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What is the best way to treat Candida glabrata naturally?

I am dealing with Candida glabrata and have been following your diet recommendations for about 2 weeks. I had been taking the probiotics Florastor for a couple of years. Last year I was put on antibiotics and after that I ended up with the yeast infection.

So for Candida glabrata treatment, should I take Floraphage, Profase and Biofase together? Would I also need to take the herbs such as Microfase or would the first 3 be enough?


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Jun 23, 2024

by: Dan

Hi Lillian,

The short answer is yes, Biofase, Profase and Floraphage should be taken together twice a day away from food. At least an hour before breakfast and at bedtime is best.

As far as adding Microfase, there isn't any way to know if you are going to need that in advance. However, if the infection is mild then Biofase and Profase will more than likely clear it up. If it's moderate to severe or if it has become a chronic problem that you've been dealing with for months, I would add Microfase.

Any other questions let us know.

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