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What's the best alternative treatment for citrobacter freundii?

by Coco
(Virginia )

My Genova GI effects 3-day stool test showed Citrobacter freundii. Which may explain my bad pelvic/lower abdominal pain, lower back pain, fatigue, exercise intolerance, and increasing food sensitivities (which present as anxiety possibly due to histamine). To get rid of it, my doctor wants me to take cipro or Bactrim. But I like the idea of trying this first. However, they tested three of the herbs mentioned and said the strain I had low inhibition/low response rate to those herbs. Do you think that matters (Uva Ursi, Berbine, oregano)?

Also I have a hard time tolerating some of the herbs in the first one. Do I have to take the antibiotics?

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Apr 07, 2022
Our Answer
by: Dan

If the herbs showed low inhibition then they are not going to work well. There are other herbs that might have positive effects such as; burdock root, grapefruit seed extract, cinnamon bark, neem leaf, clove and black walnut. But not knowing whether they are going to have positive effects turns your treatment into an experiment.

Ciproflaxin is a broad spectrum antibiotic that tends to kill everything, including your good bacteria. If it was shown to be effective it is probably the best way to go. However, I strongly recommend you take a probiotic such as the 11-Strain I talk about on this webpage while you are on the antibiotic and for at least 3 months after. Doing so will help spare your good bacteria from destruction by the antibiotic. Afterwards it will help them come back to normal levels quicker.

Any other questions let me know.

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