colosan which is magnesium oxide based. You can also keep using the Colosan if you need too during Stage 2 to stay regular. Just take it at the dose that works for you.

Stage 2 of the Yeast Infection Cure Protocol

You will need 2 - 180 Count BioFase Enzyme Formula

BioFase is an enzyme formula that breaks down the biofilm and eats the cell wall of candida yeast or any other fungi severely weakening it and effectively killing it. Candida yeast has no defense against these enzymes and it usually does not produce any die-off reactions.

I would get 2 - Profase 120's to take along with Biofase. Profase is designed to be a yeast killer and immune system stimulator.

You will also need 1 Sf722 or the new and Improved Undecyn

Sf722 for the yeast infection cure most active ingredient is Undecylenic acid, although all the ingredients kill yeast. It has been shown to be approximately six times more effective as an anti-fungal than caprylic acid, and is effective in maintaining a healthy balance of intestinal and vaginal flora. Sf722 also kills all forms of yeast whether it be candida albicans, candida tropicalis, or candida glabrata.

Medical Studies for these products are right here >>>>>>>

You will need 1 container of Organic Coconut Oil or 5 coconut oil capsules.

Coconut Oil for the yeast infection cure has been found in studies to explode the nucleus of the candida yeast cell. The studies found that lauric acid was more effective than the caprylic acid and together with the other 8 fats found in coconut oil, they are a very potent combination for killing yeast.

You should do all your cooking of fried foods with it because it is so heat stable and does not create free radicals. It also has a very good fatty acid profile which will greatly improve your overall health and reduce inflammation. Now there are 109 tablespoons in 1 container so you might be able to get away with one, but to be safe, I think I would get 2, especially if you do any cooking with it.

You will need 1 Cinnamon Oil Capsules

Cinnamon oil has been proven to be deadly on oral thrush caused by yeast and fungi on immuno-compromised AIDS patients. 

You will need 1 Oregano Oil

Oregano oil is a proven yeast and fungal killer. 

You will need 1 Candidate

Candidate's ingredients have been found to have anti-fungal properties as potent as ketoconazole.

1 - Paramicrocidin or 1 - Grapefruit Seed Extract is another medically proven candida yeast killer that has been found to be as strong as Miconazole.

I can continue to take the probiotic you decided on for the heavy metal cleanse at the dose that works for you so you stay regular if needed. Or use Profase to assist in further yeast killing.

Not everyone is going to be able to follow this yeast infection cure protocol as I have it laid out below do to personal time schedules, so make the necessary adjustments for you.

Make sure you stay on the diet as well.

Yeast Infection Cure Daily Dosages and Rotation Directions

1st and 2nd Rotation

Biofase & Profase Take 1 cap 1 hour before breakfast and 2 caps at bedtime everyday. Take 1 or 2 Profase with Biofase.
Coconut oil or capsules Take 1 tbls or 4 capsules with breakfast and dinner everyday.
Cinnamon Oil Take 1 capsules 2 x a day after breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop and start Sf722.
Sf722 Take 5 Capsules 2 x a day in between meals for 4 days then stop and start taking Oregano oil.
Oregano Oil Take 5 drops 2 x a day after breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop and start Candidate.
Candidate Take 15 drops 2 x a day for the next 4 days then stop and start taking grapefruit seed extract.
Grapefruit Seed Extract Take 250mgs two times daily in between meals for 4 days, then stop and start over with Cinnamon oil.

Follow the above protocol for two rotations, which is
40 days. Then proceed to follow the directions below.

3rd and 4th Rotation

Biofase & Profase Take 3 caps 1 hour before breakfast and 3 caps at bedtime everyday. Take 2 Profase with Biofase
Coconut oil or capsules Take 2 tbls or 8 capsules with breakfast and dinner everyday
Cinnamon Oil Take 2 capsules 2 x a day after breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop and start taking Sf722.
Sf722 Take 5 Capsules 3 x a day in between meals for 4 days then stop and start taking Oregano oil.
Oregano Oil Take 10 drops 2 x a day after breakfast and dinner for 4 days then stop and start taking Candidate.
Candidate Take 30 drops 2 x a day for the next 4 days then stop and start the grapefruit seed extract.
Grapefruit Seed Extract I would increase this dose to 750mgs per day for the next 4 days then stop and start over with Cinnamon oil.

