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You list 16 probiotics that are good for yeasts...

by Van

Why is that you haven't formulated those instead of the the seven you use in your Profase product? I've used Custom Probiotics for some time now. And yes it does seem like you have to try and see what works for 'you'.

I use them, and the ones in your Profase product to culture Raw A2 grass fed dairy, where by doing so the numbers go through the roof in terms of billions of bacteria as they double in numbers every ten to 20 minutes.

Also wondering if you considered mixing the powder from you Profase capsules into say, eight ounces of water with two good teaspoons of psyllium husks, and shaking every couple of minutes to fully integrate... The husks will absorb the infused bacteria water and hold and protect it (from stomach acids etc. ) while it passes through the intestinal tract. Seems to work for me. Have not tried it with the enzymes yet, but might also help get the enzymes into the colon where they could work on the bio-films there too.

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Sep 06, 2022
Our Reply
by: Dan

We picked what we thought was the best of the 16 to make Profase so we could keep the cost down. The 11-Strain is over double the price and making a probiotic with all 16 strains would have resulted in the same sort of pricing.

We also ran tests with some of the bacteria against Candida in a petry dish. For instance, the B. subtillis we use completely cleared the colony.

I have not personally used Profase with psyllium husk because I don't need to. Two capsules of Profase works extremely well for me and I know it works extremely for other people. None of us need psyllium husk to have daily bowel movements.

If you take enzymes with psyllium, the enzymes that digest fibers will digest the psyllium husk, which defeats the purpose of taking them. You should take them on an empty stomach so they digest the fibrous carbohydrate components of the biofilm and yeast cell wall.

Any other questions let us know.

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