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Will Miconazole work for a urinary tract infection caused by Candida krusei?

by Barbara

My doctor cultured my urine, and it came back 10,000-49,000 CFU/ml of Candida krusei. I have severe back pain, no burning or itching like a yeast infection. The doctor prescribed Miconazole for seven days. Will that get rid of it?

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Dec 07, 2021
by: Dan

Typically, Miconazole is used to treat ringworm, athlete's foot, jock itch, Tinea versicolor, and other yeast infections of the skin or vagina.

The only way to know if Miconazole will work for this infection is for the lab to test Miconazole for its effectiveness on that cultured specimen. If your doctor had that done and Miconazole was found to be an effective agent, then it will work. If they did not have that done, it may or may not work.

If it doesn't work, the medications of choice for Candida krusei are the Enchinocandins, Posaconazole, 5FC, and Amphotericin B.

For herbs, you might consider Uva Ursi although this would be an experiment as well. It does however work very well for UTI's of all types.

For more information, please contact me from the contact page on this website.

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