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Can I use Balance Active BV Gel to treat a yeast infection?

I'm using it for 2 days already and see some improvements, but I have just read that it is an antibiotic and I cant really use it to treat yeast infection. Do you think I should stop using it and just continue taking probiotics?

And is it important to keep a diet? I"m on a candida diet for 3 days already and I'm so angry all the time and I'm starving for sugar and meat.

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Mar 24, 2024

by: Dan

Balance Active BV Gel is not an antibiotic. Its main ingredients are Lactic acid which is the same acid that is produced by lactic acid producing bacteria to maintain the correct pH levels in the body. This is helpful for vaginal yeast infections. It also contains glycogen, which is a form of glucose which could feed the yeast.

However, if you feel it is reducing your symptoms it is probably ok to keep using it. I would keep taking probiotics.

You should follow the diet yes but there is no reason to avoid meats. Candida yeasts preferred food is sugar and simple carbs and meats do not contain sugar. If it helps, we have a Candida Diet Good Foods list on this webpage.

Any other questions let us know.

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