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Should I delay treatment for Hg and Candida?

by Barbara

Should I delay treating Candida and Hg overload exposure until I heal from a bone graft after a failed tooth implant removal I had 2 weeks ago? I plan on using OSR for chelating Hg and SF722 for Candida. I have many symptoms of both and previously had a dozen amalgams that were removed by 3 different (regular) dentists. I had them for many years. I also have long-haul Covid symptoms and am afraid of reactivating that virus or a similar one. I am in general good health, exercise and have a 23 BMI.

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Oct 18, 2021

by: Dan

In my opinion, you could start the SF722 now but wait 6 more weeks for the graft to heal before starting OSR. Then proceed with both at the same time.

You might also want to consider adding something to remove the biofilm that Candida builds over itself as a means of protection. Doing so will allow the SF722 to do what it is designed to do more efficiently. Go review this webpage on the structure of Candida. I also suggest you review this one on how to remove those biofilms.

The enzymes that are designed to remove those biofilms have the added benefit of keeping your bowels moving regularly, which is extremely important because most mercury is detoxed by the body through the colon.

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