To Clarify the Above Charts: You take each thing for 4 days at the dose suggested, except for Biofase, Profase and coconut oil which you take everyday. Then stop and take the next and so on. Once you get to the last anti-fungal herb and take it for 4 days you start over and do it again. When you've gone through it once that's 1 rotation, a second time through is 2 rotations, a third time through is the 3rd rotation, a fourth time through is the 4th rotation.

About a week before you have completed 4 rotations proceed to Stage 3 below.

Stage 3 of the Yeast Infection Cure Protocol

One week before it looks like you are going to run out of herbs start taking either of the probiotics below at a dose of 300 billion or more bacteria. Any leftover anti-fungal products from the above rotation should be taken until gone.

You can add CP-1 or 11-Strain probiotic powder to further raise good bacterial levels if you choose to. CP-1 is extremely potent because it contains 60 billion live bacteria per capsule and many people report that this is the only probiotic that works for them. Follow the directions on the CP-1 page on how to take it or take 6 caps per day.

The 11-Strain probiotic powder for the yeast infection cure protocol is very potent too at 200 billion bacteria per scoop. There's also 11 species of bacteria verses CP-1's 5 species. I would take 2 adult scoops or more per day.

Profase is not as strong as Cp-1 or the 11-Strain but it is designed to be a yeast and bad bacterial killer while also boosting immune function. It will help restore good bacterial levels, just not as fast as the Custom formulas unless you take it with Floraphage. Floraphage is a prebiotic that does not feed yeast and has been found to increase bacteria levels 2400%, including your own bacteria. Profase will kill the candida yeast much quicker than CP-1 or the 11-Strain.

That is it! Very simple and very effective for candida yeast and sometimes it begins to work the very first day.

NOTE: If you have candida glabrata, candida parapsilosis or candida tropicalis and your good bacterial levels tested normal? This can happen, especially with glabrata, because glabrata does not attach to the intestinal wall in a multi-cellular form. It is a single celled spore form of candida yeast and multiplies by division, so it can live right along side good bacteria. The other two species I have seen on stool tests results and the person had +4 good bacterial levels. This tells me that these species can live right alongside acidophilus and bifidobacteriums. In these cases you should extend the herbs as needed and take Biofase and Profase.

Yeast Infection Cure Testimonials

Thank you Dan for your prompt reply and thank you for all your help. I still couldn't believe that your protocol for Systemic Yeast infection started working on me.
For almost 8 years NOTHING has worked on me.

Thank you, thank you, thank you!!!


Hey Dan,

It took about five months. I followed your plan: two months of ultimate colon cleanse, two months of zeolite pure powder, then I rotated the herbs. I still have a bit of the herbs left, but they're basically gone. The only thing I did differently was I raised all the doses much higher than you suggested. I got up to 12 Syntol a day, 4 latero flora, 12 dida clear, 40 drops 3 times a day of candidate, and 10 drops 2 times a day of oregano oil. With the coconut oil, instead of pills I started melting a tablespoon of it into a cup of peppermint tea. That became one of my favorite things of the day.

Oh, I almost forgot. I did add oxy-powder. During the colon cleanse, I wasn't responding the way I thought I should've been, so I added the oxy-powder, and got up to 3 or 4 BMs a day. I overlapped the second month of the cleanse with the first month of the zeolite, and continued the oxy-powder throughout the 2 months of zeolite. So for the 8 weeks of zeolite I was having 3 or 4 BMs a day, and I'm pretty sure that was the turning point.

About week 6 of zeolite, I woke up one morning and didn't feel or see a trace of yeast. I felt cured....for the first time in 2 years I felt normal. I couldn't believe it. But I didn't want to rest on my laurels, so I kept on going with the zeolite. About a week later I started taking syntol and latero flora, working my way up from 1 pill twice a day, to 4 pills twice a day. I continued with the recommended doses until about half way through the second rotation, then threw caution to the wind and started raising all the doses. Of course this whole time I was on the diet.

