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Will stool test show if I have the fat-feeding candida?

by Jake

I've been doing the carnivore diet for about 2 weeks. Is that long enough for the candida to turn into the more dangerous fat-feeding form? Would stool testing show if my candida is this version of it?

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Jun 21, 2021
fat feeding Candida
by: Dan

You should take a look at this webpage about Candida's structure. There are pictures on that page that explain its development as it colonizes its host. Basically, it goes from a spore form to developing a biofilm with hyphae and pseudohyphae within 24 hours.

Under nutrient starvation, which is the lack of sugars and simple carbohydrates, it can adapt and use fat for fuel. However, in a sugar rich environment Candida can double its population in 2 hours. Under nutrient starvation, which will force it to use fat for fuel, it takes 20 hours to double its population.

The stool tests do not distinguish the form on the test, they just tell you if you have it or not and the better tests will tell you what herbs and drugs are effective against it. Because the hyphae, pseudohyphae and biofilm develops within 24 hours of colonization, it is safe to assume it is able to consume fats for fuel.

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