Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

Leaky gut syndrome is becoming more common from people eating the typical American diet with a typical meal taking over 100 hours to pass through the intestines. At any given time there are 8 meals in the colon waiting in line to be disposed of. That’s over half the distance of the colon, which is about 5 ft long. If you do not have a bowel movement one day then that 3 feet of sludge is now 4 feet. Have a few more of these days over the course of 10 or 20 years and that 4 feet can become 5 feet quite easily. At that point this mess backs up into the small intestine and keeps the valve between the small intestine and colon permanently open.

The toxins dump into the small intestine and are absorbed into the blood stream.

The skin erupts in rashes and other diseases of seemingly unknown cause.

The lymphatic system becomes overwhelmed and the skin begins to get puffy, especially under the eyes.

Digestion suffers, as the gallbladder cannot dump bile, a waste product from the liver used to digest fats.

Many times the gallbladder has to be removed because it becomes so backed up.

The liver itself backs up and is not able to detoxify the body as nature intended.

Eventually this toxicity and the overloaded colon and small intestine weakens and stretches the intestine wall producing leaky gut syndrome.

The patient becomes allergic to many foods as undigested proteins spill over into the blood stream creating an immune system response when they are eaten.

If the process goes on long enough, the waste starts to compact along the intestinal wall creating pockets. These pockets become the breeding grounds and home for yeast’s, parasites, and bad bacteria.

Eventually the toxicity overwhelms the body and colorectal, pancreatic, lymphatic cancer results from toxic overload.

People with an intestinal yeast infection or candida usually have leaky gut syndrome if things have progressed far enough.

They then think to themselves, how did I get leaky gut syndrome? I eat a good diet full of healthy whole grains and fiber. I avoid fats and eat very little read meat and only white chicken. I have my dairy foods too so I can get enough calcium and vitamin D. How could this have happened?

The Cause of Leaky Gut Syndrome

Whole grains, the blight of modern man. For 2 million years we didn't eat whole grains, mainly wheat. Then about 10,000 years ago wheat transformed from a hard shell into a soft-shell and the kernels no longer fell off the stalk when it was time to harvest. As a result, modern agriculture was born and we've been eating grains ever since.

We still cannot digest these grains unless they are processed first. So we harvest them and grind them up into flour and make all kinds of things that are supposed to be good for you. In the last 100 years we have taken this processing to new heights and produce all kinds of so called foods out of this flour. Pastas, breads, noodles, cakes, pies, chips, cereals, etc etc etc. It has become big big business worth billions of dollars a year, so much so that the Federal government recommends you get so many servings per day to stay healthy.

But is it really healthy for you? Consider this one fact; A study done in 2006 and published in Scand F Gastroenterol; found that wheat gliadin triggers the release of a protein called zonulin, a regulator of intestinal permeability. Zonulin has the unique ability of disassembling the tight junctions between intestinal cells, leaky gut syndrome is the result. Pretty simple.

Then we are told we need to consume dairy foods to get enough calcium and build strong bones. But they process this milk through pasteurization and destroy its nutritional value. The process renders the calcium unabsorbable and destroys all the vitamins and minerals. It kills all the good bacteria and enzymes that would help us digest it since at about the age 5 most of us lose the ability to digest dairy foods. It turns the fats into toxic substances that produce toxins and free radicals in the body. It is now so acidic the body actually leaches calcium from the bones to counteract the acidity and this gives you osteoporosis in time.

We sit down every morning to our bowl of whole grain wheat cereal with milk and a piece of toast. Down goes the paper mache with the milk into the stomach. Our acid production kicks in to start the digestive process...what happens to the milk? It turns to glue and glues the paper mache into a nice little mess that is passed into the intestine. Many of us then wash this mess down with more milk.

In the intestine our friendly bacteria try to break down this sludge along with pancreatic enzymes. If their numbers are great then they can have success but bacteria constantly die. We also abuse and kill them from taking prescription medicines that can wipe them out in days. It can take the human body a year to recover from taking one course of antibiotics for two weeks alone.

This mess passes into the colon where more bacteria try to break it down even further to be disposed of. They're fighting a losing battle, contrary to popular belief there is no fiber in grains that feed the bacteria to boost their numbers. They do have some success but this sludge is moving so slowly and now you just ate pasta for dinner so now we have another mess to digest and dispose of. The next thing the bacteria know is, there are 8 meals backed up on them that need to be processed instead of the normal 3 if you were eating like humans did prior to 10,000 years ago.