Last year I started this yeast infection cure, but I derailed myself with the diet, and I used the zeotrex liquid, only until the bottle was empty, and I never tested myself for mercury. This time, in December, I recommitted myself to doing it right, I did test myself for mercury, and I think the zeolite powder is far superior. I have some left over CP-1 from last year so I'm finishing those now, and I just ordered another bottle of Syntol. That stuff is great.

As I said in my first email, I like the idea of rotating probiotics. I think I'll try Theralac and Truflora as well. I cannot thank you enough Dan. Your website is epic. The products you recommend are awesome, and you are the best thing since sliced bread (even though I don't eat that anymore). THANK YOU THANK YOU THANK YOU!!!!!

Best, Ion

More testimonials here

How Does This Yeast Infection Cure Work?

I would like to explain how this yeast infection treatment plan works if you care to read it.

This cleanse addresses all the problems that can be associated with candida yeast infections. It takes care of mercury poisoning, acidic and plugged up intestines, parasites if any, leaky gut syndrome, and restores good bacterial levels.

The parasite capsules in the Ultimate Colon Cleanse contain powerful herbs that have been proven time and time again to kill parasites while still being safe.

Ultimate Colon Cleanse gently removes any toxic and compacted fecal matter in your body. By removing this waste you remove the cause of the acidity in the intestine. Candida loves to swim and live in this waste and acidity, and now you are removing it's food supply and favorite home. It also breaks down the biofilm candida builds around itself as a means of protection so the enzymes and herbs can kill it.

The psyllium husks, flax seeds, aloe vera, and slippery elm bark in Ultimate Colon Cleanse strengthen the walls of the colon helping to heal leaky gut syndrome. Peppermint leaf soothes and heals any inflammation of the intestine and the other fibers pull out the compacted wastes.

The mercury products attach to the mercury molecules that the yeast cells may have absorbed as a defense mechanism to heavy metal poisoning. This process pulls the mercury laden yeast lose from the intestine where zeolite and the probiotics grab it and flushes it out of the body. Zeolite further removes all environmental toxins and candida poisons in the body along with hiding viruses and other harmful pathogens.

BioFase begins to eat the cell wall of candida yeast and that kills the candida that might not be affected by the herbs in the Ultimate Colon Cleanse. This process allows the Ultimate Colon Cleanse to break lose the dead and dying yeast from these pockets and flush them out of the body. This also greatly minimizes any die-off reactions because you are getting rid of the dead and dying yeast cells everyday.

The Sf722, Cinnamon oil, Candidate, Oregano oil, Coconut oil and GSE kill more candida yeast, bad bacteria and any bad viruses you may have.

The probiotics balance the ph levels in the intestine as they produce lactic acid. They also produce hydrogen peroxides that has antibiotic properties. They stimulate the macrophages and phagocytes and they restore normal intestinal flora and balance to the body.

This is really simple and very effective when you have the right products and the will to carry it out.

Then...if you really want to get everything in tip top shape? Do the yeast infection liver cleanse.

Additional Options for Extremely Severe Candida Yeast Infections

This is for Extremely Severe cases of candida infection that don't seem to respond to anything you may have tried. You start with the protocol above but use BioFase and ProFase. Then add potassium sorbate to the daily routine.

Potassium Sorbate is used in the process of making beer and wine to stop the growth of the yeast, instantly. It is also used as a food preservative and is added to some supplements to prevent the growth of molds. Because it stops the growth of yeast instantly, the other products you are taking can gain the upper hand and kill the remaining yeast. It can be used in a douche, in a paste on the skin and internally with no ill effects. Take 1/4 tsp dissolved in water every other day.

If you suffer from recurring vaginal yeast infections please see this page so you can balance your hormones.

Any questions about the yeast infection cure protocol, please contact me from the contact page of this website.

Yeast Infection Cure and Treatment Home

Commonly Asked Yeast Infection Cure Questions?

How long should I continue antifungals after my symptoms are gone?

I recommend 30 to 60 days after all symptoms are gone. Or at least continue the enzymes and probiotics. Yeast has a nasty habit of coming back if you stop them to soon.

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