Oh no! We're constipated today! Help help help! But there is no help coming, they're it. The bacteria can't keep up and some of this mess ends up stuck to the colon walls. It will be there forever unless this person does something about it. Very soon the bad bacteria and yeast move into these breeding grounds and the bacterial war begins. Good bacteria against bad bacteria and yeast.

Eventually the toxins in these pockets break down the colon wall and it begins to stretch and leak. And here you are.... with leaky gut syndrome and a chronic yeast infection and all the problems that go right along with it.

You don't have to have candida yeast to get leaky gut syndrome; you just have to eat the wrong foods that keep you backed up long enough.

There are two pictures on this page that show how your food moves through the colon depending upon how you eat. You might want to take a look.

How to Heal Leaky Gut Syndrome

Probably the best thing to do if you think you have leaky gut syndrome is to be tested. This is a very simple breath test you can do yourself here. Once you get the results back and if you have it, follow the suggestions below.

Start taking L-Glutamine everyday. In 1998 Morlion, Bart J.; Stehle, Peter; Wachtler, Paul; Siedhoff, Hans-P.; Köller, Manfred; König, Wolfgang; Fürst, Peter; Puchstein, Christoph published a study in the Annals of Surgery: Volume 227 - Issue 2 - pp 302-308. On the post operative effects and recovery rates related to patients that under went digestive surgery. Post operative hospital stays were 6.2 days shorter for those that took the supplement than those that didn't, proving l-glutamines ability to heal the intestinal walls.

I also suggest high dose colostrum tablets. Colostrum is not only an immune system stimulator but also has numerous growth factors for the digestive system. It also helps prepare the intestinal lining for attachment by good bacteria.

There are claims being made out there that anyone with leaky gut should not take probiotics because the bacteria could pass through the intestinal wall and cause illness. But a recent study out of the Emory University School of Medicine in Atlanta; shows that probiotic bacteria actually "trigger the production of host epithelial cells, which line the various cavities of the body, which in turn activates and proliferates the spread of intestinal stem cells." These intestinal stem cells rebuild the intestinal wall. A high dose probiotic like those described here is suggested for leaky gut, 15 minutes after one or two colostrum tablets.

MPS-Gold is also suggested for leaky gut syndrome. Not only does it kill candida yeast and increase immune function, but I have seen it stop intestinal bleeding within 24 hours in animals and humans. That proves to me that it definitely heals the lining of the intestine.

Then you just have to give it time. It took you years to get leaky gut syndrome so it is going to take a while for your body to heal.

Diet for Leaky Gut Syndrome

Eat plenty of fresh vegetables and they are best raw. You can also lightly steam them if you wish but never boil them. Do not buy canned vegetables either, they are over processed and almost devoid of nutritional value. Frozen vegetables are ok and can be steamed before eaten.

Consume plenty of good fats and oils that help the liver perform its job and lube the intestine. Good fatty oils are olive, macadamia, flax, avocado and coconut oils. Grass fed beef, bison, ostrich, wild game, dark chicken and turkey meat, and wild Alaskan salmon also are good because of the high Omega 3 fats that are critical for proper cell construction and function. Bone broths are very good for leaky gut and are recommended daily.

Avoid the grains, especially gluten containing grains, and dairy in your diet for the reasons I talked about above. It is best to avoid trans fats, vegetable oils and sugar as well because they are toxic to the body. So basically just follow the candida diet on this website or the Newsletter Series diet.

How to Prevent Leaky Gut Syndrome

The main thing you need to do to prevent leaky gut syndrome is to get yourself cleaned out every year or two. This can be accomplished a few ways.

1. Do a colon cleanse for a couple months every year.

There are a lot of colon cleanse products on the market. Some are fiber based and others are magnesium oxide based. Both generally work but sometimes you have to combine both if the problem is severe.

For a fiber based colon cleanser I like the Ultimate Cleanse Its a fair price compared to others and has worked for me and my family and many others.

For a magnesium oxide based cleanser that cleanses on the principal of dissolving, I prefer Colosan.

For really severe cases of compaction sometimes you have to combine both the Ultimate Cleanse and Colosan. Usually the Ultimate Cleanse really starts kicking in around the 10th to 14th day. Your volume and possibly frequency of bowel movements should increase dramatically. If it doesn't then you'll need to add Colosan to your colon cleanse regime, which always does the trick.

2. Go see a Colon Hydrotherapist and initially do about 25 cleanses at a rate of 3 to 4 a week. Depending upon what is flushed from your system will determine what you have to do after these initial cleanses. Talk to your hydrotherapist for their recommendations.

3. Get your own colon hydrotherapist system and do the cleanses yourself.

4. Don't eat foods that cause leaky gut or limit them. Wheat and other gluten containing grains are the worst offenders.

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